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    Terra pulls it together!

    I got my challenge goals updated. See post #2 above!
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    Terra pulls it together!

    Yep that is my plan - getting my shit together!
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    Terra pulls it together!

    But... But... But... OK
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    Terra pulls it together!

    I'm feeling like this these days... To quote Edna E. Mode "Superheroes are easy, dahling. Mediocrity is much more difficult to work with -- and it is in such great supply." I choose to not be mediocre any more. #1 Goal – Lift heavy things 2-3 times per week. I’ll do this in a couple of different ways. First is using the kettlebells in my basement. The second is by going to the BJJ gym and lifting there. The gym has dumbbells as well as some free weights. My girls both are considering joining me as they need to gain some strength! I’m excited to share this activity with my spawns. #2 Goal – Plan and execute weekly meal plans. I like food and usually have healthy food planed. However, when I am rushed or my vague plans go awry, I make poor choices. Therefore, I need to plan better so that I have good options and healthy backups for when plans change. #3 Goal – Get rid of the clutter! (Edna’s lovely modern kitchen!) My home is being overrun by too much stuff. I have time in the upcoming weekends to sort through, organize and get rid of stuff!!! Photographic evidence will be provided! I must say that while I love clean modern lines I have a slightly different organization style. I need to see my stuff. So, it won’t be ultra clean lines, but I am experimenting with how to visually organize. That is all I will focus on for this challenge. Spending quality time with my family, BJJ classes, dealing with perimenopause effects and getting set up in a new work organization will also be happening but trying to focus on it all will be too much! I am going to create a lifting and de-clutter schedule with my family and I will do weekly meal plans.
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    Mr_Willes: The 2-week challenge

    I just love this^^^! It makes me giggle! Here and following!
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    Morag levels up further -- 한국 요리-style

    Here and following! You are on a roll these days and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next!!!
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    Terra aims for the bullseye!

    Oh... I didn't post at all last week. OK Life and schedules are primed for major changes in the next few weeks. Fall sports wrap up soon for my girls. I was asked to do something new and challenging at work so am change groups at work. I am trying to get a handle on my food and exercise. And the house is due for a major decluttering!!! I have had my next challenge theme in my head for a while... I'm off to get some done at work and draft up my next challenge!
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    Terra aims for the bullseye!

    I missed the days of my challenges being superhero based.... And to celebrate Hawkeye getting his own show!!! Of wait here is the female version of Hawkeye! LOL So why Hawkeye? Because he (I'll stick with he for now) is just a normal person. He is a highly skilled and physically fit specimen of the human race but he is just a person with no powers. I too am just a person, who wants to find my peak human form. He is an excellent archer, acrobat and tactician. In the comics he is a master martial artists. I can work with this... And a plethora of photos of Jeremy Renner is just a bonus! So how am I going to become a better human specimen? I have some plans, two primary to my health and others that just need to happen: PRIMARY - I am going to try to reduce my carb intake for a bit. Trying to get back to a more paleo eating style. Less sugar and paleo convenience foods while eating more veggies and leaner proteins. PRIMARY - I am going to try to do some weight training with my girls. Not sure what this will look like yet but it is long overdue!!! Secondary goals: Still will do the BJJ - its my strongest habit at this time!!! More "wilderness threapy" is needed for my family! The hubby and I discussed finding more dog friendly trails with less crowds, which will likely put us closer to home. Decluttering and general house cleaning MUST happen! GGS-1 training course needs to be completed The mindset modules of the Core 4 still intrigue me and I'd like to study them more... So eat better and weight train. Sounds like a simple plan... So much better when he smiles!
  9. You are enough! -- We don't say that to ourselves or the people in our lives nearly often enough. I like the plan for your next challenge and I'm excited to see what you come up with for a theme! Hugs!