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  1. ok, so it sounds like you're more pro-protein than anti- anything like carbs. would you say that's accurate? i'm just curious because i'd like to learn more about the various schools of thought regarding diet. i don't know of any diet other than paleo that's worked well for people, and you've obviously had great success.
  2. so Waldo, i'm curious what your diet looks like. care to give us a run-down of your food intake on an average day while cutting? or maybe the kind of stuff you ate at the beginning of your fitness journey?
  3. some of my current favorites: Baby's On Fire - Die Antwoord Roar - Katy Perry Starships - Nicki Minaj Countdown - Beyonce Powers - Blackalicious
  4. mevre

    mevre's an animal

    lol right?! oh man. those pants. i have all these grand plans of making crockpot meals every day, packing lunches, fitting my workout in the morning... we'll see how it all goes! my first day is the 18th. also, if you're interested, all you have to do is find the URL of the imagine [gif or otherwise] you want to post, put "img" in brackets before the link, and "/img" also in brackets after the link [both without the quote marks, though], make sure there are no spaces, and you're good to go!
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    another update... I GOT THE JOB!!!!! phew! alright, that's all i got.
  6. so cool! i've always wanted to learn how to spin yarn! i enjoy knitting and pottery because they both require just enough presence of mind to keep you distracted, but you can pretty much zone out while you work. soooo relaxing! it seems like spinning would be similar. where do you get the raw materials? do you dye your own stuff, too?
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    happy Monday, everyone!!! my, where did the weekend go? ok, first thing's first. progress. goal 1 - exercise. accomplished! this otter is very excited that i'm reaching my goals. goal 2 - diet. eeeeeh mostly accomplished, but i'm giving myself a fail. i feel like i've been making too many exceptions to this rule throughout the challenge [more on that later]. seems like every week there's some reason to throw my diet stuff to the wind, and it's starting to wear on me psychologically. so no panda today. and it's too bad, because i had a very cute picture all picked out haha. goal 3 - explore. accomplished! oh man, i think i've outdone myself with that one! that cat might be the cutest animal i've posted so far. life goal - hour outside. lol nope. but actually it ended up getting really cold and gross again, pretty much as soon as i posted about being too pumped about spring coming haha. so oh well. here's the next installment of my "animals wearing bow ties" series. ok, so for those of you who are curious about the interview, i killed it. don't think anything could have gone better, so i'm just hoping that no one else they interviewed was as cool as me. and also, those pants were great. yay! about my diet... the day before yesterday, i went over to a friend's house, and he had just baked a GIANT cookie and he scooped some vanilla ice cream on it and handed me a spoon. haha so i had some of that and didn't feel too bad because i had really been wanting a cookie and felt like my diet could stand up to a couple spoonfuls of ice cream and chocolate chip goodness. well, today is the boyfriend's sister's birthday, so last night we went out to the super fancy fondue place in town and gorged ourselves on 4 full courses. haha oh man. dat cheese. i really missed cheese and bread. so that was nice, but then tonight their parents are having us all over for cake and gifts and i'm starting to feel like "ok, i've had enough bending of my diet," as i mentioned before. so i don't know how that'll play out. i'll probably just end up with a tiny sliver of cake and some coffee. so those are my dieting woes. the sun is out today, and i really want to blow off these deadlines and take a nice long walk. i guess we'll see... now. who's excited that it's Monday??!?!?!
  8. i did some meditation on Wednesday night, meant to do it every day... didn't happen. when did i get so busy?? haha i've never had a problem taking time to relax before...
  9. Bof is back and kicking ass! most excellent. good job getting it done, man! how's the eating? and how are you feeling about it all? bored? super-charged? somewhere in between?
  10. yay, welcome to the rebellion!! first of all, congratulations on taking the first step! haha even if it is a step you've taken several times already, it's the most important one. the only solution i have to your lifting quandary is bodyweight exercises. but then, i'm a ranger through and through and of course i would say that. it is something to consider, though. for more alternatives that are actually based on free weights and stuff, check out the warrior's guild. lots of badass lifters who are friendly and give good advice over there. a note about diet: good job! most people don't realize that diet is at least 80% of the reason their body looks the way it does, if not more. so, good for you for knowing what you're getting into! something huge that i've realized in the last half a year concerning diet is that the battle is lost once the food you're trying to avoid is in the house. the war against junk food is fought in the store, not in the house. i would also suggest tracking your calories for a week or two just to get an idea of where you're at. because as we all know, the one thing you HAVE to do if trying to shed weight is live in a caloric deficit. and last but not least, an inspirational picture! i dunno, maybe it'll help some day down the road when you feel tempted to throw in the towel. i hope you never have to use it though!
  11. my short answer would be no, don't have a cheat day. i agree with this, and i will expand upon it too. not only is thinking of it as a "cheat" automatically putting negativity into your relationship with food, but having a built in day or meal or snack where you can indulge is pretty much a guarantee that you will indulge. does that make sense? so, if you've been good all week, or all month, or all day, or whatever, and you decide "screw it, i'm gonna have a cookie." then by all means, have a cookie! just be careful to not let it turn into a habit [as it so often does with cheat meals.] because if you know that you'll let yourself to have one candy bar every week, there's probably like a 90% chance you will have one candy bar every week. but if you allow yourself some flexibility when you know you need it without building in a cheat to your diet, you're more likely to have one candy bar in a month, if that. also, a hard truth to consider: eating bad food will set you that much farther back in your weight loss. just remember that your priorities are what you actually do, not what you say they are. if you say it's a priority to drop weight, but you're eating cake for breakfast lunch and dinner, your priority is clearly eating cake, not weight loss. if you know that you need to have a sweet treat every now and then in order to keep yourself from bingeing later on, then do that! if you know that you need to cut all the bad stuff out of your diet in order to have success, then do that! for me, i know that i need a cup of coffee with a teaspoon of raw sugar and 1/8 cup of milk in it every morning. it gives me sanity. without it, i freak out and eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's in a single afternoon. haha and this is something i had to learn for myself, the hard way. working out a diet that's right for you will likely only be found with trial and error. and that's ok. as long as you're learning, you're making progress. just keep pushing yourself to be better tomorrow than you were today.
  12. yesssss!! bahaha, too good. also, did you draw that? mad skills, yo.
  13. disney.com has quite a few coloring pages you can print off if you ever find yourself without a full book.
  14. oh my god, awesome!! wow, thank you so much for the tip! hmm, i see weapons training in my future...
  15. haha wow, hardcore. that razor is beautiful, btw.
  16. mevre

