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  1. interesting. have you personally had any of these problems, catspaw? Ceasefire, what about you? i remember reading in one of your threads that you got down to 19% bf. was it extremely difficult for you? what was your experience like? i know that this journey will vary a lot from person to person, i'm just mostly curious.
  2. been wondering the same thing Shortgorilla, thanks for getting such an awesome thread going!
  3. stupid female body! bein' all fertility goddess when i want it to be all elf-archer... *sigh so, deficit. got it. aggressive deficit, even [if i'm hearing you right]. well, my first thought is to be a little scared because of a sort of close-call experience i had. if i get my body in the habit of not eating a ton, i tend to never get hungry. so at one point when i was first getting into fitness, i had several days where my caloric intake was in the mid 100's. this was a big wakeup call once i realized how bad news that would be long-term, and i've always been on the side of eating too much since then. so i don't think a little aggression towards my deficit will be a bad thing for now. but i will have to be careful. when you say "what it might take to get there," are you referring to an unshakable dedication to cutting calories and working out? or is there more to it that i'm not considering? [mental or emotional roadblocks, weird physical quirks that turn up when ladies are getting lean, anything like that?]
  4. hell yeah! one pastry won't derail you, and your will power and state of mind are strong enough to keep you from making it a habit. good for you.
  5. thanks guys! good stuff to think about. Ceasefire - the reason for the number of workouts is simply because i want to. i enjoy them and i like feeling active, especially now that i have a desk job. however, the workouts i do are usually pretty dang short: generally no more than 20 minutes each. also, i've been doing IF for quite a while now, and been eating almost zero processed anything for even longer. but i'll take a closer look at the days of lazy eating and see what's going on, just to be sure. and yes, i could add weights to my workouts, i just really don't want to. i sort of hate using them in general... though, maybe i could learn to love them like i did with running... i dunno. will have to try that out and get back to you. this brings to mind another question, though. after reading Steve's articles for some time, i became under the impression [and am still under the impression] that fat loss can happen with any kind of workout, and you don't have to use weights. is that not accurate? catspaw - the workouts i do are one Tabata HIIT session every morning [alternating sprints and burpees from day to day] and a 15-ish minute bodyweight routine OR a trip to the climbing gym in the afternoon, sometimes with a 5-10 minute easy jog thrown in, and only a jog or two on the weekends. so the caloric deficit i've been at has been much more sustainable than what it might have initially sounded like. i've been consistently eating 500 calories fewer than my BMR every day, or eating more and approaching my BMR more closely. basically, i lost a little bit, and then lost interest in my workout and diet, which i think is the reason i've stayed at the same place: i don't care to push myself anymore. at least not with the particular tools i have been using. so having said all that, i don't think i've burned my metabolism out [at least i hope i haven't!] what do you think? and if you agree that i haven't burned it out, do you have any advice or ideas about where to go from here? thanks again, you two. i really appreciate you taking the time to help me out!
  6. hi guys! i've got some questions that i'm hoping y'all can help me figure out. a little about me: female, 5 foot 2, 116-ish lbs. currently eating a caloric deficit of 1300-1400 calories a day, exercising 7-13 times per week. i started working out and eating healthily a little less than a year ago. it was really slow progress at first because, honestly, i didn't know shit. but i learned a lot and lost a bunch of weight, making significant progress towards my goal of 19% body fat. [i started at 30% and dropped down to 24-ish%, where i currently still am.] during that time, i became much stronger than ever before, and i feel that i can handle a pretty decent amount of physical activity. however, since that initial drop, i've leveled out and stopped progressing. i've gotten bored with my diet and my workout routine, and i'm looking to mix things up. which is where you come in! here's what i'm thinking: M/W/F - Viking workout in the morning [http://neilarey.com/workouts/vikings-workout.html], climber's workout OR a trip to the climbing gym in the evening, jogging program [http://neilarey.com/running/the-long-run.html] thrown in there where ever it'll fit. T/Th and Sat/Sun - jogging program, maybe with a few trips to the rock climbing gym or a day of swimming at the lake added to the mix on an irregular basis. the intermittent fasting would mean no food between noon and 9PM, and i would eat more on M/W/F than the rest of the week, as well having the macros broken up differently. [obviously more protein and carbs on heavy workout days, stuff like that.] what do you think? what kind of calorie count do you think i should take on? what would an ideal macro break-down look like? i'm not too worried about it being too much exercise, but i am worried about not hitting that food target just right. it seems that i'll be doing really well with eating my deficit, but then i'll go crazy eating sweets and pasta and stuff, and i think it might be because my body isn't getting enough of what it needs, so it rebells. thoughts?
