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  1. If you go on a ketogenic diet you'll dump a crap ton of water weight (I lost 20lbs in the first week). I don't know if it'll push you below 181 but it might get you close. Do it well in advance because you'll be lethargic and cranky during induction. Might as well throw bench in there and go for all three lifts. Even if it isn't as big as your other two, those are big enough to carry a light bench. Hell you're lifting more than me on deads and I'm almost twice your weight.
  2. Sexy beast! I love 5//3/1 by the way, I don't think I'll train any other way for the foreseeable future.
  3. First, Go Navy. Second, meets are a wonderful thing. Go heavy until the week before then go 50% for that week on your lifts. Figure out one rep in each of the lifts that you are solidly able to preform. I was always told start with the most weight you can lift twice. You're competing in a powerlifting meet, you're a warrior. Enjoy shipmate.
  4. When I get some flexibility in my forearms then yes. I found a guy on T-Nation talking about putting his straps on the bar perpendicular to the ground and using them for handles that I'm going to try. More Deadlifts! I can feel those in my hams and glutes for days. I just got my form close to optimal with them and it was a huge difference in the area worked and the amount I could lift. I'm hoping for much better form, very encouraging! Will do! Thank you all!
  5. I'm going to try front squats for the first time tonight. I'm switching from rear to front because of the gross gross gross video. I've had more than one trainer tell me working on my front squats will drasticly improve my rear high bar squat form because if you don't keep your chest up you'll dump the weight. Has anyone else switched between the two to work on form?
  6. Squats and deads I'll get a drink and then sit down and catch my breath. Bench and OHP I get a drink and walk around a little. I may talk to a trainer or another lifter but mainly I'm doing plate calculations (3 and 4 times because I'm OCD), and thinking about my next rep.
  7. Pics or it didn't happen Lmao. My wife catches me doing it randomly and laughs and laughs. My moobs aren't hypnotizing I guess.....
  8. Cardio? What's this cardio you speak of?
  9. You're from TEXAS?!?!? huh...I thought you were back east I may be throwing in Texas this year if I can get my hammer throw past 60' BOOMER SOONER!
  10. I can flex my pectorals muscles legitimately for the first time in my life after one year of lifting heavy. That is all. Carry on.
  11. No pictures, but I've been eating a lot of ribeye with unsalted butter lately....like 4 times a week.
  12. I've squatted in one of those and they work. I don't trust the little arms so I planned to roll the weight off my back. But I have seen someone fail on them and they caught 225 no problem
  13. I just researched the heck out of it. I watched some youtube videos, asked in another forum when someone mentioned it and he sent me to NASGA. They recommended these books and I bought them. I bought a heavy hammer from Old Celt on NASGA and I've started making two cabers for practice.
  14. I have osteoarthritis in both knees. I've been working 5/3/1 BBB and my knees hate it. Week 2 with deads and squats left me hobbled. I don't want to sacrifice these lifts but I don't want to sacrifice mobility in order to get stronger. I've thought of working deads on week and squats the next to give myself a little more time for resting the joints. I've also thought of going way back down in weight until I get some more body weight off to reduce the incidental stress on the joints daily. I've thought of a few other things as well, but I'm more frustrated than convinced with any of them. Has anyone else worked through something like this themselves and can lend some advice?
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