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  1. Yeah I think so. I also think running the week from 00:00 Wednesday rather than Monday in my mind will help things with the gym goal. Got my walking done the past two nights. Okay it's been at 0330 in the morning twice round the work grounds but it's moving. Food I haven't logged but getting better sleep the last few days (like 8 hours rather than 3 to 5) has made a great difference. Not getting up until not far off teatime has missed that guilty extra meal at lunch and the sugary snacks. Calories around the 2300 mark but I think that will lessen not on nights.
  2. We have the firefly board game and expansion (and the two new leaf on the wind comics. Acquire them!) I got it for my other half a fortnight ago for her birthday. We had a board game party but I fell on my sword when it came to playing firefly. I started a second game else the whole day was gonna be one game at a time with people watching rather than the multiple board games going on that she wanted. Game took about 3 hours for the group on first run through. Reviews were fairly positive and the other half said she'd like to play it with me as some of the people aren't gamers enough for it. So apparently if you do Board Games (Carcassone/Domionion/Power Grid/Agricola) then it's great, if you only do board games (monopoly/snakes and ladders) then maybe just good.
  3. My physio suggested cold cans of fizzy drink for rolling some things like feet arches as the cold should stop it feeling so bad. Maybe your golf balls should be in the fridge?
  4. Do you do much walking? I find walking good for ironing out running knots.
  5. Wow that skin problem sounds sucky! Majorly. Chocolate? That's inhuman. Still if there's anyone who can just take it on the stride I'm sure it's you. Are there recipe sites that avoid that kinda thing?
  6. Cap, This challenge looks so good. I'm loving the videos the other half never did make it all the way through your intro ones from like June despite multiple starts. I will be passing them on. But what looks so great is the way you're so relaxed with the challenge. Seems like contentment!
  7. I've always known them as "Scotch Showers" because scotsmen are too tight to pay for enough hot water I guess.
  8. Pain free running, you never realise what a luxury it is do ye?
  9. So long time no goal. I'm slipping. Slowly. Granted I've come massive strides in the 6 months. I'm a comfortable 38" waist now. Nah forget that I'm 38 with a belt. So I'm getting there. I've snuck under 15 stone a long way back and my life has changed massively. 1. No Gym Buddy. First the new job then he moved to London. Which yay! He was only meant to live with us 3 to 6 weeks ended up being 11 months. But boo I lost my gym buddy and a great source of motivation. 2. I work a 5 week shift cycle. It's just hard to put 6 weeks into context when I live in month and 5 week blocks already. 3. I work nights and weekends. Yay gym is pretty much empty when I go. Boo trying to get there on nights! So alot of changes so I need to work out how i work it now. 1. Walk for 20 mins 5 times a week. Too many night shifts I spend the day sat wasting time to go back to bed to go to work to come home zonked and go to bed. So now i have to walk. Not much but eh! 2. Gym once a week. Boourns I hear you say. True. However baby steps. Nights + gym is not easy but then the day of my first nights it would have been fine to go and I just didn't. No excuses I just didn't. Was in my gym shorts ready from 0700 til I went to bed at 1500. Nothing. That has to stop. Once per week. 3. Tracking. I have to track what I eat. I'm craving sugar, eating too many cakes from the tea trolley and eating too much quick and easy food because I get busy round midnight and like something hot and hearty to eat. I found I could eat more at night, I think being awake longer means more energy is used. I dunno. Life Goal. So my job didn't turn out quite how I expected. It was supposed to be a sideways move to learn the basics followed by an immediate promotion to release others to move on. Instead one of the people doing the sideways job has decided to have his third try to learn the promotion job. A change in management meant I wasn't really considered whilst getting the basics and thus until he's trianed I'm stuck in a fairly mind numbing job and as it'll take like a year I'll loose out on about £12000. I'm not happy. In fact I'm Frellin' angry. So I'm going to change it. I think I can be training in 3 months if I get someone in to relieve me. I also think I can get one of the better jobs at the promoted level out of it. I just have to coordinate my manager, my team manager, the environment coordinator and the HR rep into working out that my plan is the best way. It starts with speaking with each of the 4 of them.
  10. You know Jakkals that will be every Saturday till the end of time. Just cycling one series and the film cursing the name 'Fox'! I am upset Brenda didn't use the "Do you want to run this ship" scene for the second post of this thread!
