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  1. wow, have not been here for a while. sorry guys! ok, let's see, workouts... i did both of my runs this week, which is good. but Tiberius has his birthday on Monday*, and Christmas stuff is taking up a stupid amount of time, so i haven't done any other workouts. i was planning on doing one tonight, but...i'm feelin' pretty meh about it. which is why i decided to hop on here real quick and give myself a kick of motivation! i think i'll do a quick HIIT session and call it good. i've been feeling really good though. i haven't been counting calories, but thinking about it critically i feel fairly confident that i haven't been over eating. all of the leftover pie from Thanksgiving is mercifully gone and it's been smooth sailing since i've been back at work. having a schedule and being out of the house makes it so much easier to not eat crap all day every day. anyway, i certainly haven't been gaining weight, and i feel like a rockstar. so i think it's all good in the hood. writing has not been getting the attention it deserves, but after Tuesday, my evenings will be open again. i'm actually very excited to get cracking on that again. : ] *his friends and i are surprising him will a D&D party and i am mad excited about it! we went to a thrift store and found some excellent castle-esque decorations and clothes to modify for costumes. it's gonna be sick!
  2. been a pretty good holiday break for 2 out of my 3 goals. [guess which one is slipping... lol] on Friday, i outlined my next book, which is the first in a series. then yesterday i went on a run in the morning and raked up the leaves while Tiberius hung Christmas lights in the evening. [whilst raking, i met a neighbor kid who told me about his cousin, who swallowed several Legos. haha when i expressed my shock, the kid replied "well he didn't die."] and today Tiberius and i got a bunch of Christmas decorations for our house, went to the library where i got a HUGE stack of books for research for my new series, and then went on a big hike through the foothills. quite a day already, and i've still got 3 hours of sunlight left! i have to say though, i am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. oh well. that's why i'm working so hard on my books! *perspective* hope everyone's been having a fantastic weekend! looking forward to reading your thread updates.
  3. guys, i finally went on a run! since i'm just starting out, i'm taking it stupidly easy, so the "run" was actually more like 40% jogging 60% walking. but i was moving for 30 minutes. i know it's going to take lots of painfully small steps to work up my endurance, but i also know i'm doing it the way that's right for me. it just suuuuuuucks right now because i always want to go all-out with exercises. haha i would not be a good marathoner. anyway yeah, so that was pretty cool. diet has been pretty good. chicken salad tonight for dinner, aw yeah! aaand my book is still finished. haha i've just been enjoying not having anything hanging over my head after work. but i do need to start getting a cover artist lined up, getting my author pages set up, sending out ARCs to whoever will take them, etc, etc, etc. man, i don't know how Tiberius does it! i guess he doesn't have another full-time job to worry about... more than anything, i am just so stoked for Thanksgiving. i've got the rest of the week off [hooray Friday on a Wednesday!] and there's going to be lots of family time and wonderful food. so, yes. i hope you all have a marvelous, beautiful weekend! i know i'm thankful for all of you and all the support and love you pour out here on NF, and i'll be sending you all warm thoughts and wishes.
  4. we're all rooting for you! really hope the neighbor situation works out for you. i have a friend with two daughters [6 and 1 years old] and she can hear their downstairs neighbors huffing. like, the actual huffs of inhaling as they get high from glue or whatever. and one time she found a prostitute waiting for the neighbor across the hall from her. and then of course there's the loud drunks who routinely wake her girls up in the middle of the night with their yelling. haha so just remember - it could always be worse.
  5. don't be afraid to flaunt what you've got a little. if you're not allowed a brag every now and then, what's the point? [kidding, obviously, but you are allowed to crow about your success!]
  6. probably should have warned you all before i moved my thread...hope you can find it again!
  7. as the northern counterpart of The Protectors of Ooo, i explored a snowy river on a 3.5 mile walk. due to extremely late start and working on goals from my main challenge, i wasn't able to log more miles... :/ next time!
  8. book finished!!!! weighing in at just over 90 pages, it's more of a novella, really. but it's done! SUCH a weight off my shoulders to not constantly be thinking in the back of my mind "you should be writing." and now i'm on to the editing phase, which is my favorite phase. : ] i didn't end up running yesterday, but i did go on a 3.5 mile walk, which was excellent. one of my roommates was a track runner all through high school and college, so i've got his brain to pick when i'm ready to pick it up though. he warned me that it'll take at least 3 weeks before i enjoy my runs, and i think being prepared for it to suck will help my long-term commitment. i have a good feeling about picking running up again. i'm looking forward to it. [thanks again Tzippi!] i think eating has been pretty dang good lately. figured out that having just 3 chocolate chips is enough to curb my cravings, so i've been doing that every once in a while, where before i would munch on an entire handful of choco chips. yay progress! so with all of that in mind, i am really looking forward to this coming week. AND i convinced my mom to do fried chicken for Thanksgiving!! which i am stupidly excited about. anyway, i think that's about all i have to report for now.
