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  1. Aw thanks Sal. It does make me feel better about not really doing much fitness wise although I have been eating better the last few days. I like this one Which reminds me, I forgot to post my favourite!
  2. I thought that was part of the advert. The only reason I prancerise is to try and get my moose hoof swole.
  3. Friday Update It was freezing cold here yesterday, and really rainy all day. I feel like it's November again. I wonder what life will be like in November... I played Civ with Dark Raider most of the day, then when we'd finished I put through a grocery order which took forever, and then when I got to the end a message popped up to say they'd ran out of lots of things so I had to make lots of substitutions so it took forever all over again. I'll be glad when things are back to normal because this way of shopping is really getting on my tits. I bought lots of extra food because I am filling up my Brexit cupboard. It seems we're going to intentionally No Deal and this bunch a pricks seem talented at nothing but displaying their ineptitude on a daily basis and I don't trust the food supplies will continue since we only produce 40% of it ourselves and we've already accepted food standards that are considerably lower than we have now as part of the US trade deal. So that's me becoming vegetarian when this comes into force. I ain't eating chlorinated chicken. I am going to fill my cellar with tinned and dried food and fruit and vegetable seeds. I am thankful for this headsup the government is giving us all regarding how little they can get accomplished. We tried to have a beer in the garden but it was way too blustery so we sat in the conservatory with the back door open. It's fresh air I guess. I made us fish and chips for dinner and we watched mindless TV all evening as a break from the horror in this world. Today, I am going to get dressed properly for the first time in days. I might also have a bath and make my face look better somehow.
  4. Thank you Tank. That's good to know because I don't do anything And regarding the song, you should hear my version but I can only perform it three bottles of wine deep when I am auditioning for a hip hop band in the toilet at a house party. You know, I have never listened to a Madonna album all the way through. I definitely should though. A classic! I love thirsty Madonna. I feel like I have a Thirsty Madonna period every time I ovulate, my life turns into that video for like three days.
  5. deftona

    Cheetah Continues

    i don't think it's a spoiler to say she's wonderful unless you haven't seen past series one
  6. Why wouldn't they? This is definitely true. Although I will say I am kind of enjoying taking my foot off the gas. I think this is the first time in about a decade when I wasn't aggressively chasing some goals. I'm sort of letting life happen around me and I feel like I am finally getting a freaking rest. Thanks Whiteghost, that was a really lovely post to read. And I will never do burpees again, I have decided. I'm thinking like I should probably wait to see what's happening with my job to see how responsible I need to be with money before I spaff a few hundred on a new laptop when really the only issue with my current one is the mic doesn't work. I do miss talking to you guys and seeing your lovely faces though 😢
  7. Thursday Update I just played Assassin's Creed all day but it made me feel better so who cares. I feel in many ways I should stop coming around here if I am not going to do anything befitting of a person who is a member of a site like this. But then also at the same time I intellectualise it all by trying to remember I am just trying to survive the global shitfest that is 2020.
  8. Such a good song THEY REALLY SHOULD! Agreed - Dirt, Jar of Flies and Facelift are all fantastic. I love AIC. Definitely up there for me with my favourite bands of all time. After Layne Staley died (the original front man), I think they lost a lot of their magic but they're still better than most other bands.
  9. Today's garden party outfit I would wear that dress to swan about my house like a marginally less sexually frustrated Betty Draper. Today's theme: Alice in Chains