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  1. Congrats on passing the exam! What was it for? Hope the early night did you some good and you feel better soon!
  2. Update for the Last Few Days I need a scribe to update my challenge for me as I can't be trusted. Monday D_R left this day so I didn't do a workout in the morning and I definitely didn't do one in the afternoon. I was going to order myself a pizza but decided that what I was really craving was cheese so I had cheesy scrambled eggs for dinner. 1. Spend Nothing - Failed - I bought a new recycling bin for my dressing room, and a new book because I don't have enough of those. 2. Eat down the pantry and freezers. Pass - I wasn't even going to make sure I did this, I was going to have one more day where I could do what I liked and then get focused but it turns out I didn't need to. 3. Stay on top of the housework. Pass - Can't remember what tasks I actually did but I definitely did 5 of them. 4. Calorie Count. No more than 1775 calories a day. Failed 5. 3 x training sessions a week. Eh - Not failed yet, but I haven't done any exercise either so... 6. Fasting. Fail - Getting back on the fasting train is hard so I give myself a bit of leeway going back into it. 7. Duolingo. Pass Tuesday Work was busy but we're coming up to that point in the month where everything goes a bit mad. In the evening I called my sister and then had a super long bath. 1. Spend Nothing - Pass - nothing bought 2. Eat down the pantry and freezers. Pass - Chicken burger, sweet potato fries and corn was all from the freezer and it was fucking gooooooood 3. Stay on top of the housework. Pass - Yup. Again, can't remember what but it happened. 4. Calorie Count. No more than 1775 calories a day. Failed 5. 3 x training sessions a week. Eh - Not failed yet, but I haven't done any exercise either so... 6. Fasting. Fail - Got super hungry so I had some snacks. I can't be expected to work under these conditions. 7. Duolingo. Pass
  3. No thank you, I have a perfectly decent 36 year old one. Oooh fab! Thank you
  4. Hi all! The wonderful @Snarkyfishguts has pointed me in this direction as I have introduced some strict spending measures this challenge as I adapt to being single person household for the first time in my life! I have no idea in real terms how much I am going to have to tighten my belt because this is all new to me so for now I am just trying to reduce my spending as much as possible and use what I already have for as long as I can.
  5. The Great Challenge Rejigging There are a large number of reasons why I am sad @DarK_RaideR is no longer in my house and having to update my own challenge is definitely one of them. The last week and a bit had been great but now I need to get my shit together. When I wrote this challenge it was very much geared towards making myself hotter but plans change, so let's make this a more noble challenge, with actual goals that will help me improve the facets of my life I most need to work on. The new goals: 1. Sort out my finances. I still spend money like I am rich and I very much am not. I might have even less disposable income going forward so I need to sort my shit out. I've been spending so much money this past month, it's quite obscene. So I want to go most days spending nothing. This will help me get back on track financially, and help me do a bit more forward planning in this regard because this is virgin territory for me. It will also help me achieve goal 2: 2. Eat down the pantry and freezers. There was an argument that we didn't need two fridge freezers as a couple, and there is definitely the argument that I don't need two fridge freezers when it's just me. One of them (the built in one that came with the house) is so old it probably leeches electricity, and it's currently holding onto some cans of tonic in an unbreakable icy grasp. The plan is to eat down the freezers and then turn the old one off, at least for the time being, and use it as pantry storage so I can steal some pantry space for my myriad kitchen gadgets that currently line the counter. 3. Stay on top of the housework. I find this really difficult. This house was too big for two people and it's definitely too big for one, and as much as I love swanning about in my bougie house, I don't like having the clean the damn thing. I have an app called Tody where I have input the chores and the desired frequency. I want to do 5 Tody tasks per day. It doesn't matter what they are, I will end up chipping away at everything. 4. Calorie Count. No more than 1775 calories a day. The freggies goal has been nixed in the interest of eating down the cupboards because that's the priority right now. 5. 3 x training sessions a week. Both cardio and strength. This arse ain't gonna pengify itself. This arse probably ain't gonna pengify at all but GODDAM IT I'm going to die trying to improve the fucker. 6. Fasting. Eat nothing until my lunch break at work (coffee is allowed). 7. Duolingo. Jumping on the insistent owl train.
