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  1. Thursday Update I woke up on time but I was so tired, probably because in my dream I was writing a scathing summary of Liz Truss's brief but calamitous premiership for a newspaper and I woke up angry. I wasn't feeling a workout so I didn't bother. There is a theme for the day here. Work was full of meetings again but not quite to the extent of the day before so I got time to work on stuff and I did achieve Inbox Zero (or there about) so I am happy with that. After work I toyed with getting a workout in but I decided I really couldn't be arsed and had a bath instead. I then read for a while until TH came back from work at which point I made us some vegetable and halloumi burgers. We watched Drag Race then came to bed and I finished my Kindle book about Incels. 3/7 goals. It's ok though, who cares.
  2. Very true, but despite it being impratical and uncomfortable, it is still more enouragement than we'd ideally like to give. Luckily my first hour and a half every day is devoted to getting some really important reports out (a rage in itself really, who makes someone do so much maths at 8:30) so even if someone requested a meeting so I early I'd have good grounds to reject it!
  3. Our meetings are actually really useful - we have a really small team (only 11 of us in the wider team, with 5 of us in our actual little sect) and a lot of our job involves problem solving on how to get to the bottom of things or how to provide information requested so we come together frequently in groups of 2-5 to share ideas and help each other. We also have a catch up at the end of every day for an hour where we present anything we're stuck on and help each other this way too. We have a wider team meeting once a week and a departmental meeting once a month and they're quite interesting too! I think everyone takes the view that pointless meetings are a waste of everyone's time and I wholeheartedly concur!
  4. Wednesday Update I got up a teeny bit early yesterday but I was nice and wide awake so I drank my coffee in super quick time and headed to the gym for a workout sesh. I much prefer doing it in the AM because I don't tend to have any meetings for the first hour or so which gives my hair time to dry so I can log in immediately after getting out the shower and start work - a much more efficient use of my time! Work was busy and I was in meetings all day with the exception of an hour. This means that all my work has backed up and I have a helluva mountain to climb today but things should get quieter as we move further away from payday and hopefully I get a good run at all my outstanding tasks today. Inbox zero by the end of the day is the goal. After work I made us toad in the hole and veg for dinner and we started a video game together - Little Nightmares. It's really creative, we like it a lot! 6/7 goals.
  5. It seems to be ok for now, it has armrests so maybe it's not so terrible for my posture? My gut says long term I should invest in something a bit more substantial though. Do you have any chair recommendations? I have a lovely leather sofa set in my library, and I already have a nice bedroom chair in the corner for the cat to sleep on. The only place I could put it is in the end room but at ominous "end room", but there wouldn't really be a purpose for it being there! I already have what I am using as a desk as it is the dressing table from the dressing room. I can pack the laptop away - I don't have a monitor but I do have a laptop stand that I will be able to make full use of the next time I am back in the office because I plan to grab a keyboard and then I won't have to use that external smartcard reader thing I keep accidentally sitting on! It's not too much issue if I can't pack my workstation away because I only use the dressing room twice a day anyway, getting dressed in the morning and then putting my pjs on at night. A good chair would work as a dressing table chair too though so it might be wise to invest. What song is this? It sounds like my kinda jam!
  6. Tuesday Update The cat woke me up at 5 am swinging off the curtains and instead of trying to get back to sleep I just got up and hit the gym for a strength session so she did me a favour really but don't tell her that, it'll only encourage her. I worked from my new office in my dressing room and I really like it, I might buy an office chair but I am trying to get away with the cute wooden one I have because I really like it and don't want to get rid of it, and for some reason out of place chairs are one of my biggest fears so I couldn't store it or anything because the thought of it sitting in the attic, for example, chills me to my bones. After work I did some financial housekeeping ahead of payday and the way our economy is heading I cannot explain how happy I am that I paid the £3000 in fees to release myself from my mortgage early so I could fix for 10 years because the interest rates are just going crazy. We watched some TV and I made us a chicken saag curry. I fell asleep on the sofa watching Bake Off so TH filled me in on what happened at the end and we watched Brooklyn 99 in bed and I fell asleep to that too, At least I am consistent. 6/7 goals ticked off. Calories marginally over but deficit was still good and that's all I ask.
