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  1. Challenge Complete! I gotta say folks, this was awesome. And I kicked some mean lifestyle ass! Goal 1: Eat primal whenever I'm at home. Grade: A! We made meals. No KD, no chocolate bars, no fizzy pops... Whole foods. Real foods. Fruits and veggies and meats, oh my! I didn't cheat even once while at home, and it even made me more mindful of my food choices when I went out. Awesome! Goal 2: Work out 3x week. Grade: A+! Ok guys, I TOTALLY surprised myself on this one. I worked out 3x per week alright. And then I did more. And more. It started with taekwondo class (I belt graded and now I'm ha
  2. Freezes wonderfully! I make big batches all the time. Sorry for the short replies guys, im actually learning about digestion in lecture as we speak! Haha i miss being able to reply LOTS but i am percolating ideas for new recipes coming soon. Glad you're all enjoying them!!
  3. You guys are so awesome. So AWESOME. It is great to come back after a hard week and find that people check in, people care, and are cheering me on. Medical school started fast and furiously last Monday. We received 35 hours of instructional time, and that's before factoring in the time we are supposed to put in on our own learning the material. Do the math and it's not hard to see that medical school is similar to working 2 parttime jobs, and getting paid for neither of them. In fact, getting seriously more and more in debt as you go. And yes, I will make a good living when I'm done all my s
  4. Thanks everyone. It means so much. Especially since... First day of classes tomorrow. Here we go again, another year of medical school. Time to kiss summer a fond farewell until next year and start in on the massive brain cram. I'm keen and anxious all at the same time. What will this mean for my sanity? What will this mean for my work outs and eating habits? Balance Balance Balance... I'm gonna have to work on it. Here's what's weighing on me: I am class president. I am engaged, and thus can't (/don't want to) neglect my wonderful, incredible rubbish_tiger. Brain and Behaviour block is
  5. How many folks out there are super-n00bs when it comes to cooking?

    1. MaxCurtis


      My strategy is: veggies in a pot, meat in a pan with soy sauce and a little brown sugar, serve with rice. Occasionally I mix that up with tacos. It seems to be working....

  6. Here here! The shine of a new challenge is gone and now it's gonna be tougher. This is when the real gains happen. When it's easy, it's easy. Anyone can do it. Now is the tie for growth.
  7. Thank you all of your for your thoughts, your prayers, your internet hugs and your words of encouragement. You're right that in the grand scheme of things I'll be able to help people and hopefully keep them from suffering. It just hurts to not be at home, to not know what to do or even what to say. I never want to forget this feeling... there can be a lot of ego in medicine but it's times like this, and situations like this, that make me wonder if I can one day be the difference to some kid like him. Today's shadowing in the OR was good but... glib. In a way. I wonder if all doctors in medicin
  8. UPDATE TIME Today, specifically, was a hard day. I come from a neighbourhood in Canada that's known for it's high child poverty rates, and today I found out that one of my best friend's younger brother was found dead. Likely an overdose. He had been clean for a while, but apparently when people go back, they often take the same dose they had been taking when they were strongly dependent. He can't have been older than 19. It's hard to escape the guilt that comes with this knowledge. Guilt that I'm not there to comfort my friend. Guilt that I not only got out of there but that I'm here, ge
  9. I hear the poor student bit loud and clear! The best thing I ever did was buy family packs of meat when it was on sale (basically whatever was on sale on any given shop), separate them into single single serving Ziplock bags and freeze them. Made the cost per meal plummet@
  10. Found the earring, tackled big problems at work, resisted the urge to eat KD and.... I get to be in the OR tomorrow. YAY!

    1. Eilyd


      Yay! Hooray! Make delicious food to celebrate!

  11. Hi courier6! Do you mean the splits when you say straddling or do you mean a "sitting stance", legs apart and knees bent as if you are riding a big horse?
  12. I agree with what has been said earlier: get a feel for the schools. In my opinion, a great instructor, student body, and general "vibe" will do you better than the particular style you are practicing, especially in a small town where you only have one option or the other. If you had 5 schools of each style to choose from, then I'd say look at more at the disciplines. But with only one choice each, go to the one that gives you a better feeling. My tkd club has grappling and self defence, kicks, punches, blocks, patterns, sparring and even weapons training. They hold seminars many times a yea
  13. Discovered 1 heirloom earring missing just as I'm heading into a work meeting I'm dreading. :( ugh I feel awful

    1. Eilyd


      :( I am sorry. Retrace steps!
    2. TheHalfie


      Found it!! Makes the day so much brighter

  14. "Dane-jah Zoooonnneee!" Oh man, makes me so happy. I've been secretly hoping your handle is named after the awesomely creepy scientist from that show.
  15. Only 16 degrees C outside? I AM THERE. Abel needs me.

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    2. Malfurion


      wouah ! you are great !

    3. Malfurion


      Wouahh ! You are great !

    4. Krieghart


      Zombie Run took away the ability to just run without playing the missions. I have podcasts that I'd rather listen to, but I like collecting gear and developing my township.

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