    mevre's an animal

    Ceasefire, you da best. <<<333 Futurama! thank you! wowzers, what a day! this morning i submitted a writing sample for a job that i have pie-in-the-sky hopes for getting, and this afternoon i got a call for an interview! so, trying to figure out what to wear, i decided to try on this pair of tweed pants. now, i ordered these pants like 3 years ago online, and they've always been too small. [ranging from "omg they're going to rip open if i sit down," to just slightly bulgy in the hip/thigh area, to not even being able to close the button.] well today, they fit perfectly. even a little roomy, if anything! what the what??!? so now i've got some lovely tweed pants to wear to my interview. bonus because every time i see them during the interview i'll be reminded of how awesome i am. sooo i had a tiny bit of ice cream and a few chocolate chips to celebrate. don't even feel guilty. i know it won't form any habits and i know it won't undo all of my progress. oh my god, you guys. this would be my first real grown-up job. and i'm actually taking care of myself like a real grown-up. haha i'm not a child anymore! i really am maturing! weird... and kinda scary. and i am totally freaking out! but it's good. i feel good about it all.
  17. as far as restaurants go, most places offer sides of steamed veggies and similar things. that, and pretty much any meat that isn't swimming in gravy [or otherwise made unhealthy]. i've never traveled like that before, but it seems like as long as you keep yourself honest and don't mind either taking leftovers or not finishing all your food, you should be ok.
  18. hello and welcome! huge lover of D&D here. actually my character was who inspired me to get more fit and join NF. and now i'm getting to be more and more of a badass [and more and more like my character] every day thanks to this community. i have no doubt you'll fit right in and benefit hugely from NF. can't wait to see where you go! p.s. love the historical weapons stuff! i've been wanting to learn sword fighting for ages, but can't find anywhere in the area to do so...
  19. haha what a delightful phrase! i might have to steal it... is it one of your own creation, or is it common where you are?
  20. mevre