  7. No, DangerNuts are doughnuts eaten while you're driving down the motorway at 70 mph Exactly, it's not like I'd faceplanted cake (for a change)
  8. Monday Update Back to work and I had quite a bit of catching up to do but I don't mind, it makes a huge difference enjoying my job and working from home. TH had a bit of a disaster with his VPN so I had to drive him into the office in the morning so he could get it all sorted with IT and he ended up staying in the office so I worked from the library as it's at the front of the house and we were getting a delivery. I plan to work from my newly reorganised dressing room today. I finished work and headed into my gym and did a 45 minute elliptical session, then cooked us spaghetti bolognese for dinner. We watched The Crown for the rest of the evening, then had an early night. 6/7 goals ticked off. Should have been 7 but I ate a protein bar I forgot to track and then had some chicken in the evening because I was hungry and thought I had the calories for it but I didn't. It's all good.
  9. Sometimes stepping back is for the best. I hope you work your stuff out and keep in touch!
  10. I always buy some mini pumpkins to put along the fireplace and we eat them in November, but I'd like to get more, maybe an autumnal wreath? I'm not sure, I'm going to see what I can find on Saturday
  11. Haha good point. I guess it's a spare bedroom but we don't have any extra beds because we don't want to encourage visitors () It is, however, at the end of a very long and dark hallway so the name checks out!
  12. Haha that was a typo (tiddies on my mind, obvs) but I prefer it. Lovely to have you along Jarric I mostly planned out the sorting of the house while I was lying on the floor being annoyed with how disorganised everything is so I am not sure how helpful it actually is! It does mean I can do it bit by bit and know what I have outstanding. Welcome!
  13. Duolingo have a podcast on Spotify and they're really good for practising comprehension. They're ranked according to difficulty too which helps. I'm also a fan of French arthouse cinema (I know, I know) and watching those films with the subtitles on was really helpful to me in the past so I plan to start doing this again. Might be worth checking out too?
  14. Deffy Slides in Late and Sits At The Back. I've been away on holiday for a few weeks so I missed the start of the challenge but now I am back and in full autumn mode and I want to get snuggly and cosy and read and make my house amazing, as I always get the urge to do at this time of year! I am continuing my Boob or Bust so lets get the Daily Goals out of the way first. Focus this go around is weight loss and Badonkadonk Boosting. 1. Eat 5 A Day 2. Do 75 Hydrants a day 3. Drink 8 Glasses of Approved Fluids 4. Eat below 2001 calories 5. No Alcohol 6. Buy No Cake (it can be bought for me, and DangerNuts are the single item allowed) 7. Eat Slowly and Mindfully and Stop Eating When Full. In addition to these, I want to finesse my house and get everything organised and beautiful, and also decorate for autumn. I am going to break it down room by room, and it doesn't all need to be done this challenge. A few rooms are already done so I am just picking up where I left off before. Dressing Room All above wardrobe cabinets need to be sorted. These are: 1. Above TH's shelving storage 2. Above Doors (x2) 3. Above Perfume Storage 4. Above TH's Wardrobe 5. Above my wardrobe (x2) 6. Above my shelving. I also want to sort out: 7. the stuff in my shelving 8. The bottom of my wardrobe 9. My underwear drawers 10. The linen cupboard (this is a right fucking state) 11. My baskets 12. I want to fix my mirror to the wall if possible 13. My dressing table drawer (I am going to be using this room as a hybrid office so I'd like to clear out one of my drawers for work stuff 14. My dressing table cupboard. The Library This is mostly done, I'd just like to finesse: 15. The decorating shelving 16. Finish inventorying my books The End Room 17. General tidy 18. Sort out stationery box 19 Sort out crafting drawers 20. Sort out Kallax unit. There we go, that should be enough to be getting on with for now. New challenge.... gooooo!
  15. Bonjour! Jumping on the Jarric train late but it's nice to see you doing some good stuff! I am also picking French back up (I used it quite a bit on holiday and I was eavesdropping lots of conversations in it and I was shocked at how OK I am at it) and this has spurred me on so I will check out Language Transfer. When we're more advanced at it do you fancy a PM/video sesh entirely in French? I feel like something like this is the best way to develop language.
  16. Wandering in late but I'm loving your challenge, it's making me feel all cozy with the autumn vibes and excellent food!
  17. What is this an interview for? I have been away and missed a lot it appears!
  18. Hi guys! I am back from holiday now and I'm going to plan in some goals for the future after I have looked at the current challenge schedule to see what's cracking with that. But to everyone who played the very shit social media game of Where In The World Is Deffy, here are some pictures of where we should have gone if I hadn't had food poisoning for the entire duration (and I still have it now ) Not my pictures, but here are pictures from the trips we had booked. No googling! Any further guesses before the big reveal? I am completely gutted we didn't get to do any of this
  19. I love your hair, it looks so beautiful! I always feel the same after a haircut when someone else has styled it because it never feels like my hair!
  20. And I am very glad you do! (Exists, that is)
  21. Here to follow and supply another pressure themed song!
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