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  1. Just a little check in here. So I got a really bad sinus infection, which has sucked royally. So last week I only got to the gym twice, but I'm hoping to be back to 3x this week. Been logging at least 80% of my food, and most importantly, I'm 6 lbs down so far! Keepin' on keepin' on.
  2. Awesome! Godspeed on your quest. I've lived in Gainesville FL since 1999 though I did live in Lakeland for a couple of years during college. And yeah that was part of why I chose 60 pounds. It's a bit shy of my final goal weight (around 180-190) but it's at a pace I know I can manage, and one that requires consistent amounts of doable effort, more than short term maximum effort, which is how I'd done things for far too long.
  3. My name is Drew. I’m originally from Charleston, but Florida is where I call home. Husband for 6 years, Father for 2 years, Aspiring Weight-Loser for almost 20 years. I found NerdFitness YEARS ago and loved the blogs. Now more serious about giving it a try. Things I will happily nerd out with you about - - Minimalism - Tech/Apps/Productivity - Occasional games like: Bloons TD5 and TD6 Portal and Portal 2 Fallout4 and 76 Destiny (just 1 so far) DnD (Stage 5 Tempest Cleric Half Elf) My Main Quest this YEAR is to lose 60 lbs. For my health, and my wife and daughter. And for freedom. To do the fun things I want to do. So for this challenge my goal is 10 lbs. My supporting quests right now: Log all my food Go to the gym 3x a week for cardio and some kind of weight lifting Drink (at least) 24 oz of water a day. I have been to the gym once this week and logged all my food. Leveling up my life involved waking up at at least 6 am every day. So far I'm 1 for 2, haha. Let's do this!
  4. Thanks Nic and Dan! Just did my first gym workout of 2019. I think I'm gonna hop over and join the challenge starting today.
  5. Hey guys. I'm on day two and it's going ok so far. Snacked a little too much last night. We're moving and we literally have food we can't keep, so we eat it or throw it away. I convinced her to throw some of it away, but it was a compromise, so I still ate some of it. I'm currently 280 lbs and the doctor told me I needed to lose 50 lbs.... when I was 260 lbs. So I'm behind. My inital goal is to be under 270 lbs by the end of the year. I blogged about the respawn here: http://www.drewallen.me/blogposts/2018/respawn Would love any encouragement.
  6. Thank you so much! Much of what you said summarizes my feelings on where I should be headed, so it's very encouraging to hear a voice of support for my plan that is not only endorsing ONE thing, ya know? So I really appreciate that. Now the hard part, which is just to stick to it.
  7. I turn 33 this year. And I've been overweight since high school. Currently 265. Highest ever was 284 late last year. I've clearly made progress, but the last couple of weeks I've been slipping again. Any real-world advice on just plain continuing to drop weight. Trying to prioritize diet change over workout plans, because for me, the latter is easier but not a permanent solution, because my eating has remained mostly horrible. Trying a modified low-carb/paleo/caloric restriction type diet. I really like tracking everything with my fitbit charge and myfitnesspal, but those seem more built goal-wise for calorie restriction so that's still a part of my goal. Recently I've been trying to get a little bit more active. Anyway, I'm rambling but I'm coming here to hopefully create some more accountability and inspiration too. Thanks guys!
  8. I'm about to be 31. Married for almost 6 months now. This is a portion of the email I sent to Steve that describes my situation pretty well. I'm struggling with Maintaing resolve long enough to start to see results. I definitely have entrenched myself in poor patterns of eating and sedentarity(which should be a word, dangit) that my body works hard to keep me fatter than I need to be. 1900 calorie diet, exercise 3x a week for a month. 3 lbs gained and zero inches lost. That's discouraging, but I know my only option is to double down on my efforts and plans. But, I just plain have to make a change. I owe it to my wife who lost her dad at 16 and had to watch her mom struggle to continue without her partner. My amazing and beautiful wife doesn't deserve for me to leave her in a similar way, especially due to my own insipid habits and gluttonies. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN. Today I'm 277 lbs and at 5'9" I should be around 200 or even less, really. But it's not the pounds as much as the lifestyle. I want to canoe. I want to snorkel with my wife. I want us to kayak together, to rock climb together. to win a local doubles tennis match. I don't want to sweat just getting upstairs to our condo. So, here I go. My plan at the moment. - Switch to a "light" Paleo diet (killing carbs and unnatural sugars) during the week. Still keeping that to a net 1800 calories a day.- Doing some kind of exercise for 45 minutes a day (rowing, weights, elliptical, switching it up), monday through friday.- Doing something fun and active every saturday (Tennis, racquetball, hiking, basketball, etc). All while keeping a freakin' beastmode of a positive attitude about it, all. Let's do this.
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