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  1. hi jamais! i've been thinking about doing a tri in August. what kind of training do you do for these?
  2. i've been thinking about doing a sprint tri, too! it just randomly came to my mind today and it's starting to sound intriguing. have you done them before, or is this your first one?
  3. good to see you Machete! wise words, as always. : ] can you give me a rough break down of your eating habits? i.e. what portions [large, med, small] do you eat of which food types [carbs, fats, proteins, etc] and when [after cardio, before strength training, etc]? actually that kind of sounds like a lot of work... if you feel like typing it all up, i'd love to read it though! but no worries if not. : ]
  4. BaconHunter, i will give it a go. worst case, i'll still be bored but a little healthier than i am now. ; ] SpecialSundae, i tried lifting several times and was always miserable. haha it's just not my cup of tea. which is really too bad, because girls who lift are bad ass. i've been off-and-on interested in parkour for quite some time now...maybe this summer is finally the time to put what skills i have into action, and perfect the ones i don't have yet. : ]
  5. wow, thanks everyone! i was not expecting so many responses, it's great! excellent idea! i've been in the fat loss game for well over a year now. as Disil mentioned, i too have had a lot of back and forth, which is to be expected. but i have made definite progress. one problem i always seem to run into though is that i've never found the activity that i love. i go on a kick of running of bodyweight or HIIT but get bored as soon as i stop making noticeable progress. i guess i need to just keep looking...? seems like having that one activity that i can't get enough of would help a lot.
  6. hi nerds. so, i've been struggling with getting rid of these last several pounds that seem to stick around with a particular vengeance. i know that since i'm a lady, it's going to be harder to reach my goals [thanks genetics] and i've come to terms with that. i'm wondering if anyone else out there is going through/has gone through similar stuff? what did you do to overcome it? or did you overcome it? did you decide that 5 extra pounds isn't all that bad, and you'd rather be happy eating chocolate every once in a while than miserable without sweets? personally, i go back and forth. like i said
  7. hey virtualmonkey, thanks for your post! i might favor one side in my squats, but it's really hard for me to tell. the only reason i found out that my running stride is so weird is because the guy at my local running store pointed it out haha. [so yes, you're right, they did pick it up easily!] i took a walk today and tried to be super mindful of how i was walking. it seemed like i was sort of letting my left knee extend further than i should. i also know for sure that i don't swing my right arm as much as my left arm when walking [this is a result of habitual purse-holding]. maybe not swingin
  8. haha i had too many words floating around my head, but i finally settled on "joy." "gratitude" was on my original list, though. ; ]
  9. oh and i also just remembered, did you have any advice for fixing my uneven stride? is this a common problem for runners?
  10. thanks Chris-Tien. i'll check the site out and report back once i have something to report. : ] how long would you guess it'll take to see improvements?
  11. how are you guys liking this? just got done with day two. feeling a little buzzed and super mellow. and i really like Faith!
  12. mevre

    mevre SMASH!

    alright y'all, witch update!! hooray! Monday Feb 2nd is Imbolc, which is one of the four fire festivals in the Celtic year. it is also Brigid's day. this is a time of new beginnings, both internally and externally. sort of an "in with the new, out with the old" spring-time celebration. finally, it's a time to welcome the sun back. this Imbolc is very special to me, since exciting new things are indeed taking place in my life! to celebrate, i've chosen a handful of activities that will span this entire weekend, and up until Monday evening. today and tomorrow is spring cleaning time! the house
  13. ahoy scouts! greetings from the ranger camp! ok, i'll just get right to the meat of the problem here. i've recently discovered that i favor my right leg when i walk [and run], which means my left leg gets more beat up. as a result, my left knee has started to feel a bit painful since i started running about 4-5 weeks ago. it's not constant, it's not even incredibly painful pain. it's just sort of...stiff at times? i suppose? mostly seems to happen a few hours after a run, and when i fully extend my leg and flex [like when i'm stretching.] anyway, so that's problem #1. problem #2 is the main
  14. mevre

    mevre SMASH!

    quick update, just to say all the sour situations have turned very sweet indeed. nothing like a little turbulence to jolt relationships into a better place! we're probably going hot-springing tonight, and grabbing brunch tomorrow morning. oh, and!! i got the "ok" at work to go to part time hours!!! which means i can start practicing as a doula!!!!! and i'll have tons more time for writing and gardening and hanging out with Tiberius and i think i'll just generally love life a whole lot more! i love it when a bad week turns around!
  15. mevre

    mevre SMASH!

    more harassment at work yesterday, plus Relationship Problems Pt 2, Vol 2. all in all a fantastic day. because of all the stress, i'm taking it way easy on the writing and working out. and the end is in sight for my month of no sugar! i really miss baking, guys. but Tiberius's parents are having a Super Bowl party and i'm making a cake. i do think the relationship madness is coming to a close as well, thank goodness. and the sun is out! so it's not all bad.
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