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  1. way to go! sounds like you're doing great!maybe not 100% according to plan, but you're thinking sideways and making it work. and really, that's the hardest part. so good for you!
  2. i've been hankering for another cross-state over-mountain ranges several-day bike ride. looooove long rides! you'll have a blast.
  3. so, i got a weighted vest a while back, but i've yet to find a routine that i love. here's what i've been doing up to this point: warmup [without the vest] reverse lunge pullup handwalk inverted hamstring stretch pushup walking lunge OR sometimes squats plank cooldown [again, without the vest] [if you're not sure what one of these exercises is, you can look here. i used that page as a foundation for my routine.] i do each exercise for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest between each, and do the whole routine 3 times. i love how short the workout is, but it's boring. any ideas? even if it would take a longer time, please post it! all ideas are welcome! also, i just got my punching bag all set up, so i'm starting to do boxing as well. if anyone reading this page happens to know about boxing, post any of those routines too!
  4. glad to see you're still coming back, challenge after challenge! that makes my heart happy. kick ALL the ass! i know you can, home girl; i have seen you do it with my own eyeballs.
  5. finally starting my writing career! wish me luck...!

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    2. The King of Lame

      The King of Lame

      Kick some ass, Mevre.

    3. Bast


      Awesome! What style of writing?

    4. mevre


      YA fantasy right now. also toying with an idea i had about the early days of the CIA, espionage and all that... we'll see. ^_^

  6. you know, i didn't even use Prime, and it still had free shipping. which was awesome. but yes, i was planning on using my partner's Prime account if shipping wasn't included. now the hard part is finding new and exciting workouts to do with the vest...
  7. 4% bodyfat loss in 2 months!! [24 -> 20] i need to know...CAN IT BE DONE??

    1. Barfly


      By my calculations that's 5 lbs of fat loss. In 8 weeks? Should be quite possible.

  8. hey, i found you! i like your goals, and it looks like things have been going great! hurrah!! keep up all the good stuff!
  9. really well! feeling pretty DOMS-y today for the first time in ages, which pleases me greatly. i am going to have to develop a new routine though.
  10. well, it is done. i ordered my vest about a week ago and it came in the mail today! haha it came in a surprisingly small box, so everyone who picked it up was probably like "wow, wtf? how's this thing so heavy?" i decided to go with the MIR Women's 30 lb, which i found on Amazon with free shipping. it ended up equalling out to what i would have spent in a local store. it is pretty comfortable, it was easy to figure out how to adjust the straps and weight, and i feel like a complete badass wearing it. now it is time for the inaugural workout! RAAAWR!!!
  11. first weighted vest workout!

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    2. mevre


      no, but i am all ears... er, eyes. whatever. : p

    3. Barfly


      She just got the vest and you want her to do Murph? Haha :D

    4. Machete


      Of course. That's eventual the purpose of the vest.