  7. nah man, no thread for me this time around. i dunno, i've been in a transitionary stage lately, so some things [including my interactions on/with the internet] have been shifting. plus, i'm pretty sure if i did have one, it would be even more boring than my last one haha. just me complaining about being fat and lazy, not being able to exercise because i'm freaked out about the blood flow making my 3 new cartilage piercings bleed, on and on with the boring. [though i am really excited about my piercings. but enough about me, this is your thread!] i find that my mindset goes all over the place as well. i go from extreme guilt, to finding my balance, to being like "whatever, eat all the things" and then back to extreme guilt and so on. i don't know how i get to that healthy state of mind, or how i stay there, but i do know that it's a hard, stupid thing. and i agree with Chris-Tien Jinn that it's particularly hard and stupid for women and that a banana is really not a bad thing to eat. maybe in order to get to that good balance, you need to stop using the scale and counting calories for a while? and then once you've found that good place you can start counting the calories and weighing yourself again? i dunno. it's definitely something you have to come to on your own and in your own way. maybe your meditation can help you with that?
  8. hittin' it hard, kickin' ass. good to see ya back doing your thing.
  9. dayum girl, your thread is blowing up! way cool. i'm glad to see you getting the kind words and support you deserve.
  10. oooh that 30 day challenge looks fun! i am so amazingly bored with my current routine... i'll have to poke around that site and see if i can find something more interesting. thanks for sharing! could you be tired because you aren't eating enough? wow, that's amazing about the ACE training! so you'd start working as a trainer if that all works out?
  11. welp, i'm late to the party, but at least i found it! huzzah! i don't think you need to feel selfish for wanting the only you-time you get. of course open communication is always important when emotions are on the line like this, though. but you're the one who's married, you know how important that stuff is, so i'll stop being an un-asked-for advice dispenser. on a less advice-y note, i like your goals for this challenge! and i have to say, i was about to blow off my workout for the day, but just reading your first post gave me the motivation i need. so... *sigh. i guess i'll go work out now haha. still not looking forward to it, but damn it, i'll get it done!
  12. omg, more slack! how did i not think of that?! ugh. thanks so much for pointing out the obvious...! i don't think this would have gotten to be such a problem if my confidence had been able to grow at the same rate as my skill, but the way the gym is set up made that kind of impossible. i know i really should get used to falling, but i also want to get more confident in my own skill without getting torn from the comfort of the wall haha. anyway, i think we're climbing tomorrow and Saturday, so i'll test this stuff out and see how it goes!
  13. regular belay partner. thus far, i've always gone with my boyfriend, but it's starting to look like i'll also be going with his sister and one of our friends from time to time. regardless, i always have been belayed by a person i trust, and that fact won't change as long if it's any of those three people.
  14. 3 out of 4 ain't bad! it's great you got those goals down, especially the feeling more like yourself. way cool stuff. also, completely did not realize the challenge was over. wtf? when did that happen?!
  15. if it spurs any more conversation or gets any more ideas flowing, i realized the other day that it's not the heights that scare me, but the feeling of not being in control when i'm being pulled off the wall. do you guys still think that simply getting used to this sensation is the best way to conquer my fear?
  16. yay!!! way to go! glad i can be around to celebrate with you! keep going strong!
  17. well, i finally found a more arm-based workout routine to start up, courtesy of Nuala. [thanks, Nuala!] so that'll be awesome both to keep me interested in working out, and also to pump my arms up for climbing. woohoo! gonna try that in just a few minutes, see how it goes. and i've also done the Tabata routine every morning this week before work, which feels awesome. I'm finally starting to get back into the right mindset after a couple weeks of ... i don't even know what, vacation i guess? haha regardless, it seems like that's sort of my cycle: get depressed about my body, do something about it, see progress, get distracted by how good i feel about myself, eat junk, feel bad about it, do something about it, etc. that last one is where i'm at right now. it's weird to be able to recognize that in myself, too, since i've only been through that one full cycle since starting my fitness journey. but it's good that i can know what to expect! and good that i've stuck with it long enough to know my own patterns.
  18. wow. more skin for his body?! that's metal. as far as calories go, you'll probably be fine for a day or two being that far under [people eat nothing at all for longer stretches when they're fasting, and they turn out peachy] but maybe start worrying when it gets to be a week or more. as long as you're being honest with yourself and aren't staying hungry when you should eat, you're probably all good. a co-worker of mine claims to have insomnia as well [though i have no idea if she actually does, or how yours and her would compare], but she swears by this stuff she calls "sleepy time milk." there's a recipe for it floating around Pinterest - it's essentially milk, salt, maple syrup, molasses, cream/half-and-half, and gelatin. you make up a big batch and freeze it in small servings, then heat it up before bed. apparently, the idea is that the sugar, fat, and salt satiate your body, so you don't stay awake, or something like that. and along the same lines is something else this same woman told me about which she called magic sleep powder or something haha which is just 5 parts salt and 1 part sugar. she puts a small pinch under her tongue when she wakes up and can't get back to sleep. [again, the idea behind it is that your body has everything it needs and so it won't keep you up.] i haven't tried either of these things, but let us know how they work if you ever do!
