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  1. deftona

    Wait, This is a Fitness Site, Isn't It? Tanktimus Gets Back to Work

    Every supermarket here sells fresh pasta - just look for it in the fridge next to the sauces in the plastic tubs, Jarric. It's usually by the refridgerated pizzas.
  2. deftona

    zenLara's journey

    IIRC you're barely forty? And as far as you know, you're pretty healthy? I think she is causing you unnecessary worry. You don't need this kind of stress right now so ignore her and just keep doing your best
  3. deftona

    INVADERS MUST DIE! Deffy #55

    Sunday Update Full disclosure, I am now on annual leave so my goals are being downgraded for the week. I started a day early because TH actually broke up on Friday and it's not my fault I had to work the weekend. TH came into the city with me and he mildly irritated me as he tried to mansplain how I had parked in the car park I park in every single day, and he doesn't even drive. He's lucky I let him on the train with me but I did We went for breakfast and he walked me to work, then he went to buy Christmas and birthday gifts for me while I was working. On my lunch break he met me having scoured the Christmas market for the best cheesewurst hot dog available and I ate it close to work as I couldn't really leave the premises given I was the only manager around. He spent the afternoon in the pub, the jammy bastard. He met me after work and we went to my parents for a lamb roast dinner. We spent a lot of time in front of their open fire and it was wonderful. When we came home I cracked open the prosecco to celebrate annual leave and we watched the first episode of His Dark Materials. I am very much looking forward to this annual leave because it will be my first restful one since April as I went on actual holiday in September (first world problems I know, but going on holiday is tiring af) and I was sick for most of my June one. Food - Not amazing but not terrible. I am relaxing these for this week as I see a lot of eating out in my near future. Exercise - Nothing needed Languages - Indeed! Forfeits - Nothing needed, and I won't incur forfeits this week.
  4. deftona

    The Good, The Bad, and The Sloth

    Once, immediately after, "HIGH FIVE!" appeared on my Fitbit screen. I felt like a frat boy.
  5. deftona

    INVADERS MUST DIE! Deffy #55

    The concept is a good one but these were a little disappointing. I have made my own before and they were much better but I'm not so stingy on the Stilton. And thank you! I have never had the pleasure of one that long.
  6. deftona

    INVADERS MUST DIE! Deffy #55

    Saturday Update 10 hour shifts are not fun. I started work super early and we were running a marketing event in the evening meaning I had to stay later. It was variably successful depending on how you look at it. I got to drink prosecco at work which is how I am looking at it so it was a roaring success. I got home later than I usually would and TH had cooked us steak and stilton pies, chips and carrots. I had another glass of prosecco and then we came immediately to bed at around half eight. Saturday night, ladies and gentlemen. We didn't actually get to sleep until just after midnight but it was nice to just hang out in bed together, we should definitely do this more often as a legitimate way of spending an evening. I am pretty tired today. Food - Porridge and sultanas for breakfast, a cheese and onion sandwich and yoghurt for lunch and pie, chips and carrots for dinner. Exercise - Nothing necessary Languages - Yes! Forfeits - I finished 3/3 days for my no spend day finishing up all my forfeits.
  7. Trippy, where's your sense of adventure.
  8. deftona

    zenLara's journey

    This is weird - @Tanktimus the Encourager can anything be done?
  9. deftona

    INVADERS MUST DIE! Deffy #55

    Thank you! And I haven't started yet, I am still working the notice period for my old job. One more reason to add to the list of "Why Deffy Should Move to Barcelona"
  10. deftona

    INVADERS MUST DIE! Deffy #55

    Friday Update Yesterday was, undoubtedly, A DAY. There really isn't much else to say. My trains were still a little messy in the morning so I only just got to work on time meaning a fast for me whether I wanted one or not. I picked TH up from work on my way home because he was working over trying to catch up on everything he hasn't been able to do while he has been running this particular training cycle. I had to do a stealth hair wash when I got in because I won't have time for the next couple of days (it comes to something when you're too busy to wash your damn hair) while TH made us chicken and mushroom pesto spaghetti for dinner. We watched a bit of TV and came to bed quite early. Being an adult is tiring. Food - Fasting until lunch which was a small cheese sammich and a yoghurt. Dinner was pesto spaghetti. Nicely in my calories. Exercise - Nothing necessary Languages - Yep! Forfeits - I am 2/3 for the no spend challenge which is good because TH still wasn't ready when I came to pick him up and he suggested I go to Sainsbury's but we didn't need anything and in those circumstances I would normally go and buy lots of ice cream. I really like the no spend challenges.
  11. deftona

    INVADERS MUST DIE! Deffy #55

    So what you're saying is I gotta start sweet talking my booty? I can do that.
  12. deftona

    INVADERS MUST DIE! Deffy #55

    I wonder what the going rate for a disappointing arse is.
  13. deftona

    INVADERS MUST DIE! Deffy #55

    It's sadly not yet ready for it's internet debut
  14. deftona

    INVADERS MUST DIE! Deffy #55

    OH YEAH I FORGOT ABOUT THAT! My ass has some ground to make up first. It was never that great and now it's even more disappointing.