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  1. I have been very honest and pragmatic about the disappointing state of my arse. I'm not expecting much from it but I am going to punish it regardless. It's excellent, and I can't stand the ads. ❤️ GOALS
  2. Sorry you've run into tougher times. I hope they're short and sweet, and you bounce back asap
  3. The goal is to make my butt so great the whole world wants to hold it in its hands.
  4. Updates I don't remember Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, TH came around in the morning to get more stuff and visit the cat. We had a bit of a chat about stuff and what happened. He still doesn't know why he did it. I do. Midlife crisis. Never mind, onwards. He said he struggles a lot these days. I don't. I made the decision at the time I wasn't going to let that make me jaded or not trust people going forward, and I have nothing at all on my conscience. I had booked the day off work because my friend K was coming to stay in my city. This has been arranged for about 6 months, and it was supposed to be the first time I ever met her in person, but she came and stayed at my house shortly after TH did what he did because she's a wonderful human being so we're already pretty close. But she had booked a hotel in Birmingham and had already offered for me to stay in it while we went on a night out. I met her in the city and took her bra shopping at the place I used to work so we could get her fitted with new bras. I also saw my old manager and told her what happened with TH and like everyone else she was utterly dumbstruck. We caught up for a little while, and then we went back to K's hotel room which was fancy AF. We went out for a couple of ciders and then tried to get in at the burger place but the queue was massive so we cancelled the wait and went back to the first pub for burgers. As we were finishing eating, two men sat beside us and started talking. It turned out that one of the men's wives of 17 years had cheated on him with one of his best friends a week ago which I of course empathised with. But this guy just kept trauma dumping on us and expecting us to do his emotional labour which is my pet fucking hate. This really bummed us out so we bought a bottle of wine and went back to the hotel room. The plan was to go out out, but we were having so much fun just chatting in the hotel room that never materialised so we just did that all night. We went for brunch yesterday morning and it was utterly epic: I then came home and played with the cat, then had a super long bath and drank wine, ate pizza and watched some of the new series of Sex Education before it's completely ruined for me by me seeing memes on the internet. As I have been drinking my weight in cider and not really tracking food for a while, I do feel pretty crappy. I don't think I have trained since before DR got here either but that ends today because I am doing HOTctober. I have kept up my Greek lessons and Duolingo gave me two days free of the paid version and it's so much better. I think I'm gonna have to do it. I took my measurements this morning so I can see the impact of HOTctober when the month is gone and the plan is to be as sexy as I can possibly be on October 31st. Hold on to your butts.
  5. Yay for the great progress! Doing excellently DFG and it's inspiring!
  6. Congrats on passing the exam! What was it for? Hope the early night did you some good and you feel better soon!
  7. Update for the Last Few Days I need a scribe to update my challenge for me as I can't be trusted. Monday D_R left this day so I didn't do a workout in the morning and I definitely didn't do one in the afternoon. I was going to order myself a pizza but decided that what I was really craving was cheese so I had cheesy scrambled eggs for dinner. 1. Spend Nothing - Failed - I bought a new recycling bin for my dressing room, and a new book because I don't have enough of those. 2. Eat down the pantry and freezers. Pass - I wasn't even going to make sure I did this, I was going to have one more day where I could do what I liked and then get focused but it turns out I didn't need to. 3. Stay on top of the housework. Pass - Can't remember what tasks I actually did but I definitely did 5 of them. 4. Calorie Count. No more than 1775 calories a day. Failed 5. 3 x training sessions a week. Eh - Not failed yet, but I haven't done any exercise either so... 6. Fasting. Fail - Getting back on the fasting train is hard so I give myself a bit of leeway going back into it. 7. Duolingo. Pass Tuesday Work was busy but we're coming up to that point in the month where everything goes a bit mad. In the evening I called my sister and then had a super long bath. 1. Spend Nothing - Pass - nothing bought 2. Eat down the pantry and freezers. Pass - Chicken burger, sweet potato fries and corn was all from the freezer and it was fucking gooooooood 3. Stay on top of the housework. Pass - Yup. Again, can't remember what but it happened. 4. Calorie Count. No more than 1775 calories a day. Failed 5. 3 x training sessions a week. Eh - Not failed yet, but I haven't done any exercise either so... 6. Fasting. Fail - Got super hungry so I had some snacks. I can't be expected to work under these conditions. 7. Duolingo. Pass
  8. No thank you, I have a perfectly decent 36 year old one. Oooh fab! Thank you
  9. Hi all! The wonderful @Snarkyfishguts has pointed me in this direction as I have introduced some strict spending measures this challenge as I adapt to being single person household for the first time in my life! I have no idea in real terms how much I am going to have to tighten my belt because this is all new to me so for now I am just trying to reduce my spending as much as possible and use what I already have for as long as I can.
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