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  1. It's weird isn't it. I commented on @cn3wton's thread about a hotplate lunchbox thing saying I couldn't imagine what that was like and the next time I'm on Facebook, one pops up. It's extra weird because I go on Facebook on my phone, but only ever use NF on my laptop. HOW DOES ZUCK KNOW.
  2. Having said that (screamed that?) I'd much rather Wormintrude take damage than you so let her have it if you need to.
  3. Friday Update I did some housework in the morning. It took me 3 hours to do what I would normally do in an hour which wasn't ideal but TH has had a really stressful week at work and I didn't want anything hanging over him this weekend, I want him to just have fun and relax. Once I'd got the house in a passable condition I became one with the sofa and Valhalla for the rest of the day which was good because I couldn't have moved more even if I had really really wanted to. I made us fish and chips for dinner, and I only fasted for 16 hours because I wanted to take my supe
  4. Interesting! I never even considered the tank, I wonder why you thought that.
  5. We didn't change our stance - the plan right from the beginning was to wait for 12 weeks. I don't think this theory ever stemmed from data from the Covid jabs though, much of the basis of the science behind the Covid 19 vaccine came from other coronaviruses - particularly on the vast amount of research behind the Ebola immunisation programme. I always assumed it was here the extrapolations were from, rather than the Covid 19 trials as there weren't any data on 12 week dose spacing for that. I really don't think it was purely educated luck, I think there was a lot more behind it than that.
  6. I was just so stunned you're the only person in this sceptred isle that was not under the thrall of Autoglass Gavin's steely blue eyes. I suppose you're probably more familiar with the superior Portuguese version. That's understandable.
  7. It's just a silly thing from an advert (with a Barry Scott-esque character) that's just spiralled into a meme, like everything does on the internet.
  8. @sarakingdom https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/may/14/delay-in-giving-second-jabs-of-pfizer-vaccine-improves-immunity See the 12 week delay must have been rooted in science. Not just because nobody is that lucky, but also because our government couldn't drink wine out of a shoe if the instructions were written on the heel.
  9. That's true but I'm happy with that. I don't just wanna breeze through it and now we've found the right level for us (lol) I expect this will change. A crown maybe
  10. We were always going to get to this point eventually because wealth speculates wealth. The internet facilitated it on a much faster scale because the "local economy" went global pretty much overnight. But post-capitalism is an inevitability because capitalism depends on constant growth and truly constant growth is an impossibility. We can prop it up for a while as we have been doing on a grand scale since 2008. But we can't prop it up forever.
  11. Thursday Update I got up earlier than I expected yesterday and I finished everything I needed to do so I could actually meet Whiteghost on the xbox earlier than we'd planned but I played a little Valhalla while waiting for him. We had a great time on Outriders and played for about 8 hours. I booted up Valhalla again in the afternoon until TH finished work when we walked around the block. Summer is in the air although the weather has been terrible. I don't know why but I felt like I did really badly on my goals yesterday when actually I nailed every single one. I fasted
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