  11. I'm back, late but sexier than ever! But seriously. Knee issues followed by the new job last November, followed by my gym buddy moving to London got in the way. Christmas didn't help and I think I've been doing okay until this month where I've put on dun dun duuuuun 1kg. Which is nothing to worry about except I was loosing weight consistantly and this is definitly with a rise in body fat. The fact I've been through 8 fondant fancy cakes in a 24hr period didn't help or the two massive empanadas I had yesterday working on nights at midnight when a light snack would have done, hell one would have done. I've got out of tune, out of rhythm. Whilst I don't feel like a challenge is the right thing for me it's the best thing I've got. So I'm going to get it done. Baby steps to keep me in a place where I'm living my life not living in the gym or on the calorie counter which I kinda felt at times before but I needed to start. Now I need to get back where I've been November to February. Loosing blubber.
  12. So good people who else got their comics this week?
  13. Have you contacted them? Our one has 140 people on the list which can take 12 at a time and only runs twice a year. Ours works on a basis of if you're on the list you get the email to say there's one and the first 12 get places.
  14. Hey guys. Sorry I missed the last challenge for you guys. Still loosing weight, still learning how to work shifts. Weekend nights this week so just ate Breakfast-Dinner!
  15. I'm about but working quietly with the battle log. I think the way the last one ended mixed with the complete change in timetabling (moving to rotating shifts from Monday) I'll be about but hiding a little in the Daily Battle Log. Don't get me wrong I'll be kicking ass but currently I'm not sure how shift is going to mess me up and thus how huge an amount of ass to decide to kick. I think it would be silly almost for me to put goals currently. Other than doing my physio prescribed exercises once if not twice daily.
  16. Life eh! Well aren't we a rag tag bunch! It's been a pleasure and I hope to see you next challenge. Don't think I'll have a challenge thread and will go back to the DBL. Just need a little longer to get my ducks in a row but if you won't mind I'll be following (stalking) all of you over the next challenge!
  17. A well executed challenge. Definitly agree you're being harsh on yourself which is fine as long as you know you're being harsh. As for the weaponry, fancy a commission for a Mjolnir?
  18. Well done. Massively strong challenge especially with the bairn!
  19. It's been more than a week.
  20. So I didn’t do so well in that last challenge. I had things going on at work and mixed with a hectic schedule and the exertion/disruption from the walk I think it all added up to a poor performance. I needed some time away really to get back in the right frame of mind. I’m getting there. I’ve been pretty good at getting back in a routine of going to the gym twice a week the third day has been sporadic though I’d guess. Work has cleared up and I start the job I applied for on Monday. It’s shift which will bring it’s own challenges but also a lifestyle that suits me better even with the tiredness of nights. I haven’t tested 1RMs but I think I’d gone backwards around the middle of the challenge and concentrating on the main lifts I think I’ve bought that back and then some. My 5x5 weight is a lot higher and more solid so hopefully that translates. I’m also in a place where I’m running faster and enjoying it especially (surprisingly) on the treadmill. I went last night to the physio and he was amazing. We had a chat and he said “Uh-huh so we’re going to do this test and this test and this test. We’ll get negative on these and positive on these and it will be due to this!†Whatdya know it was. So whole thing with the knee comes down to mobility. I laid down, relaxed and he pushed on my right foot and almost fell over as it was so blocked at my ankle. Apparently 80% of people are blocked on one side or the other though mine’s quite severe. So to overcome it I have some “Simple and yet the hardest†exercises to complete twice daily to help strengthen the knee (there was a real difference between muscles on left and right leg around the knee) So that and RICE and no squatting for a little while. No running shod either and he seemed quite happy when I said I tended to run barefoot/VFFs. I have a follow up in a fortnight. So not a success on the goals so much but some good things achieved including a shed load of money raised for charity (£680 personally £3340 for the team), a knee getting sorted (thanks for the ‘persuasion’ to get that sorted Cavemom). Stamina is proven with the walk, wisdom increased massively getting myself back on track. I’m just sorry I couldn’t help you guys see the end of your challenge through. Next challenge? Not just yet. New job Monday, I need to take time with that and spend time establishing a new norm.
  21. Lies! You want to point and laugh at Wobbly-legged Boyd! Never heard of skanking? Well then. Get some madness/specials/Bad Manners and get skanking. You'll find it damned hard work! Fun though!
  22. I don't think Cavemom is alone in needing this.
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