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  1. Deffy Chills the Duck Out I was at a bit of a loss for what to do with these next few weeks for this challenge because I am still recovering from the mystery virus and I am getting really tired even when doing very little. I had to stop working out for a whole month while I refocused all my energy to not dying. I am still not better but I am better than I was. This period of illness has made me realise how much I take my health for granted and I want to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible so I can make everyone feel uncomfortable when I am slut dropping in the club aged 90. So I am going to focus on health and recovery. Working Out Actually, yes! This is the first in a Deffy challenge but there are no rules around this. No obligation to do it, no obligation to not. Being realistic, I can’t see me being healthy enough to do it for at least another week or two and that’s just fine. When I am healthier and in a better position then I can play it by ear but the minimum 3 x 30 minute session streak has died and I have no plans to resurrect it this year. This gives me a bit of wiggle room to really focus on diet and nutrition and maybe even some fasting. Nourish This is what I am going to do, gesture towards the healthy food with my weird ass twisted thumb while blocking the unhealthy food from my sight with my hands. The food I eat needs to reflect my goals. I want to eat a diet of unprocessed foods that are really good for me. Basically following Pollan Rules but without the glass of red wine until I have finished my medication, I cannot tell you how much I want a nice stiff drink. It doesn’t normally bother me but knowing I can’t have one makes me want to run to the pub and down a few frosty pints. Self control, Deffy. Anyway, I digress I will put pictures of all my meals on Instagram every evening. I am allowed two cheat meals per week when I can have whatever I want, but this will usually be an evening meal and the rest of my meals have to be kosher. I have to eat 5 a day and drink 2 litres of water each day. If I buy less crap food I will eat less crap food and when I was taking photos of every grocery shop this kept me accountable so imma do this again and post them here. Relate I have been really bad at maintaining my social life. Partly because of being so sick but also because I can let this slip a lot. I need to keep in touch with my sister, even if it’s just a Whatsapp message every now and again. I also need to make sure I am making the time for SuperBestFriend. Another aspect of this is to maintain my relationship with TH. Now TH is my best friend in the entire world but there are challenges that come with this. Mostly, that I can start to see him more as a friend than anything else, because we spend so much time together and hang out so much, playing video games (together or next to each other but separately), watching terrible TV, wrestling and quiz shows, that sometimes he will flirt with me and my first response is to thump him on the arm, call him “ol’ slugger” and put him in the Sharpshooter. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change our relationship for the world but I have to be mindful of this so I need to focus on the intimate side of our relationship. I have made this a challenge goal before but never really explained why it was so important. It’s massively important, because as soon as I let this slip it gets a little hard to get back into the boyfriend/girlfriend mentality and it feels a bit odd for a while so I need to bring the flirting every day and look after myself better so I feel sexier. Pizza List I want to continue my organisation tasks and other little bits I want to get done around the house. This is shamelessly stolen from Xena, but I have ten items I need to get done and then I can buy more pizza. I already have two pizzas in the freezer but I can’t buy another one until all ten items are ticked off. And I need to get this crap done because pizza is life. 1. Organise dried goods cupboard and make jars airtight with sugru 2. Organise pantry 3. Clean out both fridge freezers 4. Clean make up brushes and sort into two different usable sets so I have a set to wash and a set to use. 5. Clean out airing cupboard 6. Organize crafting supplies and put in attic completed 26/6/19 7. Clean garden and sort out pots 8. Organize under the kitchen sink area completed 26/6/19 9. Organize cosmetic tower and inventory supplies 10. Organise Spotify Playlists. The soundtrack will be smooth and groovy and I will be asking you all what your favourite song is by a certain artist or on a certain theme because I like to vampire music from people, ok? Just know if I follow you on Spotify I have already pilfered most of your playlists. That’s what I do. New challenge, goooooooooooooo!
  2. Wednesday Update I was back at the doctors yesterday. I had an argument with her. Her medical facts were wrong. I pointed this out to her in a very polite "I respect that you're the doctor here but that is just simply not true" kind of way, and she argued with me back and forth for a while, then she googled and admitted I was right, then asked me what the treatment was for a certain ailment On my way out, she asked me lots of medical questions about the NuvaRing again. What it looks like, how you use it, how it works. I'm glad one of us is earning £100,000 a year. I hope she's enjoying that. Needless to say I will not be booking in with this doctor again because the last doctor I saw was amazing and lovely and actually listened to me. She was also desperate to diagnose me with asthma. I told her it definitely wasn't asthma. I had childhood asthma, I know what it feels like. This is not asthma. She kept saying it was asthma and I need a brown inhaler. I'm glad I stood my ground because when she got me to take the peak flow test I nearly blew her out the fucking window with it. Ain't nothing wrong with Deffy's lung capacity, capiche. So I have to go back in future for blood tests but I will be seeing Dr NewlyQualified instead because he is the best doctor I have ever seen. All my usual doctor did about that was argue with treatment he gave me, then asked me why on earth it would have worked if I didn't have asthma so I explained to her about inflammation reducing properties of steroids and that it's not just asthma that causes inflammation. I'm glad all my years of medical school have paid off OH WAIT. When we got back we did some sorting from the pizza list. All the cleaning products from under the sink are now all nicely organised into boxes which makes my soul sing, and then we organised the spare bedroom and finally moved the spare boxes into the attic so that room is lovely and clear now, with a rocking chair in the corner which makes it look like a nursery so this is what we have taken to referring it as. I have mixed feelings about this and might have to put up my Left 4 Dead posters to make it a bit less baby and a bit more metal, for now at least. \m/ This naturally knackered me out so we spent the afternoon playing Civ V and taking it in turns to choose the music on a certain theme. That was a lot of fun. I made dinner and we watched lazy TV. Nourish Breakfast was cashew butter and banana on toast, lunch was the leftover avocado and corn salad with chicken wings and dinner was roasted turkey with roast cabbage and carrots, mashed parsnips and stuffing with peaches and cream for dessert. Relate This is going really really well I need to contact my sister though, it's been a while.
  3. I can't read or write that line without thinking of that. Just like I cannot let the line "Who are you going to call?" live and not shout GHOSTBUSTERS.
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    Cheetah Builds Momentum and Continues to Improve

