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  1. I'm still alive. Just having a lackluster challenge week. Tonight's workout. That first part in the blue, probably not accurate. The rest, probably accurate. Also, not actually bicycle. My tracker only let's you store three workout types. I can change it to include spinning if I swap it for another on the phone app. But, whenever I sync the tracker and the phone, it resets... piece of shit. But, I like the bicycle layout better.
  2. I have no words, other than stay safe Sloth.
  3. Alright. Time for the Saturday update. Nutrition and Body Composition Tracking: Had a really good week with nutrition: Well mostly. I went over on dairy. And I had to add four servings of 'junk' ... last night I went to Burger King. I had a good excuse for a second... needed to break a $20 bill... I got the Impossible Whopper, the one with the veggie protein thinking it would be a slightly healthier option... Nope. Once I looked up the actual data it has almost identical nutrition info. It's only 30 calories less than a regular, and carbs, fat, and protein are nearly the same. And you'd think because it's veggie protein it would have less saturated fat... nope. On top of that it has more sodium. So if health is your main concern, this is not an option. And looking across the board at all major fast food chains that are including veggie meats, they're all doing it this way, and the impossible slider at White Castle has the same nutritional value as a double slider... SMH. Also, this along with a large fry was on top of the usual lunch I bring... and that triggered some of the same indigestion symptoms as last weekend. So yes, I need to watch quantity. But overall my daily average values are: 2125 Calories 112 g Pro 278 g CHO 63 g Fat With that, I think if I'd avoided the junk meal, my measurements would have been better: Weight is still dropping. I'm down 1 lb. on my rolling, weekly average. My body composition measurements are all over. But again, I think last night's junk food is puffing me up. I would not be surprised if by tomorrow the numbers shift downward. In any case it doesn't matter because only the long term trend is what matters. Wheel: 3 workouts: 58 min 517 cals 58 514 56 517 Total 172 min, 1548 cals, average intensity = 9.11 cals / min. Lowest intensity so far. I didn't get my HR above 150 at all this week, or at least not much consistently. I could have used another workout too. World Domination: I don't think I've done anything productive really. I haven't worked on my online course at all this week, and I should be starting the fifth and final week. I did take a book on embedded Linux to work and read/skimmed several chapters (I read all the intros and any informative text, but skimmed tutorials). ============================================== Summary of the Summary: Okay. Now that I've written the week's summary and looked at all the numbers I see that I totally slacked on my goals this week. That's okay. I kinda needed the break, but I'm going to step it back up this week. The one silver lining is that my weight is still moving down. So here's this week's goals: Nutrition: Eliminate junk and wine. Keep the portions normal or smaller. Exercise: Aim to increase and maybe PR on overall cardio intensity. Do one strength or HIIT workout. (my shoulder measurment seems to be going down. I should do some presses). Taking over the world: Get to the end of week four of the course by next weekend.
  4. RE: Pasta The machine I ordered can make: angel hair, spaghetti, fetuchini, lasagneta, and ravioli...So all of these. Then I'm wondering what other I can manage from there. It'd be fun and delicious to try farfale and tortelloni/tortellini... But we're missing the tube pastas: penne, mastacholi, macaroni, etc. Hmmm... gotta start somewhere. I also need to expand my homemade sauce game. Some marsala would be nice. RE: Sensors Since I'm four weeks into procrastinating on a coursera course called "Sensors and sensor circuitry" allow me to explain... <ahem> **Nevermind** I don't feel like typing all that stuff right now... I do think I discovered a lame superpower today though. I was watching my HR monitor as it measured, and I was trying to see if I could consciously raise my HR... I could not, but I was able to make it go lower by 10-15 bpm almost instantaneously. Pretty cool huh?
  5. Yup. I've noticed my tracker likes to either double or halve my HR when it's in the wrong spot or whatever. I caught it in the act just a few minutes ago. I watched it counting off a pulse at like 159, then I fidgeted with it a second and it dropped down to about 80. I think the big part over the weekend was the quantity. Spaghetti with meatballs was the first plate of food I finished as a three year old, I even remember it still, and it or anything like it will always be my favorite food, and I easily overdo it. I made some more homemade pasta to take to lunch last night (and tonight) but this time I have it divided into smaller portions and it didn't cause me any issues last night. Tonight I repeat this experiment. Addit: I just ordered a pasta machine.
