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  1. Haven't responded much because I haven't been home. In fact, I was two states away, but still doing my best. Update on the April Mini Win Goals - 15 mins or more of walking at least 3 days/week each week of April - Yup, I failed this one. I only walked the once. But that's okay. I'm starting to build new habits. If I keep working on this goal now, when I try it again in May, I'll succeed then. Practice. Build it up. Try it again. It's not a reason to give up and, I'm okay with this goal not succeeding already. I can still work on it and use it to my advantage. 8 cups of
  2. Sleep Journal Entry 2 - Yesterday, I woke up around 7:30 and did not hit snooze. I relaxed in bed for a bit and finally got up and moving around 9 am. I watched no television yesterday, though I did have non-productive screen time, it wasn't right before bed. I was a tad late on the 11:00 time and actually went to bed for 11:30. I had my rehearsal and didn't get home til 11 because I spent time after rehearsal catching up with an old friend (which, as far as I'm concerned, totally counts towards the at least 15 minutes a day doing something that makes me happy). I had no screen time righ
  3. Sleep journal entry 1 - Yesterday, I woke up around 7:30. I actually got out of bed closer to 9. I did not hit snooze, but I also did not have an alarm set at all. I actually watched very little television yesterday, which is good. Though I did have quite a bit of screen time that was NOT productive. Probably a good 3 hours spread out through the day, including when heading to bed. I finally went to bed at about midnight, which is not the plan I had in mind. I did sit in bed for about 20 minutes or so on facebook before falling asleep, but once I actually tried to fall asleep, I was out r
  4. Okay, so been working on switching my language from "I don't have time for that" to "It's not a priority." I know and tracked that I spend a LOT of time on Facebook and Netflix. These do not surprise me. So I'm going to try and use that to my advantage and start putting in a little more specific times for planned movement and such (like my fifteen minute walks). I read through the sleep article in the mindset section of the academy today. I'm lucky I have some pretty solid sleep schedules. I tend to go to bed around 10 and get up between 6 and 7. So I'm getting a solid 8 hours a night. I al
  5. So, I've reached the lesson in the Academy for "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That." I'm going to try tracking some of the things I do that are more time waster things over, on top of switching the phrase "I don't have time for that" to "It's not a priority." So, we'll see how that goes. I also officially joined the NF Academy FB group for women folk. So, hopefully that helps too cause it's more support. Tomorrow should also be good for my building trackers for my little wins to start tracking them in April, though I've already started focusing on the water one. I've been d
  6. Day two - A note, if it looks like I'm going through the NF Academy and using this as a recording space while I go, I am. It made sense to me for now. I'm looking for other ways to be held accountable on a more personal level, but this is a start. I'm going through the mindset portion so setting things up and making sure they're all written down. Measurements complete. 193.4 pounds. I also recorded my physical size in cm. I'm gonna probably build some kind of tracker in Google Drive (because that place is my life right now). Why am I doing this - I'm afraid I'm go
  7. So... I've attempted to focus on my health numerous times over and over. And, I've pretty much always failed. It's definitely not helpful in any way at all. But I'm watching myself getting incredibly unhealthy. I'm watching my body start to fail me. I'm only thirty years old. My body may be disabled but it shouldn't be failing to the level that it is. So... I really desperately need to fix this. I need to get healthy. On so many levels. If I don't, I'm going to die young and that's literally something I don't want at all. Starting point - I have the following list of diagnosis: Ehl
  8. albeus, I wish I could say I had, but sadly I had to not go to the one I was registered for. I got sick with Mono and had to lay off all physical activity. Luckily, that's over and done with. I have moved on. However, I can't wait to hear about yours. I want so bad to do one.
  9. Next in character update is hopefully tomorrow. Anyway, Loanna, would you rather me find a more in character way to explain it? Or would you just prefer I tell it like it is as me the person?
  10. Well, today sucked. Ma died two days ago. And I had hoped that my not seeing her meant that the gravemind either still held her or had her return in a different location. I did not expect to see her shambling towards me as I left the home we had shared. There was no mistaking her. Despite the blood dripping from her and the pale skin and all that, it was still Ma. Still wearing the same dress. Hair down and matted from that last battle. I kinda just stood there in shock, not really wanting to accept the fact that I now had to put her down. I mean, it's what happens to everyone. You die. You
  11. LOL! I was actually a zombie fan long before Zombies, Run. But Zombies, Run certainly didn't hurt the genre.
  12. To those that asked, the TV workouts was something I found that I kinda fell in love with. It is set up where when you're watching an episode of something, if a certain something happens, then you do a set of an exercise. For example, while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if I see Xander say something stupid, then I do a set of 25 squats. Since Xander says stupid things a LOT, I tend to do 5 or 6 sets an episode. This leads to a lot of working out, but the way it is set up makes it feel a lot less like a workout and a lot more like I'm doing a few sets of something. I enjoy it a lot. I fi
  13. SkullHands - I have done it before, but not in awhile so starting all over. Love the app though. FiOWNya - It is very very worth it. You gotta pay for the app, but I really love it a lot. Check it out.
  14. I am in. Restarting as a newbie again, but this time more prepped for success. Learned a lot in my almost failures of last challenge and now I am ready to go. Woot! I also plan on being way more involved in ZAP this time around. I think that will all help.
  15. Out of Character Translation Escape the Horde was my first attempt at the Nerd Fitness Challenges. It was a huge learning experience for me. I learned that I enjoyed the aspects of the challenges, but I did not set mine up in a way that would help me succeed. In fact, I didn't succeed. I only really got through 2 weeks before I started falling off the wagon. But I learned a lot about me and I'm not at all upset. Learning how to get through things so that you can succeed is a huge step to fitness, so it's good. I am taking what I learned and I'm trying the challenges again. I'm again going to
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