  12. just ordered a weighted vest, but for now am continuing to bask in my fitness apathy.
  13. really hope everything goes well with the treatment and all the steps leading up to it! cysts are way not fun. also, good job staying on track in midst of all this! that's not something everyone could do.
  14. perfect, that's what i needed to know! i've seen a couple of unisex vests, which made me wonder to what extent men's vests were "cut for men." more than anything, i feel like a man's vest would be too big, since i am kind of a fun-sized person. so, probably narrowing down to women's-only from here on out. followed Cardinal's link and found this, which is way bad ass-looking and i kind of love it. but i'd like to have a couple solid options to consider, so keep the suggestions coming!
  15. so, do you guys think it's a good idea to get a vest specifically designed for women, or is a man's vest perfectly fine? is it like using a pen for men vs. using a pen designed for women? [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCyw3prIWhc]
  16. thank you, Cardinal! really good point about the shipping [though i think my partner has Amazon Prime, which has free shipping... hmm...] also - dayum, you look like a beast with that belt! i feel like the vests look kind of dorky, but the belt looks too legit to quit. way cool.
  17. i'm not sure what the upper limit should be for me, but i'd like to keep my options open. so as long as i can adjust the weight and make it heaver as i go, i'd like to have a lot of room for growth built-in. but, again, i've been using books, so i'm not really sure how heavy the backpack is and therefore don't know what my starting place with the vest would be, nor how far i'm likely to get. yes, essentially sit ups and crunches. but who knows what kind of crazy rolling-around-the-floor movements my next workout routine will have, so it's good to know about the buckshot v plates.
  18. i guess i could look into something like that... i've been using a backpack full of books, but it throws my balance off and makes certain movements hard or impossible if i have to be on the floor. but it's just a regular backpack - i'm sure a military pack would be a little different. something to consider, for sure. but i don't mind spending a chunk of change on a good vest, either.
  19. nerds! i need your expert opinions! i am looking to invest in a workout accessory: the weighted vest. i don't enjoy weight lifting but have hit the limit of weight-loss through bodyweight training, so i'm upping my bodyweight workout-game. does anyone know of a good, solid, and reliable brand? i'd like something that i'll be able to use and grow with for a long time [i.e. that can hold a lot of weight which i can add gradually over time.] i'm also am a small person [5 foot 2, 116lb], so something that fits snuggly/comfortably is a must. any ideas or suggestions related to this would also be appreciated!
  20. eugh. challenge is bad, man. getting really bored with all the same old workouts, even though i recently switched it up a bit. [not enough, apparently...] also wishing i could squeeze it all in before work every morning to get it out of the way. but i can't do that unless i either wake up earlier, stay at work later, or do HIIT [which i am really sick of]. so... yeah, not great. i need a sport or hobby or something that i actually want to do when i get home! i just don't know what that could be... [apart from climbing. but really, i don't usually get super physically worked out from climbing, so i def need something more.] the only things i can think of that sound remotely appealing are boxing and soccer. but even those are like "...meh." i dunno. i just...dunno. having a buddy to go with regularly is super great. really, the only way to go. and once you start bringing other friends, you'll end up with a surplus of ready and willing climbing partners! which i think is a good problem to have. in what capacity? are we talkin' gear, or technique, or kinds of climbs, or what?
  21. yeeeaaaah rock climbing! is it more of a climbing or bouldering gym? at my gym, you can do both, but it's mostly for climbing. so be sure to think about that. also, lots of gyms will have punch cards that you can buy which are good for a set number of climbing sessions. something like that might be a good idea if you're not sure how much you'll like it/if you don't want to commit to a membership right off the bat. but yay! climbing is wonderful. haha good job on not letting your progress go to your head - that is exactly what happens with me! keep it real, KoL. it's good to hear from you!
  22. on the plus side, re-learning how to balance can strengthen stabilizer muscles you haven't been using all this while. : ] also - dude! it's so far into the challenge and you're still going so strong! i know that's something you struggled with in the past, so it's way awesome!
  23. hey Legato, thanks for the input! about a year ago, my first step in my fitness journey was to do a Whole30. as you yourself said, learning what works and what doesn't is hugely important. well, what i learned is that paleo is not for me. the Whole30 ended up being a huge disappointment and didn't do anything as far as weight-loss goes. after that, i counted my calories for a week or two and started seeing results almost immediately. this is something which i've learned that i need to do every once in a while. my current diet is, in fact, mostly vegetables and protein [veggies are usually a mix of broccoli/cauliflower/carrots, though salads aren't infrequent and have only balsamic vinegar as dressing. protein is eggs, chicken, beef, or lamb, with fish/shrimp thrown in for good measure from time to time - it's not like i'm eating peanut butter for my protein intake haha.] Waldo, a member here on NF, is a great example of a HUGE success story that didn't involve anything remotely paleo. and also he eats chocolate pudding every day. and i know he's not the only one who's done it that way! so i stand firm in my conviction that a caloric deficit is really the only hard and fast rule of weight loss. [as long as said deficit isn't made up of a half-pint of Ben and Jerry's and a can of soda, obviously. you gotta give your body what it needs!] if a dude can look like Waldo and eat pudding every day for lunch, i'm not too worried about the one scone i have on Sunday morning. some of the moves in my current workouts do involve weight, and i guess i could add some weight to others...will have to think about that. but seriously. i cannot tell you how much i hate lifting. i LOATH it. eugh. it's just not fun for me. at all. and if i had to spend time doing something i hate so entirely in order to get to 19% bodyfat, honestly, i'd rather just keep my love handles and use that time for doing something i enjoy. anyway, i already do pull-ups [rock climber here haha they're kind of my bread and butter], dips, and bodyweight squats, so i could always add a heavy backpack or something to make them weighted and that wouldn't bother me too much. i guess i'll have to take a look at what can be added to/improved upon in my current workout regimen and go from there.
  24. thanks KoL! the viking workout has been a lot of fun so far! and surprisingly, so has the long run program. [and of course i love the climber's workout.] my life is in a weird limbo right now, where i'm sort of poised for change, but the change isn't quite here yet. so that makes it a little tricky to juggle good eating and consistent exercise. but for the most part i'm figuring it out. anyway, yes. thanks again for finding me and giving me some much-needed encouragement!
  25. the neighbors i had at the place i lived last year were like that too. my roommate ordered a bunch of stuff from Victoria's Secret and the girl next door signed for the package and kept it. then they started stealing our stuff from the shared storage space we had. so we had to take all the especially valuable stuff inside. such nonsense. i find shadow boxing and running to be good ways to work out anger. and the following songs help, too: Konichiwa Bitches by Robyn, So What? by Die Antwoord, Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore, Bad Girls by M.I.A. [the most popular remix is awesome, but I can't remember who does it... Magic someone? Magician, or...something?], and pretty much anything by The White Stripes. then i take a bath and/or meditate and have tea to calm down. relaxing music optional. [i won't list those songs/artists because the collection of chill music in my iTunes is way too long for a casual post like this ] i hope things work out with your car and your mail situation!
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