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  1. Before the dust settlied I also bought: Baulder's Gate enhanced edition All the Dishonored DLC All the Just Cause games and their DLC Every Half Life game and DLC Final Fantasy 7 Rage I don't know how I'll play all this. I basically have a 1.5 year long backlog. But hey, it was all for about $180. Sun Tzu said "opportunities are multiplied as they are seized."
  2. Probably Nord, I am extremely proud of my Viking heritage and I feel a kinship with the mythical Nords because they are basically fantasy Vikings. Other than that, I forsee an Orc ranger of some sort.
  3. And a new one I found: Although obviously there's a ton of female gamers taking advantage of the sale as well!
  4. Glad it wroked out, but as for the original question, I'd report her for bullying. These days, we can't punch people in the mouth like they deserve, or else we'll get sued, so our only recourse's are to let them be jerks or to snitch on them. I rather snitch and let them hang than get away with being a punk. Also, write down all the things she says, and the times. Never be afraid to make things a little awkward or to make people hate you because you tell on them. It's better to be respected than liked, and if they're disrespecting you, they're not your friends anyway, so end the abuse right
  5. You Are A: Lawful Good Human Monk/Cleric (2nd/2nd Level) Ability Scores: Strength- 17 Dexterity- 12 Constitution- 16 Intelligence- 16 Wisdom- 16 Charisma- 15 Alignment: Lawful Good- A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. He combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. He tells the truth, keeps his word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Lawful good is the best alignment you can be because it combines honor and compassion. Howev
  6. PC with Windows 7 is really good, I never have any problem with mine at all. Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials work outstandingly, and are free. If you have 8-12 gigs of RAM it's nearly impossible to slow down or halt. I like my iPhone and I want an iPad (I hate Android), but I can't get the hang of Mac and its software selection is still limited compared to the PC's. It's so easy to upgrade and troubleshoot a PC compared to a Mac too. However, with a great Macbook Pro you'd probably be able to play a lot of great games anyway. I did music recording for awhile back in colle
  7. The conch forced me to buy Alan Wake's American Nightmare, RAGE, and Bastion today :/ I doubt I'll even be able to play everything I've bought lately by the Christmas sale.
  8. Haha I also got Crysis 3 for $20 from XBL, the entire Half Life series for $10 (all expansions included) from Steam. I can't stop buying things! I cancelled my PS4 preorder because my PC game (and Xbox now) backlog is so large there's no point in getting a PS4. The game I wanted most for it, Watch Dogs, is coming out on PC as well anyway. BTW I highly recommend y'all check out Amazon before buying a game on Steam. That's how I got Bioshock 1 and 2 for just $5 together! Sometimes Amazon beats the Steam price, plus, if you buy it through Amazon, you can still DL through Steam and it acts as a re
  9. LOOOL Mordechaj. Stealing that one - that is so true. But in the long run it's huge savings!!
  10. I was wondering if anyone else has taken advantage of this epic yearly event for nerdkind? If you don't know by now, the Steam summer sale is underway until the 22nd, and you can get games for massively cheap. The sales rotate and you can vote for what game will go on sale next. I got Alan Wake for $2.49 earlier at 90% off. Civilization V was just $7.49 with all expansion packs included, you can't find that deal for less than $50. Bioshock Infinite was 50% off and the new Tomb Raider was going for about $12. So far, this is what I've bought: Alan Wake Batman: Arkham Asylum Batman: Arkham Cit
  11. Genghis Khan. He not only plundered nearly the entire known world, but 1/200 men are his descendants. "The greatest joy for a man is to defeat his enemies, to drive them before him, to take from them all they possess, to see those they love in tears, to ride their horses, and to hold their wives and daughters in his arms." - Genghis Khan
  12. Join Cirque du Soleil!!! In all honesty, it sounds like your place of work just sucks. You need to do something to push yourself forward. If your boss is a major jerk just quit and live on welfare, I wouldn't blame you. I had a boss I wanted to kill once and I him and everyone else to kick rocks. If I wasn't in the military, as soon as a boss told me to do something I considered abusive in any way, I'd just quit, right then and there.
  13. To me, that's almost like asking why yoga or pilates aren't martial arts. Is it really martial, as in, would you learn it and take it with you to war? I can see how aspects of it would benefit a warrior, but it's not like ancient warriors would learn Tai Chi and go take it into battle against Kung Fu. It might be an aspect of training, but it's not a martial art, just as yoga may be an aspect.
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