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  1. A front hand spring scares me; I can barely do a cartwheel. lol Good luck! I'd like to improve my 5K time as well but I'll save that for another challenge. I go through phases where I love running and then I hate running. I'm in a "I hate running" phase right now. My time is about 35 minutes as well. You will get there just don't give up!
  2. Warrior Dash is a 5k obstacle race. www.warriordash.com Climbing walls, climbing rope walls, going through mud pits, jumping over fire is just a few...it's some crazy stuff. I call it "Bootcamp" but is a stength and conditioning class I'm taking...it's similar to crossfit with the circut training but you don't lift super heavy weights. The first two weeks of this class I wanted to throw up at each one; it's intense but I'm getting better at it I notice that I'm getting stronger in the little things like, I can pick up my dog easier (30 lbs), and when I was at the pool the other day, I
  3. Main Goal: Get stronger for Warrior Dash in October 1. Bootcamp twice a week 2. Cardio twice a week (run, dance, etc...) 3. Maintain Paleo 80/20 diet Life Goal: Pay $500 off my credit card
  4. So I've been paleo for 11 days now and I must say I was not expecting to feel this rotten. The mental fuzziness is one thing but the want-to-throw-up-and-trot-to-the-bathroom for 3 days is another. I was trying to do the first 30 days (Whole30) strictly paleo but I dont know if I can. I may do 80/20 from now on. I couldnt look at food or coffee (gasp!) this morning and thought if I force one more bite of peach (only thing I could stomach) I was going to get sick. Then my coworker made me eat peanut butter crackers (I know) and I feel so much better than this morning. Anywone else have the
  5. I'm going to have to try this game/app. I have seen it and nearly downloaded it but thought it wouldn't be worth the money like most of the apps. I'll let you know how I like it. Thanks for all the reviews
  6. Beginning Whole 30 tomorrow. As far as headaches and mood swings, I already know what to expect from going though the "sugar detox" on another diet. I've got the Motrin ready and I've already warned my boyfriend lol anyone else beginning July 15th?
  7. Hey Chickie.Monkey...I'm not sure if I'm doing the ROC race but I'm already registered for Warrior Dash in October. You or anyone else doing it?
  8. I live in Goodlettsville but I know where Dickson is. Do you work in Nashville?
  9. I'm in Goodlettsville. Looking forward to starting the 6 week challenge at the end of this month. Also starting Paleo so finding support and accountability would be great!
  10. Thanks I run, do a strength/conditioning class and occassionally swing dance. The class is like crossfit minus the deadlifts; it's intense--makes me wanna puke. lol
  11. Hello, My name is Brandi and I live in the Nashville area. I found this site while searching for Paleo resources. About a year and half ago I lost 70 lbs by doing Medifast which is a meal replacement program that puts your body in ketosis just like Paleo. Since then I've been doing pretty well staying active and keeping the weight off but lately I just feel like I'm getting lazy and I've gained about 10 pounds which I do not approve of. I've been meaning to start Phase II of my transformation which is getting tight and toned so about 2 weeks ago I joined a bootcamp-like gym that does me
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