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    yes! we had blue skies again today, i think the inversion is gone for good for the year... [knock wood!] i can't imagine not being able to go out and take a walk! ugh, horrible. i am so, so sorry! may spring come to your neighborhood in abundance. and soon! so as it turns out, i did indeed get my arrows and everything taken care of, so i'll be shooting as soon as my target is made! a fun bonus: when i first got my bow, i wasn't sure what number of pounds the limbs should have, and i ended up getting them too high, which made it damn near impossible for me to draw back. well that was in September, and now i can draw it back fully, no problem. MERVE HAS THE BIGGEST MUSCLES!!! haha well not really, but damn, i'm so excited that i've gotten stronger! and to answer your question Ceasefire, i haven't been at it for that long. i took a class during my last year at college and loved it so much that i asked for all archery stuff for my birthday. but, it got cold shortly thereafter, and for whatever reason, i just hadn't gotten around to getting everything sized and ready to go. ok everyone, i need some words of wisdom from you all, if you have any to spare. if you've been keeping up with my updates, you know that i'm making big progress and feeling great about it. well, the happy sunshine outside mixed with the high i have from making progress is making it hard for me to stay on track. it's like in the back of my mind, i reason that "well, clearly, my body is awesome and even if i stuff it full of ice cream, it'll still look awesome and i'll still feel awesome." neither of which is true. on the whole, today wasn't too bad. i had some ice cream in my coffee and i had some rice with my curry, but that's it. by and large i've kept myself out of the enemy's den [thanks for that thinking point, GoodDoug!] and have pretty much avoided the junk food everywhere else. but i'm wondering... do any of you go through this too? how do you get out of that mindset? it's such a bizarre thing. usually i only feel really compelled to eat junk when i'm emotional. which, i guess making progress is an emotion thing, but it's good-emotional, not pity-party-emotional like usual.
  21. yes, that's true, you do have to be born with it. if you have it as an adult, you for sure had it as a kid, but if you had it as a kid, you may or may not have it as an adult. but lots of kids are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, so the problems are left to fester for when the kids grow up. it's completely possible that you are correct, and that the problems do stem from that painful experience. being stuck inside all day every day certainly doesn't promote mental wellness, so i can't say i'm really surprised that these past few months have been hard for you with the horrible winter you've had. i don't know how long ago that happened to you, but i do know that i still get hung up on a similarly painful experience i had, and mine happened 7 years ago. so, all that to say, i can't diagnose what's going on in my own brain, and i certainly won't pretend to know what's going on in yours either. if you never had any problems with any of the anxiety or depression things before that sad event happened, it seems likely that that would be the culprit. but if you had symptoms in earlier parts of your life, it could be any number of things. i will pick my partner's brains today and get back to you, probably later tonight. until then, maybe try some meditation? stay strong!
  22. mevre

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    haha i know, she converted me! that girl is sneaky... no, no big plans as of yet. i probably should make some for myself though, to keep things interesting. the only thing i can think of is that tomorrow i'm going to an archery place to get my arrows sized. yay!! hopefully if my dad finishes my target soon and it starts to warm up outside i can start shooting again! and that would be hugely exciting. what about you? big plans?
  23. gosh, i'm so sorry to hear that. it sounds like a really stressful situation. my partner gets the "can't shut brain off" stuff at night when he's not medicated, but i don't think he gets any of the other symptoms you listed. for him, it was an inability/lack of motivation to finish projects that he started, not being able to get out of bed in the morning, and general moodiness. then again, his ADD is super mild, and he only has to take baby doses of medicine to be optimally functional. so yeah, i would suggest looking into that more. and if it ends up being a false lead, you'll be no worse off than you are, and will also be more educated about ADD and depression! if you'd like, i can ask him for source material for you to read too, and have him make a list of the readings he found most helpful when he was struggling with all of this.
  24. man, i want to learn how to sword fight so bad! i can't find anywhere in my area to take a class, though... ah well, i can just live vicariously through you.
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