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  1. Okay, firstly thank you for your concern. I appreciate what you're saying and I understand where you're coming from. I'm fully aware of the nature and scope of my disorder, and my wife is currently pursuing treatment appropriate to hers. I'm hesitant to pursue the same line of treatment due to my own history WRT effective treatments (i.e. their aren't any which are both effective and that I am comfortable with.)
  2. Okay so right now I'm in an extreme low and as well as not actually improving at all, I'm seriously backsliding (energy drinks, candy bars, etc.) Apologies in advance for my negativity. It doesn't feel conscious in that I don't have a conversation "I should get up and do something" v. "I just want to stay in bed," More like, I just don't get up and do it. I want to do more and be more active, do something I enjoy. I can't balance that against the fact that of the things I've tried in the past (I won't say I've tried everything, but...) weren't interesting, entertaining, or satisfying to me.I don't feel like I'm trading up between something I enjoy vs. something I don't enjoy, but more like I'm trading up doing nothing at all vs. doing something I don't enjoy. Right now I feel like I'm moving through my life with no goal, no interests, and literally no source of joy in my life. So that sucks. And yet even fully comprehending that knowledge I am not doing anything to improve the situation. So yeah that really sucks.
  3. Today was an on-day. Ultimately I've been completely unable to make any changes so far.
  4. I have not done any work outs or extra activity on my off-days at all.
  5. Okay, quick update, woke up fully intending to work out, didn't. Went out for lunch, then to work. Topped out around 10k steps again.
  6. Woke up, signed for some packages, walked to Poundland (Dollar store - about 3k steps there & back,) came home.
  7. I got up today with every intention of working out. Didn't.
  8. Somehow, swinging a sledgehammer around in a tightly enclosed space does not seem like a a good idea.
  9. I like the idea in principle, but there is literally nowhere in the house that could accomodate two people working out, period, regardless of furniture etc. We don't have much but we have even less space. Sadly we have very different fitness interests and needs, she enjoys step aerobics/music & motion, stationary bike, that kind of cardio with music, whereas I have zero interest in any physical activity period. Also she has bad joints so long walks are painful. Like I say I like the idea but I feel it's not something I can work into any time soon.
  10. Sorry all I hit a new low on my energy levels the other day and right now I'm having a lot of trouble getting through my day as normal But yeah right now, nothing to report. Right now I can't articulate just what's putting me off any particular activities, aside from the my overall lack of interest generally. Okay 300 reps was an exaggeration, what I mean is that there's a line and I find that exercising in that circumstance is more self-harm than self-improvement.
  11. Yes, doing 300 bad bicep curls and not being able to lift my arms the next day is counterproductive.
  12. I have to admit I've done the first thing - exercising until the feeling goes - but it only leaves me sore and doesn't put me anywhere because I end up doing one exercise badly until I injure myself rather than actually doing things properly. And I really prefer being behind the camera. So like I say, I haven't done any formalised workouts this week, only staying active with extra work. Hitting about 14K steps when I was out on friday and today, easy 10k at work, but I think I cracked 2k at home on Thursday. I don't think I'll have time to do anything tomorrow, by the time I get home from work, using the hallway I can exercise in will be interrupted too often, but I should be able to fit in workouts on other days. I'm very hesitant to start another Battle Thread because I don't feel that there's any point in logging what I'm doing, especially since I'm not doing anything with any regularity.
  13. I haven't done a formalised workout this week as I've been working extra - somehow hours of walking and lifting doesn't bother me when it's "work" rather then "play" Madde 11k steps Sunday, 19k yesterday and 14k today so that's all good. Say I was aiming for something like the One Arm Pushup, what kind of plan should I be working from?
  14. Also I'd like to point out that what I'm categorising as "lazy days" are just days when I'm not at work, not days when I need to handle any other commitments in my life.
  15. Sadly it's pretty random, I could work 10 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 3 days off. There's no consistency. I'm not interested in running but I've heard good things about Zombies! Run.
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