  19. thanks, Ceasefire, it's nice to be around again! mmm salad wraps might be a winner here... i don't really like steamed veggies much, but more/better spices and condiments are always a good idea. i'll just have to come up with something easy that i can make en masse to throw in the freezer and thaw single servings as needed. i mean, i lived off of eggs and roasted vegetables for almost a full year without getting sick of them haha. so really all i need is another good and simple recipe like that, and i should be good to go for another year! we shall see what happens with that.
  20. thanks, Arawan. i wasn't planning on stopping any time soon, but i'm really glad for the encouragement none the less! going to red point and focusing on breathing sound like great ideas! they'll be easy to do and i'm sure will help a lot. but the falling...well, it won't be as easy, but you're right, it probably will help immensely. that's what my partner keeps telling me, too, and i know he's right. it's just hard to admit that because it means i have to go through with the falling part.
  21. ^ truth. we got yo' back. though...i haven't been as vocal about it lately. sorry! but anyway, yes. you're kicking ass and we're here for you! great to hear about listening to your body, too. just don't swing too far the other way for too long, we don't want you starving yourself!
  22. yay, finally found where the climbing threads have been hiding! first of all, let me just say... snork, that ice climbing looks completely bananas. good on ya! ok, so i was wondering if anyone has any advice for a climber who is afraid of heights. i've been climbing off and on [mostly off] for a couple years now, and only recently really got into it. i've been hitting the gym 2 or 3 times a week consistently for over a month now. i've always known that i'm scared of heights [it's why i started climbing], but i never knew how much until now. at first, it wasn't a big deal. i knew i was a little afraid, but the easier runs were enough of a challenge to keep my mind occupied without being super scary. but now, my skill has gotten better and my fear has stayed the same. so the only runs that challenge me now are the ones that, for example, aren't perfectly lined up with the rope, so that by the time i get close to the top, the rope is pulling me one way and i'm trying to climb the other and it feels like i'm being peeling off the wall. and it doesn't help matters that i'm short and the people who are setting the runs up are easily a foot taller than me, if not more. this often results in me being on the tip of my toes and still just barely being able to graze the next hold with my finger tips. i know that i can finish these walls. i know that i have the skill and the strength. i feel like such a complete loser for not finishing these runs! when i'm standing at the bottom of them, i see exactly what i have to do, and i know i can do it. but then i get up there and ... i can't. anyway, i'm seriously frustrated and i was wondering if anyone has any advice or words of wisdom they could share.
  23. i know the feel, KoL. i've been feeling the same way. but hopefully when it's consistently warmer, i'll want to get off my ass more. remember, in order to overcome all the distractions and hurtles and other options that sound better in the moment, you have to have a desire to reach your goal that's burning brighter than your desire for all the other stuff. don't forget to stoke the flames!
  24. Ceasefireeeeeeeeeee!! grrrrrl, you got this. proud of you for hangin' in there for so long, keep it going! is the anxiety staying at bay for the most part, i hope?
  25. aw, thanks guys! my god, i can't believe how long i've been gone! Ceasefire, no worries man. i haven't been around either, so if anything i'm more of a douche. ... welp. i've been working out pretty regularly, climbing A LOT. but there are a few things that are starting to hinder any further progress: 1. i am soooo tired of eating meat and roasted veggies all day every day. but i don't have a back up go-to healthy meal. maybe...some kind of stir fry? i dunno. 2. more of a weird thing than a problem, but my muscles are starting to get fairly sore, even though i haven't really been doing any crazy hard exercises... dunno what that's all about. 3. big problem, this one. i'm getting better and better at climbing, but my fear of heights is staying the same. so i'm climbing more challenging walls but can't finish the damn things! even though i know i'm good enough to do it!! ugh. anyone have tips to get over this? one of the things i always strive for in my life is to be fearless - it's the reason i started climbing years ago. and i'm disappointed in myself when i can't get over something that seems so stupid. [at least, it seems stupid when i'm standing back on the ground.] because i know that my partner has my back and won't drop me. i know that my shoes have great grip and won't fall off of the tiny holds i have to use sometimes. i know that the wall won't somehow crumble under my fingers haha. i know these things! i know i'm actually totally safe, and i can visualize how to get to the top of the runs in my head once i'm back on the ground, but when i'm up there, man... anyway, it's killin' me. solutions, ideas, tough love, all are welcome if you've got 'em.
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