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  1. finally starting my writing career! wish me luck...!

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    2. The King of Lame

      The King of Lame

      Kick some ass, Mevre.

    3. Bast


      Awesome! What style of writing?

    4. mevre


      YA fantasy right now. also toying with an idea i had about the early days of the CIA, espionage and all that... we'll see. ^_^

  2. 4% bodyfat loss in 2 months!! [24 -> 20] i need to know...CAN IT BE DONE??

    1. Barfly


      By my calculations that's 5 lbs of fat loss. In 8 weeks? Should be quite possible.

  3. first weighted vest workout!

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    2. mevre


      no, but i am all ears... er, eyes. whatever. : p

    3. Barfly


      She just got the vest and you want her to do Murph? Haha :D

    4. Machete


      Of course. That's eventual the purpose of the vest.

  4. oh my god, mini challenges!! how did i not know about these sooner??!

  5. YES! love seeing all the enthusiasm for the next challenge! let's do this, y'all!!

  6. eugch, i think i need to start the next challenge a week early. starting to feel pretty gross from all those fattening soups and lazing around the fireside...THANKS A LOT, WINTER. : p

    1. Malfurion


      Winter is coming ... and soups too !!! just avoid carbs and cheese in it ;)


  7. i love hanging out in the Woot Room and seeing all the awesome things being accomplished by fellow rebels :D

    1. Malfurion


      Yes it gives strength to go on, and let us be amazed by people...


  9. beautiful leather quiver for my birthday, aw yeah

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    2. Makhal Van Lasche
    3. mevre
    4. Dirty Deads

      Dirty Deads

      Sweet! I remember my dad got me a bow when I was 8 and made me practice 1-3 hours a day. I need to get back into it. That's it, I'm going bow shopping now.

  10. house sitting for the richest, most generous people i know. it's like getting paid to stay in a fancy hotel! lovin' life. : ]

  11. finally getting another D&D night! huzzah!

    1. MaxCurtis


      Jealous! I haven't had one all summer!

  12. i could eat an entire tree-worth of cherries in one sitting.

  13. already dreaming of the next 6 week challenge when i can join the cool kids in the ranger camp. *wistful sigh

    1. Nazy_Ak


      Haha I'm doing the same! I've even thinking of my next challenge and have been looking at the different guilds to see where i would fit in.. Week one is nearly over! :)

  14. feeling something akin to first-day-of-school jitters for this first day of my first 6 week challenge. it's like starting 1st grade again, but it's a 1st grade for fitness nerds. :P

  15. lost 3% bodyfat in the past week! great way to get pumped for the 6 week challenge. : ]

  16. anybody else doing a Whole30 [or Whole42] for the coming 6 week challenge?

    1. MissyMo87


      Yes, I actually started mine yesterday!

  17. shaved 3 minutes off my BBW circuit! 3 rounds of 10 pushups, I OWN YOU.

  18. already getting calluses on my hands. yay deadlifts!

  19. 80% diet, 20% exercise, 100% mindset. let's do this!

    1. Duality


      100% diet, 100% exercise, 100% mindset. Do it.

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