  9. thanks so much, Tzippi. you rule! those are exactly the words i needed to hear. i'm thinking i might go for a run today. i hate running, but there was a time when i was decent at it, and i liked knowing that it was something i could do. [been realizing this about myself a lot lately - i like collecting skills.] plus the health benefits are endless and blah blah blah. Tzippi, i would not even be considering this if it weren't for you. but anyway, we got lots of rain last night and almost all of the snow is melted. seems like confirmation from the universe that yes, i should be running. "here merve," the universe says, "i cleared these paths for you and your running shoes." me: *groan* "thanks, i guess." fell asleep on my book last night, so i didn't get much done. but i'm gonna work away today until the damn thing is finished! will post back later with the results of my day.
  10. that's a really good perspective about how the time will pass no matter what. i will have to put that in my pocket and save it for later. : ]
  11. well today was an unexpected bust. Tiberius dropped some random relationship bombs right before bed last night, so i was dwelling on that all day at work and it wrecked me. we worked everything out though, and it's cool, but today's damage is done. so here's my day: i got home and had to talk with Tiberius and make sure everything was on the up and up. and then i opened my computer and was catching up with all the Nerd Fitness stuff and gearing up to write, when a friend came over, which i was not expecting. then she and Tiberius and i went out to dinner, and holy crap was there ever a lot of food! i only ate half of what was on my plate and i feel so bloated and uncomfortably full. i shouldn't have eaten as much as i did, but it's hard to eat a fourth of a sandwich when it's only cut in half... anyway, i still have a little time before i have to go to bed, maybe i'll try to do a quick workout and pound out a couple hundred words. ugh, my life is so non-stop right now! i just want to hang out and do nothing after work for once! oh well, i just have to keep my goals in mind so that i remember what i'm working towards.
  12. lol this is me all day, e'ry day. as long as we can outsmart our brains, we're good to go.
  13. you can throw mine in the fridge, too! you're a superstar! i'm pretty sure if you had woken up at 6, you would have been all over that run. i guess you can repeat the experiment next time. i'd like to echo what She-Hulk was saying about you being in tune with your body and mind. those thoughts, paired with how well you take everything in stride really sets an excellent example for the rest of us. always striving for improvement, but never self-hating when those goals aren't met, and never neglecting your mental health for the sake of your physical health [or the other way around.] very cool stuff. gotta love a balanced life! keep going strong, fellow tree-dweller!
  14. thank you Tzippi!! hi Ceasefire, good to see you! i'm glad to report that the book is going surprisingly well. there was a stretch in the middle of the story when i was just not having fun any more. but now that i have a good handle on what scenes have to happen and when, i've been enjoying it again. so, lesson learned for next time: outline, outline, outline! even if i don't end up sticking to it, at least i'll have direction for the days when i feel lost. i have been killing it with the diet yesterday and today. and i haven't worked out yet today, but i am planning to do it when i'm done writing. man, things are going so well, i think it's time for a DANCE PARTY!!!!!
  15. one of my all-time favorites!! wow, what a book! i'm just working on my first read-through of A Room with a View, but i doubt it'll be as huge for me as Howards End.
  16. i always forget about the mini challenges! am i too late to get a buddy?
  17. you are crazy. i'm always fascinated to read about your progress, because i'm just the opposite with most stuff. i would be killing it with the bodyweight routines and dreading my runs. which is why i think the ranger class is cool. people with such different taste can both fit in with the group. hurray rangers! great job on everything, by the way. you are freaking OWNING it!
  18. no man, you rule. you're doing so well! and seriously, you're still posting consistently which i think reflects a deeper commitment to your goals [not that posting is the only measure of your commitment, of course.] you're doing great, homie. : ]
  19. yesterday's bouldering excursion was a smash hit. my friend and i were on pretty much the same level. [i have more skill than her, but she's more ballsy than me, so it ended up pretty much equalling out in how far we got with any given run ] and today i am gloriously sore, so i'm making it a rest day. i am well under my caloric intake for the day. Tiberius and i are planning on doing a chicken veggie roast thing for dinner tonight too, so i think it'll be a very healthy, balanced day. ok, and here's the big news for today: i am very close to finishing my book. only two or three more scenes left! so i'm going to try to finish the first draft up by the end of this week. i'd love for you all to give me a hard time about it and help me along!
  20. that is a good idea, Tzippi. normally, when i don't feel so apathetic about my diet, i usually drink a big glass of water before i let myself get at the chocolate. also, sometimes i want chips or popcorn or something just so that i can pick up something crunchy and chew on it for a while. it's a habit thing, like with smokers. so i'm going to start having chopped up celery around for when those moods strike.
  21. yesterday and today i worked from home. [there's too much snow and too many stupid drivers for me to have made the drive to the office.] this was awesome, because it gave me some freedom to exercise on my break and to write as soon as my work day was done. ...well, in theory, anyway. in reality, i only wrote yesterday and only exercised today. and boy howdy, let me tell you - it is soooo easy to over-eat when your entire food supply is just a short few paces away. but all-in-all it was a success of a week. 4/5 days writing, 4/5 days exercising, and again the diet is more or less a mystery.
  22. Ceasefire, i'm watching you! sounds creepy as hell, but just know that i'm also holding you accountable, though i might not be terribly verbal about it... i have seen you kick so much ass - i know you can do this. set yourself up for success and take of business!
  23. this, right here. this is what it's all about. excellent state of mind to be in, keep it up! [and thanks for spreading it around!] and you know, even if you had a bad start, you didn't let it stay bad. most people would let a bad start ruin their efforts. stay strong, tree-dweller!
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