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  1. kickin' ass already, i see. excellent! keep it up!
  2. good call, Ceasefire. i've kind of been using the "no, it'll be too harsh on my body" excuse to not even try it. but no more! i'll start that next week and see what happens. thanks for the gentle shove in the right direction. welp, i'm off to work out even though i really don't want to. *sigh... but i know i'll feel great afterwards. and plus i found a new song for my playlist, so that'll help. i've been getting pretty bored with the same old songs lately, none of the old standbys seem to be pumping me up any more. [any song ideas are more than welcome!]
  3. hah, you and me GoodDoug, doin' the simple challenges. maybe next time we can do Drunken Master challenges together! glad to see you back at it, and kickin' ass! keep it up! you're a rock star!
  4. ^ truth. if you're forced to pick, put your focus on your diet rather than your workouts. but hopefully both are going well!
  5. KoL, you're still here! so glad to see you! it's a technical writing position. but i work for a company who works for a bigger company, so i'm a contractor, which has its good and bad aspect. the amazing part is, i'm actually using my degree! but yeah, since i stare at a computer screen 8 hours a day, i'm not usually at all tempted to get on to another computer when i come home, so my posting frequency might start to plummet... what do you do? and i don't mean to sound harsh, but if you hate it, why have you been doing it for so long? last challenge ended really well! i'm doing what works for me and i'm really proud of myself. and, i'm getting sooooo close to my goal of 19% bodyfat! fingers are mega-crossed that i get there before/at the beginning of this summer...! well, my workout routine has unexpectedly changed. instead of doing the interval training on M/W/F and HIIT on T/Th, it looks like i'm gonna start doing the interval training on T/Th, and then on M/W/F do HIIT as well as rock climb! or at least climb on W/F. still not sure what to do with Monday... anyway, i got a membership last night and i'm really excited about it! i was also thinking maybe i could start doing a quick 7-minute HIIT every morning before work, but maybe alternate burpees and sprints? i dunno, would that be too much?
  6. yay! good outlook! great start! we're here for you!!
  7. haha i've seen it around before and i could never quite decide if it was Ninja or not. glad that it is! i have a kind of crazy haircut [half-shaved] and i feel like it's close enough to being like Yolandi's that i can dress up as her for Halloween. skin-tight gold pants, a cut up t-shirt that says "zef 4 lyfe" and "fok you" in sharpie, and some wedge sneakers and i'd be good to go!
  8. i'll cross my arms and legs for you, too. really glad to see that it seems you're doing better. keep it up!
  9. haha today was a total fail in the food department. but it's my last day of house-sitting, so i'm sort of scraping by on whatever's left in the fridge. and i got a jog and a HIIT session in this morning, plus running around cleaning, making beds, packing, and folding laundry. so, yeah. staying active at least. and tomorrow will be better with the food stuff, if for no other reason than because i'll be at work for most of the day, safely away from junk that's just sitting around! haha in what way are you intimidated by rock climbing? i actually started doing it because i'm afraid of heights, so i think i get where you're coming from.
