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  1. And now this "friend" has reared their ugliness again... I am so done with the BS, but we live in a small town and have a limited friend circle. UGH I'm tired because sleep has been hard. I'm stressing over this^^ BS, I'm stressing over work, I'm stressing over the kids and I just want to find my happy. Food has been better and mostly keto, BJJ classes have been attended, and I'm learning lots of new stuff at work. Vacation is in about a month and I'm not prepared. YIKES! Typically I'm starting to pack by this time and I have some ideas of what we want to do in the ports/cities where we don't have planned tours... So lots to do... I'm still filling out my monthly chart with drawn stars (I haven't made an effort to find my mini stickers) I'll try to take a photo and post my progress for weeks 1 & 2 sometime this weekend...
  2. I'm working on some goals for the summer but first lets geek out with a little chemistry! So I need to find enzymes to help make change easier! And this too! Look at the energy use after activation?!?!? This is where habits kick in and energy use is reduced. TaDa!
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    Mr_Willes: The 2-Goal Challenge

    OMG - I have missed the gif magic here...
  4. Tuesday afternoon... BJJ class last night was good but I need to be doing more. Green smoothies are wonderful! I am trying to make plans and pay for transportation in Barcelona but my cards keep declining. Damm. And the kids are driving me less nuts today. I'm sending documents off for approvals and stuff at work. Its a crazy busy day. I'll call the bank and then life will be good. Tonight I'll try to get some crap up on the local yard sell page to get rid of it and do some more planning of the vacation. Yoga or KB swinging is needed in my life tonight. Maybe both?!?!?!
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    Darkfoxx 57: Layer 2 Of That Solid Foundation

    Elimination diets are hard but so very valuable... Better food luck tomorrow!
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    TGP changes!

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    Run Thom Run

    10km is totally doable, just get out there and walk! Be kind to yourself and train. You got this!!! Your first walk was pretty good
  8. Saturday was BJJ classes taught. Saturday night was another BBQ at our house, likely the last one till August. It was great fun but too much wine was drank. Sunday was chores and prepping for this week. It was a good weekend. NOW I am going to focus on green keto eating as part of my n=1 experiment in finding more energy and better health! LOL - this gif makes me giggle! Tonight is BJJ, I've started with my green smoothie, I'm planning out my week... It's all good! And one more because I'm avoiding work right now...