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  1. Yay, welcome! I have been training all year for Cheeseapolooza 2018
  2. This is what I look for in a gig. I was trying to explain to a woman I work with why I love gigs so much. She was telling me about her first gig which was to see Take That. She was so excited she puked. She asked me about my first gig. I told her it was Fear Factory when I was either 13 or 15, and it's where I found my love of being thrown around in a circle pit by big sweaty metallers. <3
  3. deftona

    DarK_RaideR's BattlE_LoG

    Bleurgh. You Muay that Thai good, son.
  4. Weirdly after I posted that song I got a targeted advert on my phone for the Prodigy gig in my local city. Weird, because I posted to here on my computer. GDPR my ass. Cultural, I think I feel her pain, if she's anything like me she'll be hoping to magically look better in them one day, or find the perfect accessories to match. You will never understand so just take our words for it But by then I've given your people repeated culturegasms and they wanna come over to the United States of Deffy. Damn true.
  5. Monday Update I'll take your brain to another dimension.... pay close attention! To ensure it definitely got done, I did the floordrobe first thing in the morning. I think the floordrobe is a sign I hate most of my clothes though since the vast majority of its contents is stuff I pulled out the wardrobe to try on, hated and took off in a hurry because I looked like crap. If only I could actually find some more to buy that I don't hate. Nevermind. After this I did deadlifts and an hour on the elliptical, then did a bit of work and then tried to win a scenario on Civ with the Aztecs. I am not good at the scenarios, mostly because I can't bring myself to declare war on anyone. Isn't that strange. I feel bad. I need to get a grip. I got irritated by the Europeans encroaching on my territory (a history of the world: condensed) so I stopped playing and lay on the sofa cuddling the cat listening to music. Then I made vegetarian chilli with homemade nachos. It was pretty freaking great. We cleaned up the kitchen while listening to one of my favourite albums (do you like this @DrFeelgood? It's a Pearl Jam offshoot from the early 90's so I suspect you do!) then we tried to catch up on Bake Off and watched Red Dwarf in bed. I fasted for 20 hours, breaking it with a chorizo style vegetarian sausage sammich. Then I ate the chilli. Calories were totally good, and I got 11 kms so I start the challenge on 31 points. I spent absolutely nothing so I am still on 39.8% of my budget remaining.
  6. Yay, welcome! Hi there! Great to have you along Yay Jon, it's lovely to see you Excellent news Smashing!
  7. deftona

    Shello Searches for her Inner Wonder Woman

    Although you're not impressed by that 1,000,000 chain bonus, I freaking am! Great work, here's to a plagueless next challenge!
  8. deftona

    Ye Olde Ranger Guilde Halle: General Chatter

    This is totally my jam, we'll do it at the Edinburgh meetup down Arthur's Seat.
  9. deftona

    Ye Olde Ranger Guilde Halle: General Chatter

    At expert level it's fine. (also one leads to another, there's not a lot of choice in the matter)
  10. deftona

    Ye Olde Ranger Guilde Halle: General Chatter

    Deffy cartwheels into the bar - it's her new method of getting around - and orders something with a bit of fizz. A very very large glass of Prosecco please.
  11. deftona

    Boundaries Gonna Ranger: The Ranger Border Guard Mini-Challenge Part 1

    The mystery has reeled me in.
  12. deftona

    Mint and Dill and Cumin: Tanktimus Fights his Legalism

  13. like penguin but without the win. Urban Dictionary defines it as follows: "adj. amenable esp. delicious, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing or sexually attractive." I use it ironically like I use most of the English language. Used in a sentence by the new national treasure Big Shaq: "I see a peng girl and I pose" Skrrrrrrrrraaaaaaa!
  14. deftona

    Terah - Finding the beat

    A chance to post dancing gif while not having to worry about someone's Perkele state of mind? I'M IN!