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  1. Yeah, the US system in general seems horrific from over here. I once read someone say they pay almost $1000 a month for their health insurance, and that doesn't even cover everything because a lot of it he has to pay for anyway. That is madness to me. Here, we all pay a percentage of our salary, and then almost everything is free when we need to use it. With the exception of dental work which costs a maximum of around £300 every 6 months regardless of what you get done, and basic optician services. I pay £9 for any drug. Literally anything, it's just the £9 prescription surcharge, except contr
  2. + I understand everyone is worried, and I appreciate the advice, sympathy and empathy. It means a lot that you all care, and it's very very unpleasant to experience, but I have had a slipped disc at least six times in the last 15 years (hypermobility funtimes) and I did go through the medical process the first 3 or 4 times and there really is no treatment. It's a case of managing the symptoms until it sorts itself out. There is literally no point jumping into the medical system, the only thing I can do that I am not already doing is the stronger painkillers and I hate taking eve
  3. You're definitely right and if I thought there was any point, I would. But the treatment for this is rest until the swelling goes down taking painkillers and anti inflammataries to help with that, then physio to increase movement. I have had physio for this issue on a number of occasions and still have all the exercises, and I won't take Tramadol which is what they would prescribe me. I am quite sure I have the degenerative condition my mom has, which is slowly disabling her. She started with it when she was the same age I was when I started with it, and only now have they started
  4. Well done getting out for that run and powering through - even if it wasn't the run you wanted you still did it! And great work on the not binging too. I hope whatever it is you have on your mind dissolves to nothing but you know where I am if you want to offload some feelingz.
  5. Week Two Update I only got 100% on one of the days, and it was the day I went out for a walk in the sunshine which probably speaks volumes about how my mood affects the extent to which I can/am willing to control my food intake. I got my 3 x 30 minute exercise sessions because luckily I trained on Monday and Tuesday before it got really bad, and I was starting to feel a little better by Saturday and could go for a walk. I am not sure if I will fare as well this week which will be really disappointing because I am desperate to keep my streak but the plan is to try and g
  6. Sunday Update I thought I was getting better yesterday and then pretty much as soon as I said that I went downhill and was worse than I have been this whole time. What is with that. I spent much of the morning trying to get up from the floor and I collapsed in a heap of tears for a while. After that, I started piggy backing both maximum doses of ibuprofen and paracetamol, and as someone who goes entire years without taking painkillers this probably speaks to how bad the pain is. I bought a back brace and that was delivered in the evening which has given me a little more confidence
  7. I'm really sorry to hear about Ghostlet's pains. I suffer awfully with neck issues (as well as my back) and the best thing I have found is a hot lavender bag around the neck while he does some gentle stretches, Ibuprofen and a nap. Hopefully he feels better soon
  8. What are these? I tried to google but I am non the wiser.
  9. Yay for the camper, I can't wait for the photos And happy birthday for Monday!
  10. Eh, Whenever Update Since I updated on most of yesterday already this is just an update to bring me back in line with my usual style. I briefly touched upon my walk yesterday but it was quite nice. It was cold in the air but the sun was strong and warm and we had a nice chat hobbling around the neighbourhood. There were lots of dogs. And I get with dogs how normal women my age get about babies - I bit teary and overemotional. I just like to see their happy faces and waggy tails. My back held up better than I expected, and I think it's the swelling from my injured back
  11. You're not wrong about that, and it's taking way longer than I think it should. Thanks Cheetah! IT ME! I do hope we're still friends 🤣
  12. Don't wanna wade into a taco fries vs nacho fries debate (even though I'd take of my shirt and jump head first into the mosh pit of those other debates) but whatever it is, it sounds AMAZING.
  13. Friday Update I still needed quite a bit of looking after. TH had to help me down the stairs and he settled me on the sofa with coffee, water, snacks and entertainment and told me to let him know if I needed him for anything. I read in the morning, then TH made me a cheese and ham toastie for lunch and then I played Zelda all afternoon. I watched some Jaime French videos in the evening while he finished up at work, then I made us a prawn curry type thing with basmati rice for dinner as I could cope with the cooking as long as TH could do all the carrying and bending down for
  14. Thanks Snarky. It's pretty bad but in a way I do welcome the chance to remind myself what a bad bitch I am. The pain is constant, and I can't get away from it - even painkillers aren't touching it. But I'm coping and I'm keeping my pecker up and this is the reminder I needed that I can withstand bad things and it's the only bright side I can find so I'm running with it.
  15. It will definitely count and luckily I trained on Monday and Tuesday so I am just a single session down for the week so Sunday will address that. Thanks for the healing vibes! It's not what happened immediately before my back went out again, but I think hauling two sofas around on Saturday is probably the root cause here. Thanks! I'm trying! Thanks. Wow, we're all really trying to make that super strain a reality aren't we.
  16. Let me know how you like it! I actually got one this year for the first time in ages, mostly because of our conversation, and we all enjoyed it much more than we remembered.
  17. Quick update since I didn't do one this morning: I threw my back out again last night so I am pretty miserable with pain. As before, I am devoting a few days to complete bed rest. In light of this, I checked out how many calories I would need to eat to lose or at least maintain my weight and I'm simply not prepared to do that to myself. I will happily train for hours in a gym but I won't eat miserable amounts of food. I don't want a hot body enough for that crap. I spent today lying on the sofa with a water bottle on my back, playing Zelda and eating baklava. TH is sti
  18. It definitely helps, I've been doing a quick yoga sequence a few times a day and it does release it a bit, but not for long. I've lost so much mobility though. I went from being able to put my feet behind my head to not being able to stretch my leg out at a 90 degree angle when I lie down and I feel like an old lady.
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