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  1. I am, I am not dead! Thanks for checking in guys.
  2. The Last Week Ooof have I really not updated for an entire week?! Well things have been going really well. Back at work and things are insanely busy, so much so I have taken up the paid overtime offer to try and catch up. Tuesday was my dad's birthday so we went over in the evening and I bought a huge curry feast for us to share - so much so my parents had leftovers for two days after but I wanted everyone to have a lot of dishes to choose from. My goals have been going great and I have worked out every day except yesterday because I decided extra sleep would serve me better and pencilled it in for the evening but I ended up working over to get some project work done instead, and I also needed to cook a gumbo but I shouldn't have bothered because it was fucking disgusting. TH liked it though so he will have it for lunches and I just stir fried up some veggies and udon noodles and we had that with a cherry hoisin sauce. I've been getting between 6 and 7 goals ticked off per day and the weight is falling off me. Wahey.
  3. There was a zombie expansion pack for the first one but nope, just cowboys! Red Dead is like San Andreas and Assassin's Creed III had an even better baby.
  4. I have 150 Kindle books too, so I can read in the dark while TH is asleep. I always dreamt of having a library and TH made sure it happened
  5. Friday Update I haven't been great at specific workouts this week and have left them all to the end of the week so we drove to the park and had a walk around that. It was really lovely to be out in the winter sunshine and the park was beautiful. We then drove to Pizza Hut for their pizza buffet and then into town so I could buy Red Dead Redemption 2 because I have been looking for a video game world to get lost in for so long and nothing has been sticking. I absolutely LOVE Red Dead, and I spent the rest of the day playing that. We weren't massively hungry for dinner after the pizza buffet so we had sushi and fruit. We got to bed quite late because we were stuck in our respective games - I bought TH a gaming laptop for Christmas and he's really enjoying watching me play Red Dead while he plays his game, especially when I crashed my horse into a cart and stumbled into a ravine and died. Weight is inching down, despite the pizza. Just 1 goal ticked off yesterday but this will pick up when my routine is back.
  6. I've just started Red Dead Redemption 2 and it's fantastic.
  7. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! So glad you're back!
  8. I'd much rather buy it second hand because the only one I have bought from new has been truly awful, whereas every second hand sofa I have bought I love to death. I get neck issues when I play Xbox though so I want something that will reduce this, hence the adjustable headrest. I can't play games anywhere near as often as I want to Indeed ! OH MY GOD TERAH! How are you? How are the boys? I've missed you so much
  9. The Last Few Days I am still low key poorly so we're trying (and probably failing tbf) to take things easy on this annual leave. On Wednesday we went out for breakfast and put together the new bookshelf to replace one in the library that had collapsed and while we were at it we inventoried all my books on Library Thing so I don't keep buying duplicates (there were only 5 out of around 800 books I had doubled up on so I didn't do too badly there!) This took pretty much all day though, and because TH had been so wonderful assembling the bookcase because my back is fucked again I made him an epic philly cheesesteak sandwich on fresh baked bread for dinner. Yesterday we went into the city to spend my book vouchers (armed with all my inventoried books in my pocket!) and I also popped into where I used to work to catch up with the girls there. One of them let me use her staff discount to buy a new bra which was extremely generous of her. TH and I then went for a drink and some food. I'm not doing great at sticking to my calories but I am on annual leave and this happens every year. Next week will be better when I am back at work and in more of a routine.
  10. Yeah, I get that! Haha very true - that. and shopping for mortgage and utility products! I'm finding it more frustrating, especially how the soonest we can have one is about 12-14 weeks for them to make it. Hi stranger!!! It's great to see you around again
  11. Tuesday Update I woke up feeling a bit under the weather but paracetamol sorted me out quite a bit so I just got on with what I had planned to do anyway which is go shopping for a new sofa and gaming chair for my dressing room/office. We went to dickhead retail park because they have all the big sofa shops and we sat on everything that was a contender. We didn't buy one but we both have a better idea of what we're after now and given my last sofa was bought in lockdown and is literally my nemesis, I want to make sure I make the right decision. We also went to Ikea to get some book cases because one of mine in the library has completely collapsed. We had meatballs and fish and chips and just shared everything. When we got back I had a really long bath listening to Deftones and then made an amazing aloo gobi. 6 goals ticked off.
  12. Thanks Cheetah, it's great to see you here Thank you! And it was It feels really great on your skin - even better if it's cold so keep it in the fridge. I'm a big fan of jade rollers too! Thank you! It's still a bit shaky though...
  13. I didn't get far into it at all, and the graphics are looking very dated to me which isn't shocking given the game is over a decade old. I'll probably persevere with it though so I will get back to you on this!
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