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  1. Scores for the end of week 1: main quest- C I only did more than 30 minutes of walking 3 days out of the 7 and then some light walking for shorter amounts of time 2 more days and only did the body weight workout twice. Not terrible but definitely not A or B level work. life quest- A I'm pretty damn proud of my grades at the moment
  2. Tuesday September 24 Focused on my life quest that day. Went to school, made flash cards and studied for two tests that I have tomorrow, and read through chapter 1 for psych (which started Monday) then completed 2 out of the 3 assignments. Wednesday September 25 Went to school 7-12 then came home and studied some more for my tests tomorrow (so going to master that life quest!). Then took a 40 minute walk around town and added some jogging (only like 2 minutes though then I got bored and started walking again. I wonder if anyone else has that problem too where I can run for longer than 2 minu
  3. Today- Monday September 23 Went for a 30 minute brisk walk around the block then went right into the beginner body weight workout, only doing one round, and finishing with some stretches. Took my first math test so we will see how that went tomorrow, I feel very good about it. Also added another course to my semester, online general psych. Hopefully that doesn't overload my next few months.
  4. So my first few days havent been off to the best start... Thursday- Took a 15 minute walk between classes. Had school from 7:30-3 then drove the 3 hours to go back home (my parents house) because my mom was in the ER all day and had to stay over night since they couldn't figure out what was wrong. Got to the house around 6 then went to the hospital at 7 and was there until they kicked me out. Friday-woke up and went straight to the hospital and was there until about 1. Found out my mom has pneumonia and was caused by her heart burn Wednesday night. Hopefully now she will stop eating so late! T
  5. Wow you have so much going on but they are all so exciting! I also stress myself out but you just have to keep reminding yourself that the reason for your stress is all positive. Graduating, getting married, moving into a new home, and having a job are all positive things! Take everything one day at a time, even one step at a time if needed, and your stress will calm down I used to have a bad anxiety problem when I was younger about school and sports and work (didn't help that I'm also a procrastinator!) but one day my dad had me break all of the things I had to do for the week into little s
  6. Awh thanks! I really hope my grades are enough to get in! I just moved out to my own appartment this august but either she visits me or I go back home nearly every weekend and I try to get her to eat healthy meals then but i don't think she continues it when I'm away. I try to get her to exercise with me by asking her to walk the dog with my dad and I but she always says no. I hope that my journey will eventually help hers like you have helped your mom! Thanks for the encouragement!! xD
  7. I'm trying to get into the diagnostic medical sonography program. So far I am doing well, have straight As, but they only accept 6 people a year and there are at least 20 people applying that I know of. A bit stressful to say the least hah
  8. That is a great idea that ill have to try! I love sandwiches, in my opinion anything tastes good between bread haha. Cutting back on carbs is definitely going to be hard so thanks for the tip!
  9. I should join you with reading instead of watching Netflix! It has become an addiction to the point where I need the noise of my shows to put me to sleep haha. Good luck!
  10. I am going to switch it up a bit and start with my motivation. Some might say it is not the best motivation because it is not completely for me but honestly it is the best motivation I have. My mom has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and has always suffered with depression. Ever since I was born she has never been the same person, to her credit soon after my birth she almost died from blood poisoning and has been going through other health issues before and since then so the girl can never catch a break! But unfortunately she doesn't help her state of mind by sitting around all day eatin
  11. 6-4-13 So my plan to eat 100% paleo didn't happen but I did eat about 90% which is closer than the day before! Baby steps. I also was extremely tired for some reason and got a lot of sleeping done with little else. But my body needed it and I can tell by how much better I feel today! My Day Woke up late so I just ate a banana and nectorine for breakfast then went to work 9-6 At work I had chicken and another nectorine with some almonds on my break which was around 2 Then around 5 I started feeling sick because I was hungry but didnt bring anything else to eat So I figured I'd eat a little
  12. Thanks! I will definitely try both of those things. Today I am trying to have protein with every meal, starting with eggs of course for breakfast! I don't like eggs a whole bunch but I put a little bit of hot sauce on it and like it a lot! Tomorrow I will probably try eggs with garlic.. weird combonation but we'll see how it goes Thanks again for the tips and support!
  13. Welcome! I have the same issue with waking up, I am so not a morning person! Recently I have been recording my favorite shows at night and only allowing myself to watch them if I wake up early enough. Because I am a film nerd this really helps me wake up early and not be such a grouch. You could try doing this with something that you love to encourage you to get out of bed
  14. 6-3-13 Quick log before I go to bed! Ate 50/50 today. It was like good meal, bad meal, good meal, bad meal. But its better than all bad! Even though tomorrow is 4th of July, and I'm stuck at work 9-6 ugh!, I plan on eating 100% Paleo or as close as I can, my chicken may not be grass fed.. my dad got it so idk. I'm hoping that by celebrating this day by eating well instead of the usual bbq crap it will be the start to molding my brain into realizing that I don't need to eat a cupcake just because it is a special day. That is my usual excuse and I want it to stop, not because I never want to
  15. I am trying to slowly ween off of my bad habits but it is hard. I don't like slow, which is newbie mistake number 1 I beleive. Starburst must have been a hard thing to let go! I can eat a whole pack of those things without realizing it, which is the problem haha. My biggest problem is snacking on candy, specifically oreos, at work (i work at an ice cream shop) and we can eat whatever we want for free while on the clock. The ultamite test for my willpower! Thanks for the support! It makes this change much more managable knowing that someone is there to help along the way
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