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  1. Getting a tumour removed form my neck. Realizing I was just getting fatter and sicker. A lot of bad things happened around that time; this past 2 yrs has been sort of a changing, shedding period for me. I feel like i'm coming into my own self now.
  2. It is amazing. I've been levelling a sorceress (currently lvl 50 something) and a mystic. There's no factions (unless you count outlaw mode) and the (world) pvp is hilarious, although battlegrounds haven't been released quite yet.
  3. https://twitter.com/Strangekitty_ca
  4. I love it and i'm so, so very addicted to my Sorceress. I'm on Basilisk Crag as Nion.Vox, if anyone wants to say hi!
  5. Ask her why she doesn't want you to be a magnificent sugar glider. No-one has a quick response to that, trust me.
  6. I doubt anyone remembers my lurking self, but I have been in somewhat of a hermit mode the last year or so, working on my new project, a website for geek girls like me. It's slowly gaining traction and levelling up pretty quickly, I launched it in January this year. Check it out, tell me what you think? Be gentle, it's my baby. lol www.strangekitty.ca
  7. howdy vancouverite. my hometown is victoria, tho im currently a rover. i want to live in vancouver next year and keep some urban bees. what neiborhood do you call home?

  8. That, and personally i'm an overachiever. I am as stubborn as a donkey too.
  9. Yup, this! I alternate hard and soft workouts, but if i feel too tired/sore i'll take a break day. I'm too hyper to only exercise 3 times a week!
  10. Ex-Barista here. I detest Starbucks. It's not real coffee, it's coffee flavoured sugar!
  11. I alternate 'hard' workout days (strength and toning) with softer days (usually stretching, flexibility balance), but that's what works for me, the way i eat and due to some awesome genetics, i usually don't have sore muscles for long.
  12. I'm looking to go from 225 (at 5'11) to 160.
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