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  1. Check out http://www.sixpackbags.com/products/by-style/gym-backpacks.html!!! This links to their backpacks, but they sell other types too. I have the briefcase and it's great for carrying everything I need in one bag. Plus they come with great food containers and ice packs! Mine held up to several months of abuse on an ambulance and now treks to school with me most days, and it still looks new. A little expensive, but totally worth the price when you consider how long it lasts/how much you're getting.
  2. Late to the game, but I'll be around Sunday...erm...tomorrow!
  3. congrats on the lack of energy drinks! and double wow at the fact that you keep one in your bag. I had to practically run away from soda at times when I stopped. Good for you on having that much willpower!
  4. Today was the day the Rubicon was crossed. Okay maybe it isn't THAT epic, but it's a pretty big mental hurdle for me. I have NEVER been able to successfully force myself to workout before going to work. For those of you who are unaware, I'm an EMT who works nights in a busy city about an hour and a half from where I live. So on days I work I have to force myself to sleep all day and then head to work. But today. Today was different. Today I finished Workout 6 of the RFG Level 1 before going to work: Deadlifts: 2 sets of 15 with 40 lbs Bird Dogs: 2 sets of 10 1 Arm DB Rows: 2 sets of 15 w/ 26 lbs DB Split Squats: 2 sets of 10 w/ 10 lbs (I loathe these about as much as I loathe step ups...) Overhead Presses: 2 sets of 15 with 10lbs (puny pecks are puny) And that is that for today. Hope you all are rolling along on your challenges!
  5. Today started off slow...very slow. I slept ridiculously late. (Not particularly surprising since I have a night shift tomorrow) But I just couldn't get started on getting ANYTHING done. ALAS! I started small and let things snowball from there and got a lot done. Then I sat on my couch, resigned to browse NF forums and "run tomorrow". Then I realized how anti-NF that is. Totally lame actually. So I got off my couch and started Couch to 5k! Day 1. I figured given my unbelievable lack of motivation, I should treat myself with run by the canal. It was soooo worth it! As soon as I got on the tow path I was greeted by a cute snapping turtle swimming down the canal. He stayed with me for a little bit of warm-up. Then I came upon the geese... A side story about geese: When I was a kid my stepdad and I would go biking almost every day after school. We'd go different places, but one of our favorites was the tow path I went running on today (have I mentioned how much I love living in my hometown again?). This path used to be INFESTED with geese. They were everywhere. And they were angry. I swear Angry Birds was based on these geese. They'd peck at and chase you for what seemed like forever. So my Dad and I made up a game. I was Luke Skywalker and he was Obi Wan and we called them GeeseTroopers led by Darth Goose. When we came up on a flock, we'd pedal as fast as we could by the pack before the geese could get us. So given that story, you can imagine this is where warm up (very conveniently) ended and RUNNING began. There's less geese nowadays due to some bad flooding in the past 5 years, so this was the only group I got to be Luke during, but still. It was awesome. Then I saw the good Senator Mallard and his family on the other side. And that is the story of what might be the most amazing run of my life. Followed by lots of stretching (getting closer to my toes!) until a drug deal started going down in the parking lot and I decided it was probably best if I headed home. Now off to pwn my girlfriend in Scrabble! May the Quack be with you NFers!
  6. You're doing an awesome job! I can't imagine the complexities of keeping Paleo with a family! Might I suggest a program called YNABYou Need A Budget to help with your finance goals? It's a great system I've been using that I find really helpful. They have a free version, but after using it for a month I sprang for the paid version because it was that helpful.
  7. Keep it up! You've lost it once before, you can do that and more now!
  8. Waking up to Steve's article this morning TOTALLY kicked me in the @$$. Ironically enough I walked out to my living room and the first thing my girlfriend mentioned was the article (knowing that I don't leave bed without reading any NF or Simon Sinek posts unless hell has broken loose). Ladies and Gents I think we have a new member of the rebellion! Anyway, as I was saying that article launched me into a mass day of goal accomplishment. Email: sorted AND filtered. Apartment: cleaned. Office: organized. Interview: u Workout: amazing. As for that workout today was strength so I did RFG Lvl 1 Workout 5, modified a little so I can get better at pull ups. Squats: 2 sets of 15, 40lbs (definitely need to find a gym soon [read: end of this week] so I can up this!) Pushups: 45 degree angle, breaking the plane (because my future employers will accept nothing less) 2 sets of 8. Inverted Bodyweight Rows: 2 sets of 10. Unsure of what angle. I'll measure tomorrow. Planking: 2 sets of 35 seconds. Step Ups: This is the devil exercise. 2 sets of 10 (each leg) with 20lbs. Hip Raises: 2 sets of 10 with 40lbs. And that's THAT. Starting measurements to be taken tomorrow AM as well as the completion of C25K Day 1!!! For your viewing entertainment...the Battop. Purchased this week:
  9. RFG is short for the Rebel Fitness Guide. And thanks! Good luck on your end too! And congrats on making progress on the CC debt. I've been working on that too.
