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  1. Hello! I know it's been awhile since people have met up, so I was wondering if people would be interested in a meetup this fall? Sometime that's hoodie weather, but not totally uncomfortable to do things outside?
  2. Erm. I still haven't uploaded the pics I took that night. I just got a new computer though so I'm about to transfer ALL my pictures from my phone onto my computer. I'll be sure to post them within a week!
  3. Also. I have a couch in a guest bedroom and another couch in the living room AND an air mattress if Nerds need a place to stay that's not a hotel room. I do have 2 extremely loving cats though
  4. Hi! Welcome to Nerd Fitness!!!! I am a newly vegan, and I also run and lift!!! It's nice to meet you~ I am going to start juicing here soon and would love to chat about recipes and running and lifting!
  5. OH HAI! I'm banana! And yes that is actually my favorite fruit too. I'm not doing the challenge, I don't actually do them very often... But I have goals that I am doing and would LOVE to have Nerds to talk to about them and about my struggles. I am about to embark on Joe Cross' Reboot Challenge and juice for 60 days. YES I know it sounds insane... but then afterwards I am going to eat only micronutrient foods for another 4 months before adding only eggs back into my diet. I have many reasons for cutting meat out of my diet. My health being the first one. The second being that fact that the way not only the animals but also the farmers are being treated it atrocious. Neither one of them are being treated with any respect and that breaks my heart. Nothing I eat should suffer that much. Farmers should not suffer just because I want fed. No. I also am doing it cause I no longer want to support Tyson, Perdue or any of the horrible big name companies that are controlling the industry. I am also doing it cause I can't stand how horrible giant cattle lots are for the environment. The fact that I can get Ecoli because spinach is grown too close to cows is disgusting. The less meat that is consumed the less land that is going to be ruined by the runoff. I am also a lovely lifting lady. I don't know if this is the right group for me since I don't technically do the challenges... but It would be nice to have some Veg Rebel friends! Oh. My favorite animal is an owl and my favorite vegetable are carrots! Zucchini being a close second!
  6. Count me in for a confirmed! I won't be eating anything at ZBurger but I'll hang out for sure! I can't wait to play GIANT Jenga with my Nerds!
  7. Either works for me at this point. I tend to not plan things too far ahead >.< But THIS is important enough to be added to my calendar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Also. If it's too warm for ice skating, we could always go old school and go roller skating! There's a couple of great rinks in town!
  9. ERHMERGERD! When did all these Iowa Nerds show up!!! AH! So excited. West Des Moines here. I am TOTALLY in for a meetup. I tried to do one a few years ago but there just wasn't enough people. I AM SO PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hey! Remember how this is a thing that exists. I am terrible about updating ;__;
  11. Welp. Not a good few days. Foodwise has been shitty. Yesterday was Drew and my anniversary and we splurged all weekend... and yesterday. ;__; We got a bottle of champagne and he surprised me by making chocolate covered strawberries. I did babysit yesterday. Which means I swam, walked a bunch- about a mile of it carrying a 4 year old, and ran around in general just playing with them. ;__; I'm not going to get myself too down though. That's always been my problem. I get so upset with myself I get discouraged and then I go in a worse downward spiral. So. Yea.
  12. YAYAYAY! I'll post a big update tomorrow. It's been a ca-razy weekend.
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