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  1. Week 1 Update! Q1: did IF twice, mealprep only once though Q2: I did a little work for this on tuesday at uni. Plus I had some WODs with wall ball/thrusters and pull-ups this week Q3: two practice sessions here Q4: everything documented for future knowledge and motivation!
  2. It has been about a year, since I last did a challenge. Lots of things have happened since then. But I thought I'd try this again. It's neither pretty nor shiny (maybe the next one will have a theme again), but it is a start. Quest 1 - Fuel the body you want (intermittent fasting, lunch prep) 1-3 IF days per week, ideally 2 lunch prep the evening before Quest 2 - Work on your weaknesses (Shoulder Press, Squats/Wall Balls/Thrusters, Pull-Ups/Rows) additional work on free days (not rest days!) Quest 3 - Heritage of an Assassin (Handstand practice) 4 times a week for at least 15 minutes Quest 4 - Document all WODs and other training sessions
  3. Well, this challenge didn't go as planned...... On the positive side (ignoring the fact that I totally abandoned the forums) I did very well with three goals (#3-5 to be exact) and life in general went good for the most parts these last weeks, too. Ah, get'em next time, tiger, right?
  4. Week 0 Update I did start only midweek, so don't expect 100%. Quest 1 "Study the the Force by its elements" GMB Elements GMB: 1/3, no bonus points Quest 2 "A Jedi must control his body as well as his mind" Flexibility Stretching: 0/4 Quest 3 "Working out with Keiran Halcyon" KB/bodyweight Workout Workouts: 2/2 (did only push-ups both times, but still counts!) Quest 4 "To be One with the Force" Relax Relax: 0/7 Quest 5 "Jedi do not desire a luxurious life" Do IF & Eat clean Clean eating: 4/7 (i had a little nougat, which falls under the one indulgence clause) IF: 1/2
  5. I fixed it myself. Danke! A movie, or even better, a series would've been great. But highly unlikely with the storyline from Episode VII.... I refer you to my finished intro post! I copied it into the spoilers, for convenience, though: Exciting content, although some of the basics can be a bit.....hm, uninteresting is the wrong word. But like you know there is more interesting stuff coming soon. A lot of new people, obviously. Lots of them women. We've got our own campus, so no other subjects are taught here. I had a rocky start because I couldn't find an appartment (I actually moved in on the first day of classes), and because you were supposed to register for classes a week earlier, I wasn't registered for anything. Now, I spent the first two weeks pestering the professors to manually register me, which was not a problem for the lecture-style classes with a hundred-or-so people, but for the smaller seminars it took some persuasion (but now I'm all set...... I hope).
  6. Feeling uninspired happens from time to time. Life is series of ups AND downs. You just gotta power through!
  7. Waldgeist

    Bekah returns!

    Hell yeah, we've missed you. Welcome back!
  8. Congrats on the last challenge. I hear you on the being busy part! And I'm also doing Star Wars challenge this time 'round.
  9. November 2016 Challenge Hello Druids, for those of you who don't know. I'm Waldgeist, a 29 year old German guy. I've been mostly rolling with the Assassins but I feel that for my current situation this is the better place for me. Whats going on right now (the prologue, if you will): I moved to another state/city and enrolled in a university course to pursue a 3-year degree in 'Physical Activity & Health', because I was not happy with were my work life was headed. I had realized that I can't sustainably work an 9 to 5 office job, but I love working with people and teaching them/helping them to get better. Therefore, I decided to not just complain but make an actual change. The journey so far wasn't easy, there were times I thought I wouldn't make it, but I did and my new life officially started last week. Also I am living completely alone again for the first time in three years, which I don't mind but that gives me more options to live healthier. There is a lot to do, like get a part-time job, make new friends, finish moving (most of my stuff is still in my hometown), explore the city/college, not to mention the obvious, study, work out, eat healthy and don't let life get to stressful at the same time. Theme: This will be the Jedi Academy books including I Jedi (though they are no longer canon, they still have a special place in my heart). Main goal: Establish routines in a new environment Quest 1 "Study the the Force by its elements" GMB Elements I've done this programme before and it is a perfect base to establish an active practice routine. Goal is to do at least 3 sessions per week, bonus points if i do the recovering days in between sessions, too. Quest 2 "A Jedi must control his body as well as his mind" Flexibility This kind of overlaps with the first quest, since there is flexibility work in there, too. But I don't want to limit myself to those stretches. Goal is to do at least 4 sessions per week. Quest 3 "Working out with Keiran Halcyon" KB/bodyweight Workout Don't have my equipment right now, so this might be limited to push-ups and squats only for a while. Anyway, twice a week is the Goal here. Quest 4 "To be One with the Force" Relax As I mentioned above there is a lot going on right now, which means I need to remind myself to relax, be thankful, not to worry too much etc. Daily would be perfect, but I know myself so every second day shall be the Goal. Quest 5 "Jedi do not desire a luxurious life" Do IF & Eat clean My budget isn't that large anyway at the moment, so this shouldn't be too hard. After all, healthy cooking is way cheaper than eating unhealty pre-made stuff and not eating for a day (aka IF) is even cheaper, even if you eat a slightly bigger meal at the end of the fast. Goal is daily healthy eating with one or two IF days a week, but a small treat a week or two won't be counted as unhealty.
  10. Normal people do it by selling their souls. They're basically robots. Be glad you are'nt!
  11. Speaking of climbing. I saw this today and immediately thought of you:
  12. Seriously, where did this challenge go? Week 3?! update Working out: 3 times Endurance: 2 times Eating: Breakfast check almost every day Life: fell completely off the wagon here Prestudy: occasionally at best
  13. Life happened, but I'm still alive. Just a bit unstructured. My grandparents old (at least 150 years) farm house will be leveled in the near future, so I was there a couple of times helping to get stuff out (either to be saved or trashed). Since its gonna be destroyed anyway we had some fun playing destruction ourselves, too. Also the course catalogue for the fall semester went online yesterday, so I also spent some time figuring out when I'll be doing what next semester. I'll put it in spoilers for those, who are interested: Anyway the timetable has a very good structure to work a part-time job on the side, since I've got two afternoons and one whole day free (plus saturday) to work and enough study time between classes.
  14. I'm not expecting to be ripped, that's for sure. But it is a nice template so I don't have too think about it too much.
  15. Week 1 Monday Quest 1 - Bodyweight Unexpected rest day. Quest 2 - Endurance Evening biking trip. Quest 3 - Eating - Quest 4 - Life Found some appartments and one job online, now I just have to get'em. Quest 5 - Prestudy Today: the cardiovascular system!
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