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  1. I generally don't do goal clothes because I used to do that in my eating disordered times, and it mostly resulted in tears. But I did have some clothes stashed at the back of the closet that were a bit too tight to be comfortable, yet I was too attached to get rid off. Then I finally managed to lose some weight (nothing drastic, just about 10-12% of my total bodyweight) and the next time I tried on those clothes - most of them were too big. So I was a bit annoyed I'd lost the window when they would have fit me Now that I think about it, I don't think goal clothes would even work th
  2. Basically because we live in a sexist society where women are valued and judged by their beauty before everything else, like it's the most important thing a woman can (and must) have. And also because of that sexism, we're subtly encouraged to compete against other women instead of working together to smash the patriarchy and do other awesome stuff. (See: "I'm not like the other girls"; "I only have guy friends bc girls are catty"; all that stems from the same mindset.) So because we've internalized that crap, we judge both ourselves and other women's looks and compare in order to know where w
  3. I know! I'm a bit late, but if anyone still needs ideas, I've got loads. Personally tested, as I cut my hair short and then started growing again, which lead to that annoying stage where it's long enough to bother me, but not long enough to be put in a ponytail (or any kind of semi-decent hairstyle, really). Hairbands. The kind that have a silicone line on the inside, so it won't slip off every five seconds. The other kinds are useless. Pins. If your hair's longer at the top than sides, you can pin the top part back, maybe twist a bit so it's more secure. You can also do a side par
  4. First of all: it's totally normal. Not to say that it's a good thing, but the fact is, as women we're raised to compete against each other and judge each other, often specifically by looks since it's the Most Important Thing (tm) a woman can have. Not gonna lie, I used to be a very judgmental a**hole, until I realized other women's looks are none of my business, and reminded myself of that every time I noticed I was silently judging someone. As a highly visual person, I still observe people a lot, but from a neutral point of view (bodies can be so different and it's fascinating); rarely I see,
  5. Me before Bodypump class: Oh, it'll be a nice, light recovery workout after yesterday's lifting.

    Me after Bodypump class: EVERYTHING HURTS AND I'M DYING

  6. So, finally got an actual diagnosis. I have no idea why the doctor didn't tell me about the actual problem, just the L5 mutation. My physiotherapist broke the news to me on Tuesday. I have spondylolisthesis. My L4 vertebra has slipped 6 mm forward, which I'm told is not serious since they don't even consider operating on slips under 1 cm; it's not caused by anything I did, rather some small congenital abnormalities and my general crazy joint laxity (my PT's words). Still, I was a little... shocked, to put it lightly. I'd been hoping I had a mild subluxation or a muscle injury or ba
  7. I'm still here. I've been MIA because this back issue has been eating up a LOT of my time and resources, both mental and physical. I sleep very badly for several nights and then I sleep an entire day to catch up on that debt, so I'm behind on literally everything in my life. I'm also so tired of all the pain and how debilitating it is I honestly have cried multiple times and wanted to jump off some high place because I can't deal with it anymore. Though lately it's been getting better *knocks on wood, crosses fingers* the back pain is almost gone, now my left hip/thigh is the biggest culprit b
  8. Somebody tell me, if I sprained/tore my hamstring (up in the butt area) today, can I do cardio on elliptical tomorrow, or should I let it rest?

  9. I'm not here for this challenge and I can hardly train rn because of back issues, but I thought you guys would appreciate this: I was watching a TKD comp today to cheer for my friends and the members of my society in general. I was looking at another ring so I don't know precisely how it happened, but this guy, a green belt if I recall correctly, was breaking by kick a couple of boards in one of the super sturdy, but also super heavy metal stands they had. Like, needs 2+ people to move it kind of heavy. Suddenly there's this GODAWFUL NOISE, and I see the guy backing away frantically as the e
  10. Went lifting yesterday and my sciatica hurt like crazy, but today it's a lot less painful than it's been for days, so... not sure if I messed up or not.

  11. 1. Doing absolutely nothing athletic as a kid and teenager and thus not having the body control/awareness people develop growing up active. No matter how much I tell myself to not lean forward when I squat it just keeps happening, it's like the message doesn't travel from my brain to the rest of my body. 2. Having to take breaks due to injuries/surgery/bouts of unusual madness/etc. I feel like all my small, hard-earned gains are going down the drain every time I'm forced to sit on my ass and not lift. 3. Lack of strength compared to the time I've been lifting seriously. I've been at it for
  12. Yo bros and brolettes, I need help. I have a mysterious back issue going on that might be a slipped disc, SI joint or other joint luxation, hip socket weirdness, or something entirely else, I won't know until I see my PT in about two weeks. The point is, most of my usual leg work (BB squats & deadlifts) are out, so I'm at a loss of what to do for lower body training. I'm in the middle of a cut so I don't want to lose my hard-earned leg muscles. Stuff I've tried out so far, behind the cut: Anyone have experience with lifting with a back injury, or just knowledge of what exercises are
  13. Reason #84 why going to gym with a back injury sucks: Having to ask someone (usually a dude) for help to load plates and afraid to perpetuate the stereotype of "lol girls are weak", so I always explain "I totally CAN lift that, it's just that my back doesn't allow me to rn"

    1. TMedina


      Meh. Pride heals a lot faster than a back injury, I'm just saying.

  14. The thing is, all side effects are potential, so weight gain MIGHT happen. Or it might not. You won't really know until you try it. And even then, if the cause is increased appetite, you can track your food intake for a while and see if you've started overeating. I have chronic depression (or persistent depressive disorder, according to DSM-5) and anxiety (and ADD), and the medication I take for them has weight gain as a side effect. I did manage to lose weight while I'm on it, though it was quite slow, so maybe the med had an effect, I'll likely never know. But I do know that if I don't tak
  15. O hai, another lady with ADHD! It's good to hear from others with overdrive brain. I know the meds act as an appetite suppressor, but I found it hard to attribute a pound per day weight loss to just that. I'm hoping for a BMR raise because I feel like mine's generally really sluggish. (I also have mysterious fatigue issues, which might or might not be related.) And I am in LOVE with my medication right now because it makes me feel so much better, so much... sharper? Like, when you have bad eyesight and everything's just fuzzy without glasses, these meds are like glasses for my brain. I'm les
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