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  1. Thank you so much! Seems I'm on the right track then except for the carbs, which I will up as per your recommendation. I've been doing the interval training, so I will keep it up. You're awesome, thanks again!
  2. So I'm new here, hello! Love the site! I'm 5'6", about 185, body fat percentage of about 23-25%, so definitely overweight but not visibly obese. My weight distribution on my body is just weird. Had a personal trainer for a year, but realized after going through these articles that most of his guidance and advice were just plain wrong (we would do strength training, and then he'd tell me to go burn 500 calories in cardio, and apparently that was all wrong). I have slight muscle definition in my arms, and I've been told by numerous trainers and fitness specialists that I have great leg muscle de
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