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  1. deftona

    Cheetah reads about intuitive eating.

  2. Neither of us know if we want kids or not but TH is slightly more towards them than I am so suggesting this seems a little unfair
  3. Sterilisation is a bit drastic. Natural fertility methods aren't quite robust enough for me right now, I was a little concerned about the 0.3% grey area with the NuvaRing although with the added fury I guess at least I am on 100% now so maybe I shouldn't complain. Not a fan of the other two methods. I guess it's fire and brimstone or nothing.
  4. "You can never have too many friends, be too rich, or be too voluptuous" The Tao According to Deffy. You're right about the bad tradeoff though, especially for TH. He can only wonder about my new boobs because I am too angry to let him see them.
  5. Yeah, this happened last time when I was on the pill. As for other methods I am not sure what my options are. I'm currently using NuvaRing because it has a smaller amount of hormones than the pill but it seems to be just as bad as the mini pill mood wise which surprises me because I was actually ok on the combined pill so I thought oestrogen might have been the difference maker. It's also made my boobs bigger which doesn't suck. Maybe I should give it a bit longer to see what the situation is though. Any ideas of alternatives?
  6. Monday Update As soon as I got into work there was a message waiting for me on the answerphone with something I had to deal with immediately which threw us out for the rest of the day. I was feeling a bit meh all day so I got some chocolate from Hotel Chocolat on my break. That was a good decision. I still ate only one of every meal type so it's still a win. TH had been away for work so we got in at a similar time and I cooked us vegetarian chicken satay with rice, then we came to bed to listen to Live Lounge mashups in the dark. I'm still quite angry and it hasn't escaped my notice that the anger came on the day my hormonal contraception properly kicked in. This is the reason I came off it last time because I am convinced that one of the ways in which it works to protect against pregnancy is to make me too furious to get my bits out.
  7. Sunday Update Yesterday was a day where nothing much happened. Something pissed me off on the way home from work and I was kind of grumpy for most of the night so I just went to bed when I got home. Food wasn't great because I had two breakfasts. That's not ideal is it. Weekly Update Food has not been stellar. I feel pretty chunky these days so I hereby make a solemn vow to only have one of each meal type per day. That will be a start. I did get all my exercise sessions in and that's that for another week. Not far to go this year now. But things will get hard from hereon in. I think this week will be pretty stressful but by this time next week everything will be more certain. I also plan to try and have a bit more fun this week. Stop sitting around with a face like a smacked arse and all that.
  8. deftona

    JonFirestar: Countdown to Awesome (181 days to Oblivion)

    You look so slim on that photo, Jon!
  9. No, Wales isn't an island, but to get to south Wales from where I live the best way is to go via the Severn bridge. There is indeed an imaginary dirt road - from the north Chester, Wrexham, Oswestry, Welshpool and Hereford form the border region, everything to the left of that imaginary line is Wales. The pig's head. I live just a little to the south east of Wolverhampton so not far from Wales at all.
  10. deftona

    WhiteGhost Get His Kips (On Route 66)

    It must be really difficult for your family right now, especially with you being so far away. You're handling it all so well and I hope your mom really enjoys the time she has left.
  11. Saturday Update The plan for yesterday had been to go to Caerphilly Christmas market. We've had this planned since about July since we went about 4 years ago and it was pretty fun. They do a medieval event in the castle (which is a really freaking cool castle) and there is farmers market type thing throughout the rest of the town. It is also the home to Caerphilly cheese and we planned to stock up on this and a truck load of Welsh cakes because mmmm. Unfortunately, a storm was being a raging bellend making SBF very much reticent to make the drive there because the bridge between England and Wales is already terrifying when there is normal wind because the crosswinds always rock the car anyway so we decided to give it a miss. We googled for some local events and found that there was a Christmas Craft Fayre in Shrewsbury prison. Shrewsbury is much closer and really pretty so we went there anyway. There was a mini farmers market underneath the clock and we walked around the town. I had some curried goat and rice and peas from a Jamaican food stand, then we found the prison and honestly it was one of the most depressing things I have ever seen. I toured a prison around this time last year when we went to Lincoln, but that prison was interesting because it was an olde timey prison where they had first experimented with the cruel and unusual punishment of segregation so it was creepy and ace. Shrewsbury prison was just a normal, modern day prison they closed about 5 years ago. It was dirty and depressing, and if anyone here is ever involved in a meeting with any kind of committee that ever wants to put on a Christmas market in a prison, tell them it is a terrible idea and they should never do it. For a multitude of reasons that I shall now list: 1. Prisons are depressing places. Christmas in prison is not twee and cute or anything else you'd like to associate with the spirit of Christmas. Prison makes Christmas worse and I don't know why I had to experience this to understand it, because it is pretty obvious isn't it. 2. Having stalls in the cells of a prison is a really bad idea. Cells are central to the reason why Christmas in prison is horrible. Cells are horrible. 3. When you have stall holders sitting on prison beds, displaying their wares in the yellowing light of a prison cell it will not showcase their work in the best possible way. 4. Cells are tiny. By design, they are intended to limit freedom and when you have the stall holder in there with their wares you cannot really fit any purchasers in there. 5. People do not want to willingly walk into numerous dirty cells. People see prison cells and their core instinct is to not go into them. Despite the horror of the Shrewsbury Prison Let's Pretend This Doesn't Suck Christmas Market, we had fun walking around Shrewsbury because Shrewsbury is lovely and you should not let this scathing review put you off. We went to the pub and then went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet. It was a really nice day and it was great to spend time with both SBF and Mr R because now they are parents they usually have to send a delegation of just one of them while the other stays home and looks after Baby von Farty Pants. I did a workout before I left to get the last session bagged for this week, and I had another really weird dream last night where I was being held hostage at work by someone who wanted to give a presentation about safety. Like, literally hostage, with a sniper guard. The night before I dreamt I was eating soap but I didn't know it was soap because it was delicious but then someone told me it was soap so I spent the rest of the dream trying to vomit it up, then I went to the water park to play on the slides. My psyche is terrifying.
  12. Thank you! I am mostly trying to forget about everything that is going on, which is one of the reasons I have packed absolutely nothing.
  13. I always think that the surprise might make them consider what other assumptions they may have made about people and make them less likely to do it in future. You have a point there.