  10. the hardest part will probably be getting over any lingering addiction-type psychology. this just takes some time. until you get there, these things helped me, and they might help you too: if something tempting comes on TV, turn the TV off! if your family is eating junk and you want to join in, get yourself out of the situation by taking a walk. if you're gaming with your friends and you want to join in on the snacking, have a bag of carrots or blueberries handy. these are all examples of a way of thinking i learned from GoodDoug here on the forums. stay away from the "enemy" [in this case, junk food] as much as you can so that your resistance isn't worn down. if you don't have to be around bad food, then don't be! that way, when you do have to confront bad food head-on, you'll have enough will power left to resist successfully. the house being stocked with bad food is considerably harder to avoid. something that helped me with the same problem was this quote, given to me by ErickTheRed [also from NF]: "you have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage - pleasantly, smilingly, non-apologetically - to say 'no' to other things. and the way you do that is by having a bigger 'yes' burning inside." as you have no doubt learned, your priorities are what you actually do, not what you say they are. don't sacrifice what you truly want for what you want in the short-term. don't let your priorities become unhealthy snacks instead of a chiseled bod'. most of all, not eating junky food is hard work. but remember, you don't have to eat perfectly clean 100% of the time. you will still see results if you have the occasional cookie or bag of chips. maybe try to set rules for yourself, and then stick to them. so for example, i have a written list of days/occasions where my diet doesn't matter. birthdays, holidays, and dinners at my partner's parent's house are all on there. i still eat mindfully and within reason, though. [yes, i let myself have a burger and beer on the 4th of July, and i don't feel guilty about it. but i don't go overboard and eat an entire platter of cookies as well.] the last thing that has really helped me is thinking of those "off-limits" foods not as things i can't have, but rather that i don't have. ["i can't eat cake" v "i don't eat cake."] it reminds me that i'm in control of my own diet and reinforces my actively seeking a healthier life. anyway, it's probably not ever going to be perfectly easy, but it will get better. you will likely have ups and downs, but if you actively try, then i'm sure you'll see a general upwards trend. just give yourself healthier options, don't dwell on what you "can't" have, and don't forget to cut yourself some slack! keep us posted on how it goes!
  11. so, i didn't work out on Wednesday, but i did a lot of swimming at the springs. and i didn't work out yesterday either, but we went rock climbing instead! and i got my own shoes!!! really exciting. also, it's a new month, and this morning i decided to do a whole30-lite kind of thing. no chocolate! no cookies or cakes or other baked things! minimal grains! minimal dairy! sugar in my coffee and honey in my tea is ok. and i'm not going to try to minimize fruit because meh. i like fruit, and it's not like it's bad for me. as long as it doesn't become a sugar crutch i think it's fine.
  12. my long-term goal is to be able to do parkour. my dad's is to be able to do a kip up. my partner's is to be able to ice climb. i like all of these goals because they aren't things that can stand alone. so for example in parkour, i have to be able to run for fairly long distances, have good balance, be able to jump high, and have strong arms and legs. it's a goal that keeps me focused because there are so many different ways to train for it and to always get better. so that's something to consider.
  13. my god, these last two pages feel like i've been transported to gif-land! soooo many gifs! a set-back isn't a failure, you know? it's just a set-back, it's change-able, it has the potential to be a small bump in a long road. and i can tell you right now, you aren't a disappointment to anyone here. plus, you've made great progress in the past, so it sounds like this 10 lbs is small in the grand scheme of things. maybe try to concentrate on the great things you've done in the past and channel that to your present. i like Aerie's idea: what is your favorite feature about yourself? maybe whenever you start to get down on your body, step in front of a mirror, put a smile on your face, and remind yourself of a feature that you really like.
  14. yes, always better to do something than to do nothing. keep going strong!
  15. man oh man, i've been busy! yesterday we went to these really posh hot springs right after i was done with work and stayed there until bedtime. then the days before that, i think i was just hanging out with my partner, working out, jogging every day [what??] and just generally having fun! still doing the whole manic/depressed thing with the job, but it's gotten a lot better since i started actually doing work-work and not just training. so yeah, things is good! ...except for the brownies that i had for dinner last night. [we got home really late, there was no food in the house, and the brownies were the only thing already made up haha] i still don't have any idea of what to do for this challenge, but things have been going so well that i think i'll just keep doing what i'm doing and use the thread for keeping myself accountable for eating well and working out. been dreaming of biking across some state lines again this summer... and climbing lots of rock faces and back packing over some mountain peaks and swimming in lots of rivers and lakes. can't wait for the sun to stick around!
  16. good job getting back to it! you'll get back to where you were in no time, just keep pushing yourself!
  17. good on ya. it doesn't matter where you're coming from, or how you got there, just matters where you go next. in other words, don't be too hard on yourself, you're doing what needs to be done!
