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  1. Thank you! It's always nice to know your friends don't want you dead. Ha ha, you're definitely not alone then. You're a genius!
  2. Also I forgot, but this is hilarious to me but the doctor started by calling me a boy's name that is very similar to my actual name (which I get a lot), but half way through the consultation he switched to calling me Emily which is not my name and nothing at all like my name. Unsure of whether this was an improvement on the boy's name, I didn't bother to correct him.
  3. Friday Update I woke up in the morning desperate to do something useful so I started to sort out my staples-cum-chuck-whatever-I-like-in-there cupboard so it's just a staples cupboard but as my head was getting worse (still no complaints) TH pretty much forced me to call 111 (non emergency NHS advice line) and they told me I needed to go to A&E to get checked over. So I did. I was seen by the first doctor and referred for further tests so I had to wait at urgent care. I was there 3 1/2 hours which is par for the course for urgent care. It would have been less time but this whin
  4. Ermagerd yes. Here for the usual shuffle and the Cena kind of shuffle
  5. It's lovely to have you along! But no, we decided after we caused one of our greatest minds to kill himself through an unending anti-homosexual campaign of chemical castration and incessant pestering, we should probably do the decent thing and put his face on a note. Oh wow, please tell me how it goes. It does sort out sound like a Bob Mortimer fever dream doesn't it...
  6. It's important to remember how fun kissing is! ❤️ Thank you! I dropped some points today but given the day I had, I can be forgiven I think.
  7. Thursday Update I was in work later than usual but somehow the day felt so much longer. I'm working lots over the next few days too. I'm trying to just think about the Turings* I got home and TH had warmed up dinner which was a butternut and lentil curry I had made a while ago, with my special rice and half a flatbread. Again, it looked like something from the Bristol Stool Chart but this is what happens when I eat healthy meals I guess. We watched Drag Race and then came to bed for lots of snuggles which would count as the kiss chase goal, but I had already attached my
  8. Yeah, it's the worst. Except maybe Northern Ireland. The vegan girl is Manchester way I'd say.
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