  10. Hi All! PhoenixAce here! A little late, I wanted to give this the time it deserves. I have a (almost) year long challenge running over on my blog (which is woefully out of date recently, but that shall change!). So I'm going to be using the shorter six week challenges to keep me on track and help me focus more. I'm an EMT in a large urban setting so aside from just generally wanting to look and feel better, I really want/need to be in good shape so I don't get hurt. EMS on job injuries are through the roof and I don't want to be one of them. Not to mention, I'd like to be a role model to people and well...I'm not a very good model of anything right now. Not huge, but definitely not the superhero body I wish I had. Stats to come in the next few days. This post is a bit boring but I swear I'm a better writer/more entertaining. I'm going to RPG (Level 1 Valkyrie Adventurer) this so... Stats: STR: 2 DEX: 1 STA: 2 CON: 4 WIS: 4 CHA: 2 Goals: (1) Finish C25K for the first time around. I'm running a 5K with some people from work on October 12th. Which gives me about 8 weeks. One more than I need to complete the program and hopefully long enough to impress some people Points: 3 STA, 1 CON, 1 CHA (2) Finish RFG Lvl 1. I was doing pretty good with this recently. My work schedule is regular now, so I want to finish off LVL 1 and move on to LVL 2. This also includes finding a gym I like since I'm rapidly approaching the point where my home weights aren't enough. Points: 3 STR, 1 CHA (3) Touch my toes. Pretty self-explanatory. It needs to happen. Points: 2 DEX (4) Finish the Spanish module on Duolingo.com. I speak a lot of Spanish at work and I need to increase my vocab/be more confident speaking. I'll be mixing in some other online learning programs too. Points: 2 WIS, 2 CHA Here goes nothing. Cheers all!
  11. Hi all! I'm hoping for a little encouragement/any tips or information anyone has. I've been considering taking some form of MMA/Martial Arts classes. I'm an EMT in a city where we do a lot of restraining of violent people. The guys basically depend on their brute strength/weight to do the job, but at about 140lbs with most my strength in my legs, I don't have such gifts. It also seems like a lot of people get hurt "fighting" with patients because they have no clue what they're doing/how to do it safely. So I found a gym near me that has classes (which fit my work schedule, a real miracle) and give me full access to a decent gym as well. However, I have to admit, I'm quite terrified to even call let alone start. I don't like looking like a fool and I'm worried that it's going to be a class of these buff guys and then me...the not so buff girl. Has anyone ever taken classes like this at a local gym/practice any martial art? Should I just wait until I am in better shape? All advice and thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  12. WOW! What a week...or two...when did I last post again? Finals and classes are OVER and it's SENIOR WEEK! I've been getting a TON of comments about how much more ripped I look, which is AWESOME. Mid-week four of 100pushups and I've managed to fit in at least one bodyweight circuit set a week. Yeah that isn't exactly where I wanted to be but given that my job requires lifting people ...I'm ok with it. Not making excuses, but when you have 10 hours of lifting a circuit routine seems silly...especially when finals are looming. Sadly my schedule hasn't let me ride my bike to school much and finals are inherently not fun, but this week should allow for plenty of both! yay! Tonight I came home from work (completely exhausted) but I forced myself to do my 100pushups...and then I figured that there's no reason I shouldn't do circuits so I went outside and did those minus the pushups. Warmup: 5 x 25yd sprints with 5 vertical jumps in between Circuit: 20 squats, 20 inverted rows, 20 walking lunges, 20 dumbbell rows (found a propane tank that works PERFECTLY), 20s plank, 13 minutes total Amp it up everybody!
  13. I'VE COMPLETED A GOAL!!!! 4. Make my move to my new place as painless as possible by following my moving plan to the letter was a success! With the help of my grandfather and a family friend, we moved everything except for a few boxes to the new place in 1.5 LOADS and FIVE HOURS (record time if I do say so myself). There were pizza and plenty of laughs and I LOVED IT. I don't get to spend enough time with my Poppy alone. Then went back and cleaned the next night and got that all done in just over an hour (talk about cardio!). So Goal 2. Buy a bike and ride it to work/school as much as possible after moving on May 1 (1mi each trip) has proven an interesting task. This past weekend I moved in, and true to my goals, went and bought sweet mountain bike. It's a basic one but its fun and looks awesome. This morning, despite a rainy forecast, I said to heck with it and rode the bike the 1 mile to work. Boy oh boy did I underestimate the hill going to work (and probably the twin hill going home). That's where the title comes from...it gave me a bit of motivation. (btw...OORAH Navy SEALs!) BUT I'm proud to say with very little walking, I made it to work in about 10 minutes. That included a stop to adjust my seat and remove my sweatshirt. In reference to my revised Goal 1: I just finished Week 3 of 100pushups. The Bodyweight stuff has been a little lacking (averaging about 2 times a week), but I try to do as much heavy lifting as possible (being a bartender has some perks) and moving definitely wore me out. And the best part is, someone came into the golf club the other day who hadn't seen me in a while and said I "looked like I could rip someone to pieces". So while I know he was exaggerating...definitely enjoying that "level up". The no stress graduation goal is in trouble however. I just can't get my family to get over themselves and realize it isn't about them and their petty feuds. Oh well, I'm not giving up, but even still, 4 outta 5 isn't bad! Happy Trails everyone! Amp it up!
  14. AAANNNDDD I haven't updated for a week. Thank goodness that wasn't one of my goals! Haha...sort of. The nice weather is here which means I've been spending most of my time? Inside. BUT I did get out for 4 hours of geocaching this weekend (including a little rock climbing). Enjoying the rest of the time until graduation has kind of hit a brick wall but I'm sure it will be okay. Luckily enough I've been able to channel all the friend frustration into working out....even when I only have 3 hours sleep. Pretty proud of that. Move out day is Friday. I'm a little behind but I'm not stressed about it at all. Schoolwork...now that I'm about a century behind on and AM stressed about. So I'm going to go work on that! Accomplishments: -started week 3 of hundredpushups. still doing about double the recommended max for each final set -cancelled my uberexpensive gym membership where I was basically confined to machines -moving is pretty much on schedule and is stress free -arms noticeably bigger, but still not big enough.
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