  18. haha thanks Ceasefire! i've kind of been toying with a Drunken Master theme, but we'll see... well, totally forgot today was the first day of the challenge. but i actually did really well! i'm still going through the extreme ups and downs of having a new job after being unemployed/freelance for so long. i get really happy that i have a routine again, and that i have money again, and that i can afford to do things again. but then i get really depressed that i've lost all my free time, and that i work in a cubicle, and that i'm not totally passionate about my job. but that last one could definitely change once i actually start doing the work i've been hired to do. [still going through all the hoops of getting the myriad accounts set up, registering for a phone number, learning my way around the systems, etc. ugh, terrible. it's like purgatory.] after being freelance, it feels like i traded one kind of freedom [time] for another [financial]. but both are useless by themselves. and there's this whole big thing about having to save 4 of your paid vacation days every year for Christmas time, and we only get 8 a year to begin with [maybe it's not 8. i can't remember... it's the standard number, whatever that is.] and i don't know if i'd be able to take additional [unpaid] time off. the biggest reason i wanted a job was so i could travel for weeks at a time without going bankrupt. but if i only have a week or less every year, what's the point? i guess for now i just gotta take what i can and make the most of it. it'll be nice. i know it will. i'll be so glad to have this experience on my resume, and to be financially independent, but it just feels like my wings have been clipped, and it makes me sad. aaaand now i feel bad for being that person, who's all "oooh boohoo, poor me, i have a salaried job and health benefits." haha anyway. it's just hard. and it's exhausting going back and forth between happy contentment and depression all damn day! but i'm hopeful.
  19. yay! great goals, Ceasefire! glad to see you back.
  20. hello all. not quite sure what my goals will be for the next 6 weeks, and so i'm also not sure what kind of theme i could use. it will probably end up being awesome though, so stay tuned!
  21. mevre

    mevre's an animal

    here's a brief recap of this week. goal 1 - exercise. result - killed it. here's a cute otter family. goal 2 - eat right. result - pretty good, and i'm calling it a win. here's a panda who looks pretty pleased with himself/happy about life. [exactly how i feel. ] goal 3 - explore. result - win! here's a cat enjoying the spring time! aaaand here's an extra. fly, little guy! and now, the song that's been going through my head this entire challenge. EVERY SINGLE TIME i read the title of my thread haha. which i guess makes sense, since it's the thread's name-sake. [apparently it was in Vampire Diaries? lol i had no idea!]
  22. wow, handstand!!! way cool! good job all around, man. you finished your first challenge! keeping myself motivated is one huge skill i learned in my first few challenges. for me, it's a balance of tweaking my home environment, leaning on the nerds here for support, and kicking my own ass into gear. if you give yourself some time and actively try to find a system that works for you, you'll get it.
  23. so you didn't get where you wanted to be in this challenge. that's ok. you know what you have to do to get there, and you can do it. dust yourself off, take the time between challenges to relax and reflect on what exactly went wrong and why, and change what needs to be changed in order to keep yourself from doing it again. things will be easier when you're actually able to be outside for a few minutes, and as Jitters said before, spring will come. also, if it makes you feel any better, whenever i read about your workouts, or when i saw that picture of you at the gym, my first thought was always "god, what a badass!" like, really. you kick a lot of ass. try to remember that, too.
  24. mevre

    mevre's an animal

    finishing up this challenge strong. which means i get to level up! yay!!! i'll have to re-read the rules on that again later... probably will make another post about how i divvy up the stat points. exciting! had a GREAT workout today to make up for skipping yesterday. my diet has been pretty good considering Valentine's day and various other things. but i'm going to make it even better. i also had a cool experience the other day. i was going through my post archive and i found one where i talked about being stuck at 24% bodyfat since the summer, which is pretty much where i still am. so i got all frustrated because i thought i was making all this great progress. well, it turns out i was full of BS in that old post, and actually i started at 29.8% in July. i'm 23.7 as of Tuesday. woot!! my hips were nearly 40 inches back then, i weighed 121 lbs. and now my hips are 36.5 inches and i'm 116 lbs. it's been really slow progress until this challenge, but now that i'm finally getting the hang of things, i think it'll be faster and faster. other than that, i'm getting really excited and increasingly nervous about starting my job on Tuesday. and i realized yesterday...i'm probably gonna have a desk! haha so yeah, that'll be great.
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