    The "random article" button on Wikipedia has helped me through many dark and lonely nights. And I hope your stomach feels better soon.
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    Snarky is habit forming

    I dig it.
  6. I hadn't but I just took a look at some of their videos and I have a couple of problems with it already. Spoilered because porn talk
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    Simplicity: DJTrippy T

    I think I speak for both myself and D_R when I say you have totally nailed our style right there, Trippy. Following along!
  8. It did once upon a time but it got lost during one of my many laptop catastrophes. I only have the hard copy now and I only know that because I proudly filed it away in the complete wrong place during my non fiction section sort out It had a focus on female heterosexuality but if I ever go back to uni it will more than likely be something in the field of sex research so I will either broaden this to include multiple genders and sexual orientations and then you can read that (Or it will be about the effect of pornography which I find even more interesting but also kinda depressing but it's a very important field of study these days, I gotta help save these young girls growing up in the internet age with those horndog boys)
  9. This was definitely the case when I was younger but supermarkets became a thing and now most people do a big weekly shop. I do have a couple of corner shops within a ten minute walk of my house which is nice and handy, but I don't tend to use them too often.
  10. I think people are way too precious about talking about stuff like this. I know I am more open than most people but all this stuff is perfectly normal and too many people have weird sex hang ups that comes from a society that makes us feel guilty for having perfectly normal desires. Believe me, I wrote an entire dissertation on it.
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    Cheetah Builds Momentum and Continues to Improve

    Following along! A chocolate hammer to the brain sounds awesome...
  12. We got more groceries so we didn't have to go later in the week if we don't want to. The white rolls, sugar laden yoghurts, quiche and peshwari naans are TH's. You might notice a pattern here... Dinner! Turkey chilli, avocado and corn salad with lime and corriander dressing and tortilla.
  13. Tuesday Update We had more errands to run yesterday morning and it just rained the whole day which was pretty miserable. We're both on annual leave now which is why we're not at work again. It seems like we're never at work doesn't it... I had to go into town so I got my eyebrows done but I was feeling incredibly tired because I had to stay awake until the early hours so I could lie in wait to wake TH up to ask him if he wanted to see my boobs then refuse - PLOT TWIST - IT WAS ME ALL ALONG! (jk it really wasn't) and as she was doing it she was making me furious which was a bit rich because I had asked her and paid her to rip the hairs off my brow. I felt this weird energy in my hips that made me want to run so much I had to really fight it and I think I squirmed in my seat a lot because she kept asking if I was ok. Don't get me wrong, threading definitely hurts but I gotta say, I'm a bit of a bad bitch so it doesn't normally bother me. I have no idea what was up with that. We picked up some storage before we came home so we can do some of the organising from the pizza list, then I read on the sofa all afternoon because little things are still massively tiring me out, while TH played video games. I finished A Brief History of Seven Killings which was fantastic. It's a fictionalised history of Jamaica set around the assassination attempt on Bob Marley in the 70's and I have a vague memory of knowing this happened but I wanted to read up on the facts when I had finished the book so it didn't detract from the amazing world James created so I did that for the rest of the afternoon. It's weird how there is so much legend around Marley but nobody really talks about the assassination attempt. After this I went into the library to touch some books and rub them on my face so I could find my next novel which is The God of Small Things. It's very good, I like it already. We watched an Aerosmith gig on YouTube while I cooked dinner.Then we talked about music for most of the night listening to the rain on the conservatory. Nourish Banana and cashew butter on toast for breakfast (this was amazing) followed by the leftover vegetable curry mixed with some daal to thicken it, served with two fried eggs on top (and a couple of nibbles of TH's peshwari naan because I'm naughty and it doesn't count), and turkey chilli with an avocado lime salad with a flour tortilla and peaches and cream for dessert. Relate Nailed this, so to speak. Need to keep it up though (so to speak)
  14. I did! And this was another part of my argument as to why it was definitely out of character, therefore definitely didn't happen. I don't think I have ever said no when he has asked to see my boobs. Mi boobies su boobies.
  15. Hehehe "three and a half pounds" is going to be my new way of talking about currency. Agreed on Moby Dick too. Life's too short for that shit.
  16. Lovely to see you again Moros And I like to tell him how awesome he is, just like I like to tell everyone else I love or like how awesome they are. There isn't enough of people being honest and lovely to each other in the world these days. I'm definitely of the belief it's the second, compadre. I could talk all day on this but this ain't the time or the place. (My personal library will account 00000000.1% of the literary riches on my Caribbean Socialist Paradise Island.)
  17. After much reasoning with him he now agrees it was probably a dream because I argued he has known me for 15 years and not only have I never done that before, it doesn't even remotely sound like something I, or anyone else for that matter, would ever do.
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    Pack. Move. Unpack: Tanktimus Relocates Forum Headquarters