  6. Yer livin' Tarly-style.
  7. Sunday and Monday got shitty real fast. The pasta, the hummus, then a bunch of wine on Sunday. It was a combination of the wrong foods, too much food, and the combination of it all and it made me sick. It just knocked the shit out of me, but not literally because I wound up getting gassy and constipated. I barely slept Sunday night, then was incapable of doing anything Monday. Well, I guess I did get on the wheel before I went to bed, but I was not happy while doing it. I went in to work yesterday groggy as fuck because I was overslept though caught up on some sleep. And I still had no stomach for any food at all. I skipped breakfast. Lunch was three veggie meatballs, with mixed vegetables, and a bowl of grapes. Then I ate raw oats with soymilk walnuts and blueberries. So I think I barely made it over 1000 calories yesterday. And it got hot. It's been pushing 90 the last few days. And last night when I got home, I buzzed all the hair off my head with my beard trimmer... well not all, but I went from 8 inch long locks of curly corona fro, down to about an inch of hair all over. Except that it needs a bit of cleanup around the edges it doesn't look terrible. I realized I could have given myself a mullet if I was not thorough about the back Ugh. I feel better now though. And my weight hit a new low at 262.2 and my weekly average is dropping again... it shot up over the weekend and I was worried it'd stall. I'm wondering if there is something to the garbanzo bean lectin thing. Cuz I think that's what sent me over the edge. But, there could be an issue with pasta and fructans at play here... also onions. Perhaps even the tomatoes and cheese as well... and wine. Or perhaps just the quantities of these foods. I'm going to have to carefully test these out next time I make them.
  8. Cuz that's what you do when you're cooped up in a cage with some scientific gadgets, you develop plots to take over the world -- Brain. Of course, there's always that other part of you that worries that just wants to run on the hamster wheel, goof around, and blow off steam -- Pinky. More context -- the world is in a vulnerable state due to the current Pandemic which provides an ideal opportunity to advance my plans for world dominiation... I am taking courses on Coursera toward a Master's in Electical Engineering from UC-Boulder. So that means I'll be doing a lot of studying and working on projects at home while I'm cooped up. I'm focusing on embedded systems (computers that run machines with little, if any, human interaction) so I get to play with circuits and microcontrollers --inventor/mad scientist shit -- which is gonna be fun. Despite stay-at-home orders, I'm essential so I still work, which makes staying on top of coursework hard. I've also got to clean up my apartment and organize some workspace -- the lab. And I'm overhauling my nutrition and exercise. I'm going to re-try the Eat Right for Your Type diet... granted the motivation for the diet is based on blood type which is not supported by any published science, but it's the one that made me go from 330 to 280 during the summer following my senior year of high school. It might work again. I also looked at the food groups/portions and calculated some macros and calories based on them... the nutrition is balanced and the macros and calories are reasonable, and sticking within the plan I should lose weight. For exercise I have a hamster wheel stationary bike. I will just be putting in my time and trying to burn as many calories as possible. The upside is I can do this in front of a TV which lets me get the workout in while watching Netflix or playing video games and such. Goal 1: Finish my first EE course on time. I finished my first week. There are four more to go for the first class. I should be wrapping it up in week three. Then I'll have to decide if/when/how on the next one. I'm only taking them through coursera right now which means I'll get one of their certificates, but I don't get academic credit from UC-Boulder until I pay their tuition and take their final exams. I'm enrolled in a four course (3 credit hour) specialization. I'm planning on finishing them on coursera, before I decide to enroll and pay up. But I need a 3.0 or better average across the whole specialization to be admitted to the program. So... keep up and get an A. That is all. Goal 2: Track and follow the Eat Right for Your Type diet I've worked out the plan and will be tracking my nutrition by servings and portions according to the plan. I made a spreadsheet for tracking. That makes it easy. I worked out the portion sizes so they are easy to count by eye. 4 oz of chicken breast or fish is about the size of the palm of my hand. Fruits, nuts, veggies all a small handful etc. Just eat the food and check a box, and try to stay within the ranges given each week. Goal 3: Hamster Wheel Get on the exercise bike. I'm tracking the calories burned and the time I spend on it. Ideally, I'd like to burn a pound of fat a week... 3500 calories, but that would require 6-7 hours per week. It's possible, but managing 4 hours is hard enough. I'll try and track though and see what I can do. Goal 4:Track measurments for good feedback. Weigh in daily. Calculate 7-day rolling average. Diameters of body parts weekly. I'll use these to adjust my nutrition or exercise to get into that 1-2 lbs./week weight loss I keep aiming for. Goal 5: Build my lab I need a generally clean, generally organized workspace to study and build electronic shit. So I'm going to work on cleaning up my junk filled office and set up a work table. I've got 4 book shelves to hold (hopefully all) my books. I also ordered a white board and a cart with some drawers and little organizer bins for holding tiny little electronics components. We're doing this.