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  1. So Wednesday seems to be a hard day to get to the gym. I did give my dog a good workout with the makeshift agility course I have in my apartment. It's like she is training for a puppy obstacle course. In all seriousness I feel like she is not getting enough attention and exercise now that its just the two of us. I will need to do better and try to get her to daycare once and a while. This will make my day a little longer but at least she will get attention. Adjusting is hard. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day (the last before a weekend of rain) I might be able to sneak in a RW
  2. Cutting a minute off your 5k is huge, congrats!! The hair looks great! When my hair was that short I relied on headbands and bandannas or I would pull the top back all that would fit. It looked a little silly but it kept the hair out of my face. I prefer my retail therapy online. I have to be really in the mood to shop and come down with what I call "Mall-Fatigue" if more than two stops are involved.
  3. Sounds like initiating plague/mental health protocol sounds like a good idea. Definitely take advantage of EAP, at least until you get in touch with a therapist, that's what its there for. Taking care of your mental fitness is important...you already know that! While at Whiskey Fest this weekend I got to try a Pumpkin Spice Whiskey from a local brewery/distillery. Thought of you!
  4. Here is my weekly update almost in time for next week. Last week was kind of.....meh. It had some high points and a few potholes none of which (maybe a few of the low points) are particularly challenge related. Diet- could have been better, could have been worse. I'm struggling to get back in the MFP habit but I am managing to log more days than not and calories have not been totally out of control. Except for Saturday, Whiskey Fest, or the day Honeybadger forgot her age and drank like...a much younger version of herself... This led to Sunday, or the day Honeybadger payed for he
  5. I made it to the gym tonight. WOD included deadlifts and running. My hamstrings are still sore from Saturday's WOD which had running and too many kb swings. It is currently past my bedtime I will post a weekly update tomorrow or at least before the challenge is over. The cliff notes version: Mon-Fri work Sat Whiskey Fest then drinks with friends Sun recovering from above mentioned activities I managed to Ranger some goals in there as well. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. Night Rangers
  6. So glad to hear you are back on your feet. Sorry that the hubs is now feeling sick. Chili sounds good. I might have to buy a slow cooker! I had gotten the slow cooker for my ex as a gift so I didn't take it when I left (all that taking the high road)...now I'm sad and retail therapy might be the cure. Crockpot here I come.
  7. My schedule says tonight is a crossfit night My quads are saying fuck you and the 120 mb squat cleans from Monday Tonights WOD is a fuck ton of rowing and sled pushes...I have 10 minutes to decide, get dressed and get my ass out the door.
  8. Good luck on the marathon. Safe travels! Happy to hear you are having a positive dating experience online and Bachelor #2 sounds promising! I'm not quite ready to start dating yet but I have been thinking about what it will be like to "get back out there" and where is the there I need to go to meet people. Apparently it's online!!
  9. I have a real addiction to pumpkin spice frosted mini wheats! Which can be dangerous with my questionable willpower and 6g of fiber per serving.
  10. Found you!!! Following along of course!! Good job listening to your body and switching things up.
  11. 1. I agree that every race needs heckling pirates! I actually one or two at the gym would help me through some of the WODs! 2. Singing 80's tunes almost always makes things better 3. Your new diet restrictions make me very sad. I agree with Tank I would hate to think of what would happen to the person who told me I need to give up coffee. 4. PBR...for dinner...you might be my hero
  12. Forgot to mention that I made it to Crossfit last night! The challenge is not only getting there but also not getting back home and settled until close to 9pm. Food was healthy and the WOD brutal. For anyone interested
  13. I'm glad that I didn't add a goal of staying on top of my challenge thread or keeping up with everyone because I would have already failed! UGH! I wish I had just a few more hours in the day... Week 1 was not too bad, could have been better, could definitely been worse. Diet: I did NOT log all my meals in MFP. This is a hard habit to get back into. I did log some meals and had a few consistent days but not enough to say I Rangered this. I DID resist candy except when I went to the movies. I also only had one box where I usually have two. Swedish Fish are just
  14. Today was a good day challenge wise. I logged all my food and only went over by about 100cal. The second glass of wine was worth it. I resisted the candy temptation at work but there was apple crisp. I do not have a "no hot apple crisp" goal so i feel ok about it. I made it to the gym. It is a challenge to make it out of the house after getting home to take care of the dog. I am very happy I went and not just because a snatch was involved. WOD also included running which felt so good. I talked to my dad and a friend on the way home so no isolating today! I cooked some
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