    Urgh. Sorry about your truck. Times like this it's not really about what was or wasn't taken, it's more the LOW DOWN DIRTY PUNKS being all up in yo stuff.
  19. I am very tired today because I didn't sleep well TH was in a bit of a mood with me this morning and I finally found out why - he struggled to sleep a lot last night too (although he fell asleep before me still) and he seems to think I woke him up in the middle of the night asking him if he wanted to see my boobs, then told him he couldn't and turned over and went to sleep. This absolutely, definitely did not happen and must have been a dream but he is convinced it actually happened and this is hilarious.
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    Snarky is habit forming

    Mmmm pepper lime chicken sounds very good indeed! Nice work on getting everything on the birthday scavenger list!
  21. Grocery shop - The Lucozade is TH's and I have no idea why he included the toothpaste in the display. I wonder if he thinks I am making a minty fresh jus. The Indian feast - mixed vegetable curry, mixed lentil daal, butter chicken breast and pilau rice. We had A LOT of leftovers. I did clean my cooker after this, that mess was just from this cooking session
  22. Monday Update We had some errands to run in the morning, including sending back a pinafore dress I had as a reward a few challenges ago that I didn't win, but then it went on sale so I cheered myself up and ordered it when I was at my most sick. I had to send it back and order it again two sizes smaller which is always good news. While we were in Olde Market Town at the post office, we went to the greengrocers and supermarket to do a top up shop, then came home and I read all afternoon while TH played Football Manager. In the evening, I cooked a big healthy Indian feast with lots of leftovers for lunches, I'll post pics of that later. We watched a Meatloaf gig (have I ever admitted my deep and burning love of The Loaf?) while the storms came down outside. It was a great day. Nourish Food was fantastic. I had cashew butter on toast with apricots for breakfast, mushrooms and spinach sauteed with garlic and smoked salt on my mom's homemade cheese and onion bread with a poached egg on top for lunch and the Indian feast for dinner. Dessert was strawberries and cream and I ate ten portions of freggies yesterday. Relate I was lying on the sofa having a nice big think yesterday afternoon and TH asked me what I was thinking which isn't something I would normally advise but this time I was thinking how proud of him I am for all the things he has achieved in his career so far, and all the reasons I find him attractive so I told him. It seems too passive a thing to accept credit for towards a goal and it's not strictly romantic but I am counting it regardless.
  23. I'm thinking of just closing my eyes, standing amongst the books and letting them tell me where they want to go. I have a ridiculous amount of books. When I say I have a library I mean I literally have a library - a room in my house with just wall to wall bookshelves and some rocking chairs. It was always my dream to have a library (although in my dreams my bookshelves are those ones with the rails and a ladder that runs all around like the sweet shop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and this is the next step) so when we bought this house last year my boyfriend insisted on making my library having dreams come true. When there was looser order in my books I had all the books I have already read at the front of every shelf, and the books I have yet to read at the end of each shelf and I much preferred this, but it won't work with the stricter order I have. I think whatever I do, I need to implement this aspect of organisation. Glad to see you here! A lot of the local libraries got closed down on the austerity drive that started here in response to the financial crash a decade ago. But that's ok because my family and friends can come to the Library of Deffy for all their knowledge needs. It's a big shame because growing up, things went very sketchy at home at one point and I spent all my spare time in my local library and honestly it saved me. It's sad to think the children of today won't have the opportunity of that kind of refuge.
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    [NeverThatBored] After Enlightenment, The Laundry

    Following along!