  6. I think you're on to something with the meditation idea.
  7. I feel like I need to illustrate this by saying that D_R cooks half naked. And it's great 😍
  8. If you're feeling like this, I'd suggest there are other pressing needs you should be addressing before you can commit to self improvement. As in, you need to look after more basic needs before you can try to progress? If this rings a bell, is there anything you think you're lacking in your everyday life? Are there any basic needs not being met?
  9. Hi Cheetah! Finally found you, and wishing you a happy challenge!
  10. Update Erm, not much challenging going on here if I am honest but I am on annual leave and I usually let my goals fall of a bit then. I think I'll rejig my challenge when I go back work on Monday to achieve some actual goals. Other than that if you've read D_R's challenge you're up to speed on what I've been doing so there's little point updating beyond that!
  11. I'm very happy to hear this, it is indeed very nice!
  12. Sunday Update I don't think I fasted yesterday but I don't remember. I often don't on the weekends so it's no dramas if I didn't. Had a lazy day spent napping and chatting listening to music and I got all my freggies in at dinner with falafels, salad. hummus and flatbreads. No exercise again but I am taking it easy. Monday Update Similar story to the rest of the days really only I definitely didn't fast. We played It Takes Two again but I'd drunk enough tea (I have introduced @DarK_RaideR to Builder's Tea and he's a fan so there's hope for him with cultural assimilation) to not get sleepy as soon as we put it on but we still had to stop for a nap. I don't know why but some games make me super sleepy. I got most of my freggies at dinner with Kung Pao prawns because D_R is kindly helping me eat all the double portions from the freezer. I did need an extra portion so I selflessly had a tequila and orange juice. I'm such a martyr to my goals. I should probably show D_R some of the country at some point. We're not great at leaving the house.
  13. Hi Lara! It's so lovely to hear from you - I hope you're well. Thank you for the kind words and virtual hugs, I really appreciate it.
  14. Many Days of Updates So it appears my last actual update was about Saturday and Sunday. Ooops. This week I have mostly been sticking to my goals, getting up early to get a workout sesh in the morning every day until Thursday when I chose sleep over exercise. I have still been ignoring all the food that needs eating in the freezer in favour of freshly cooked food but I should probably sort that out. I picked @DarK_RaideR up from the train station on Thursday evening and he will be staying with me for 11 days which is lovely and I have to show off my cooking skills since I've banged on about them for so long here. I was at work yesterday but I was already majorly in holiday mode. From 16:30 it was actually holiday mode and we opened the bar pretty immediately to celebrate and then spent the evening playing video games which was excellent. I am still fasting, not getting enough freggies but I haven't been planning my food as meticulously as I need to to get all my freggies in while fasting. I haven't done any exercise for a couple of days either. Well, not in the traditional sense ( 🤭) but whatever, I am on annual leave for the next week-and-a-bit so who cares, let's just have fun.
  15. I know this makes the most sense, and as I work from home this would also be super easy, but when I'm properly on my bullshit I only eat one meal a day really (I have a small lunch, but I'd never eat the volume of food I'd have for dinner for lunch) and secondly I hate knowing what I am having for lunch. I like to be surprised by what my belly asks for at 1:30. I won't throw this food out because I HATE wasting food, but going forwards when I have bit the bullet and just eaten all the crap I don't want to eat out the freezer it will be easier going forward because then I can just freeze it in single portions. Are they really fine for a refreeze? I always though that was a no go Not arguing. Wait... maybe I am. See I'd never refreeze anything without altering a state. Like, I'd take out frozen mince, cook it into something and then freeze it again. But I would never refreeze anything I'd defrosted. I'm glad you haven't given up! Thanks for the lovely words Cheetah, I am doing really well. It's surprising even me!
  16. WAIT A SECOND You need to come back here and explain the peanut butter dorito sandwich. You can't just drop a hand grenade and walk out like that.
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