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  1. deftona

    Cheetah Reflects on His Small Victories

    Well done Cheetah, you amazing piece of man, you!
  2. Oh if he had said that it would have been game over for the friendship.
  3. deftona

    WhiteGhost wants to VJ

    Pfft I can't believe that guy talked about your non existent gut and didn't even mention that peachy butt.
  4. Monday Update My last day of massive responsibility at work yesterday and it went alright. Afterwards, SBF met me and we went for cocktails and food. We went to my favourite cocktail bar where I love watching the barman because the way he makes the cocktails is pure theatre, but he was training a new guy and being a complete asshole to him and it was horrible. I was standing at the bar and the new guy started to make my cocktails and then the other guy came over and was being such a dick to him through "training", I had to pick my phone up and pretend to text because I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of my watching this unfold. So that was horrible, he is no longer my favourite barman, I am totally on #TeamNewBarman now instead, the other guy was really sweet. After this we went to Five Guys which isn't terribly conducive to my goals but this was a drinks date that was postponed from last week so it didn't matter so much. Other that this, food was ok. I had protein yoghurt, oatcakes and banana for breakfast, a huge salad with olives, pickles onions, corn and tuna for lunch with an apple, and the not-so-great-but-at-the-same-time-totally-great Five Guys burger, fries and shake for dinner. Along with some very alcoholic cocktails. When I got in I felt a little more affected by the alcohol than I feel I should have given the volume I consumed.
  5. deftona

    WhiteGhost wants to VJ

    I will never understand what goes through the mind of someone just before they launch into saying shit like this. How do they justify their arseholery to themselves, I wonder.
  6. deftona

    Shello Whole Asses One Thing

    Solid reasoning there.
  7. deftona

    Sloth's Power to Weight Ratio

    Right?! How could they possibly go against the will of the people?! Boaty McBoatface means Boaty McBoatface.
  8. Also I just weighed in and my goal is to lose 4 lbs this challenge. Game on!
  9. By law, shops are only allowed to trade for 6 hours on a Sunday, even 24 hour places. There are a few exceptions (Spars are utterly lawless and petrol stations can differ too) but this is to ensure there are some restrictions on how much your work can impinge onto your life. Most places open 10-4 or 11-5 on a Sunday and since we're normally well awake and breakfasted by then we don't often get to go out for breakfast on a Sunday so if we happen to wake up late we usually take the option.
  10. Sunday Update We both had a lie in yesterday morning so by the time we were ready to get up, Sunday trading hours had kicked in and that so rarely happens we decided to make the most of it and go out for breakfast. We went to the cafe down the street and TH had a full English breakfast and I had a slightly smaller one. We picked up a couple of grocery bits then came back home where TH went in the bath but left the door open so we could chat, and I read my book. Then I worked out and had a bath myself and then we went to my parents for a roast beef dinner which was fantabulous. We got back and washed up and cleaned the kitchen and I made lunches. Then we watched Brooklyn Nine Nine and I did my nails. They're so shiny now I'm not working much this week which is very good news. I do have a lot planned though.
  11. The way the bath is set out it was hard to tell the seal was so wrecked so this is something we'll definitely be mindful of in future. It's really frustrating because I know they know their jobs better than I do (and I have so many people tell me I'm wrong in my job and I rarely am so I know how frustrating it is, but instead of ignoring them, I prove myself to be right instead of just sticking to my guns...) but i know my body better than they do so if we all just have a conversation I am sure we'll get where we're going so much quicker. I am going to get them all done during the challenge. We both have a fortnight off work so plenty of time in which to do it
  12. deftona

    Stribs is Only Human, and that's Okay.

    I hope you figure something out with this Stribs. Keep looking for other roles and ways you can side step away from what you're doing now if it makes you unhappy. It will only get harder the longer you stay and the more commitments you add. Like Sloth says, you could apply to teach elsewhere. In the UK, teachers get paid every month of the year even though they don't work over the summer so that's one thing ticked off your list. But keep going trying to find your path because life is far too short to stay in a job that makes you unhappy.
  13. deftona

    Shello Whole Asses One Thing

    It's probably for the best you didn't find out about this until later otherwise you'd have spent a lot more of the day fretting I bet!
  14. Spring Cleaning - Deffy #49. Ok, so to build on my challenge and make it a little less half assed and a little more of an actual challenge, I am adding another element. I want to keep the 2 litre water goal and the 5 freggies per day goals, but I am adding to it calorie counting to the end of losing x amount of weight by the end of the challenge. I won't know this until tomorrow and it's going to be at most 5 lbs, probably, maybe a little more depending on what I weigh in as. There are also some spring cleaning tasks I want to have completed by the end of the challenge too, which ends as my fortnight off work comes to a close so I have plenty of time and opportunity to get this stuff done. I want to have: 1. Cleaned out the spare room and have this as a usable space When we moved in, we got the spaces very much liveable very quickly but the result of this was dumping everything we didn't immediately need or know what to do with in the spare bedroom. The time has come to sort this out, and we have plenty of storage space in other parts of the house so it will just be a case of moving stuff to where it needs to go and leaving this room free so we can use it. It will eventually become my pole fitness studio but I have a weight goal to reach before that happens that is only getting further away as I half ass everything. Time for action! 2. Clean My Windows My back garden has lots of trees and there are lots of spiders living in them and this has meant a lot of spiders have laid their eggs in the corners of my window frames. It doesn't look like Ms P had cleaned the windows for a long time and when the weather gets a little warmer and drier (hopefully soon...) I am going to clean my external windows. 3. Clean my Car I have only once cleaned my car since I had it. It doesn't look too bad having said that but it could definitely do with some attention and now I park it in a more private place and I no longer live somewhere that resembles an open air prison, I don't mind being outside cleaning it so that is what I am going to do. 4. Replace the dead things in the pots Ms P had a lovely courtyard style garden that she left mostly for us. There are a lot of pots of plants around and things are starting to flower, but there are also pots where I am quite sure the things inside are either weeds, or dead branches reaching up into the living world. I want to buy new plants for these and plant them out, scatter them around the garden artistically and make it look lovely. I also want to expand my wardrobe so like everything else I am going to earn it If I do all of this I can buy a new outfit. 100% earns me the whole outfit, but I can scale it down and award part of the outfit for anything below 100%. I just have to justify why I can have which bits I can have. Winning gets me the below swag: This cute as heck scalloped pinafore dress, this lovely striped collar top and these tights with a secret. I already have the shoes to go with this outfit - probably high top converse or heeled black boots. Let's win some swag!