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  1. Hello! I would be very interested in joining the rangers, but this forum format is very confusing to me. Can someone give me more information?
  2. Hello everyone! This is my introduction I suppose. I am 5'2" and currently about 170 lbs. 43" 34" 44". I want to keep toned and lose weight, a lot of my cute clothes don't fit! I've been working on strength training, and my area that I really have trouble with is diet. I snack a lot. So...yeah! I will be cruising the boards and if anyone has advice, please message me!
  3. Started hiking with a cute guy today...I think this is gonna be a good motivator to get outside!

  4. Alright, here we are. I'm excited to become a part of the Rebellion, I think the methods on this site will help me stick to my fitness goals! Starting Weight: 135 Starting Height: 5' 2" GOALS: Raise at least $100 dollars for Relay for Life 40 pushups in 1 seteliminate Starbucks drinks (I go there waaay too often!)Jog half way up hill next to house (telephone pole as marker) Plans: I need to get off my butt and call people, I know plenty of individuals who I'm sure would donate. I will do 15 pushups in the morning and in the evening every day, work up by 5 once it becomes easy I will instea
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