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  1. And I am always suprised to learn new things. Thanks for that tidbit.
  2. Very good. I am impressed and somewhat jealous, as I have not been able to fulfill my life goals this way. The lack of change in physique I know. Or I just don't see it. But it will improve. Over time You go!
  3. Well, so that's something. Easy does it. So how do you feel after this challenge? Looking forward for our next challenge!
  4. Aaaaalrighty. The Challenge is over! And it wasn't all that bad. To recap: My goals were to: - So I did ALL of the workouts except for one, when I was down with a stomach bug. - Eat at least 3000 kcal every day. This is probably my most flawed point. I never actually got around to counting my food calories. - I raised the weights most every week. For example I began my squats with 88lbs/40kgs and finished with 165.3lbs/75kgs. on the other hand, my bench presses haven't improved that much: 88lbs/40kgs vs. final 121lbs/55kgs. Life Goals: - I wasn't able or motivated to do one artwork every week. I just didn't find my interest too much. It's swelling up again by the end of the challenge and that is just a bummer. But I guess one can't win all the battles. At least I can't And I am content with the stuff I DID finish. - I WAS, however, able to uphold my no soda rules (except for sparkling water with lemon juice of course) except for ONE Homemade lemon-lemonade at a Steakhouse that one week. So all in all I think I did pretty well. By the end of this week I'll leave Moscow and move to Germany, where I hope to keep up the good groundwork I've laid out here so far! Thanks for all of you who read my thread and supported me! See you guys next time! Yours truly, Gnometosser. PS: My camera broke. So no pictures just yet :/
  5. Last workout of the six-week challenge done! :D

  6. Body fat Percentage... approx. 12%!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. gnometosser


      Yup ... either it's true or ... or i am unable to use the calipers correctly XD

    3. Raev



    4. Eilyd


      Hell yeah! Awesome!

  7. Well I did it from looking a little. Sadly no new Artwork today. I am not good at keeping this up. Soo Last week was a bit of a suck. Monday no workout because of a bad bug. I was off work on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Friday were normal workout days, however. And i've managed to SQUAT MY BODYWEIGHT! I've tried myself on Intermittent fasting that week (The leaving out breakfast version). It is not for me. I was unable to eat enough calories during the feasting window. Well ... It's something
  8. I squatted my own Bodyweight! HOOAH!

    1. Eilyd
    2. stevembk


      Good job! I just did that myself last month!

    3. gnometosser


      :) I feel very good!
  9. On that day, I didn't make anything. But I made this also last week: It's a copy of a poster I saw on the web.
  10. Well done! Especially on your daily God work! I wouldn't be able to keep that up! Keep on trucking like this! Being active in the church community always gets you a reputation, too especially if you can get your editing stuff out there!
  11. I will certainly do so tomorrow! I my doc gave me off work today and tomorrow. And art is exactly what I planned.
  12. Hey There, you guys! I am reporting to this new week with a slight setback. I am down with a stomach bug and sadly can't work out for today. Also my diet was restricted by my doc to little food and non-fatty foods. I'll survive, though. My artwork of the last week were several logos for a band, which I won't disclose here, however. I will show them to you when the band has decided on one of the designs and fully accepted them. Hope you had a nice 3rd week! Rock on!
  13. fml... major setback: Stomach infection. Doctor put me on a diet. Very little food. Only fruits and non-fatty foods.

    1. Eilyd


      No bacon. :( At least it is a good season for fruit!

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