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    Keto I'm still in keto, and I've lost 2 lbs. off my rolling average since the Sunday before last... about 10 days. That's awesome progress. The average has been steadily trending downward. The only uptick so far was for Monday and Tuesday this week, and I'm pretty sure that was because I ate way too many salted nuts over the weekend, and maybe lack of sleep Sunday night because I stayed up to watch the last episode of GoT might have created a tiny bit of havoc with my metabolism. But now were back on track it seems. Cooking I'm brainstorming ideas for recipes or new ingredients. I've come up with a couple this week. 1) Breakfast sandwiches: I need to find a replacement for those breadless sandwiches I was mowing a couple challenges ago (egg fritata in place of muffin, etc). They would be acceptable for ketogenic diets, but they violate two of my restrictions: turkey(not pescatarian) and cheese (dairy). Plus, I've been trying to come up with a reasonable way to batch cook a bunch of these things so I can have easy, fast breakfasts during the week and cut down on my fucking-around-in-the-kitchen-while-I-should-be-getting-ready-for-work time. Also, the ones in the box are pricey for what the ingredients are. I think I'm going to fuck around with my seitan, and see if I can leaven it and mix it with a flour that'll make it more bready and less meaty, so I have high protein bread for egg sandwiches. Or I might try a keto bread recipe. 2) Veggie snacks: I need to find my snack veggie. Something I can take to work and maybe eat with peanut or almond butter. I've been eating a lot, probably too many, nuts. I'm probably going to turn into a squirrel. But at least I'll have the energy to ward off Robert Goulet. Anyway. I'd like to get more vitamins and fiber during the day. Carrots are out because they're a little too carby (not too many to include in a bigger meal, but too many to be the main feature in a snack, especially with NBs, cuz they have a gram or two of carbs themselves.) I don't hate celery, but I don't like celery. I have no idea how it got paired up with buffalo wings. I could totally cut up broccoli stems, and kale stems. The problem with those two, I probably won't buy enough broccoli and kale for them to last a week. Is there something keto friendly and non-dairy I can put on top of a slice of cucumber? Running? I worked 9 hours yesterday and 10 hours today. And today I was super on it. I'm running two machines at once. They're right next to each other, but I was back and forth between them all damn day. I'm feeling it. And my step counter picked up an extra 1500 steps today. I might also add a simple weightlifting plan. During the last challenge, I did think about running a real simple 3x3 linear program just to get back into it without overdoing it on keto. I still want to get some weekend runs in tho. Data I dialed back my goal of finishing the coursera certificate. I'm going to leave the last course open ended. The last one is a capstone project, and I want to make sure I do it thoughfully, because that's when I'll really learn something and maybe make something. I'll finish the next one (course 5/9) this weekend They are getting more challenging but the other four courses are really just chugging through information and quizzes and simple activities. Those I can knock out ASAP.
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    Updated goals. Last night I wrote things out and organized them better. Just now I made a couple small tweaks. Yup. I also need to teach myself that exercise is not an excuse to eat more for recovery when the goal is to lose weight. Hence, the current track I'm taking. Okay, yeah. In the beginning it was definitely hardball time. I was think about this today, and at some point, I'll bet once I get down around 250, I'm gonna get weird cravings. It seems like every time I cross that threshold I start eating like crazy again and I rebound back up to 260. Then it'll be time for more hardball. But, sometimes a few short sprints of hardball are what's needed. Any thoughts on going full stack with Ruby on Rails? I was thinking about going into web dev a couple years ago and that's what I was trying to get into. It just turned out I don't really like web dev... I'm a data monkey. I kinda wanna get back into learning that though so I can build apps for visualizations... but I ought to see what python has available first. Thanks. I suspected as much.
  3. Curl Brogo

    The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale I

    Down with pumpkinhead! Good luck!
  4. Curl Brogo

    Teros 54: Phoenix Begins

    Following. I can definitely sympathize with how school/work can eat your life and make you lose progress and forget about really taking care of yourself. But throw a few other tragedies on that fire and... damn. Congrats to you for getting through it. And replacing screen time for creative activities did me a lot of good in the past couple years. Good luck.
  5. Curl Brogo

    [Sloth] Eat Pizza, Be Awesome, Repeat

    Maybe a chocolate croissant for desert? I saw this on facebook and thought of you. Addit: And then I found this:
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    Those are both things: Keto Running Data cooking This hardly feels like a hardball approach anymore. I'm doing things that are difficult or not enjoyable by a lot of people, but for me a ketogenic diet that's mostly plant based just feels right. Carbs cause a lot of moods swings in me, and though I like meat, when I'm not feeling well I gravitate toward vegetarian/pescatarian foods. I'm dabbling with Python for about the 3rd or 4th time now. It seems like its in demand everywhere, and especially with data science (science in general) there's so much out there. I'd start learning a bit right away just for the hell of it. What other languages do you know? Sadly, I read that first line in my head to the tune to... Now that's stuck in my head. THANKS FOR RUINING MY DAY SYLVAA!!!! Just kidding. This song has been firmly stuck in my head for days now. And TBB can't compete.
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    Brogo: beats for brainz

    my new one is here: Aside from shenaniganz, what I'm doing now has little to do with warrioring so I'm gonna hang out with the adventurers again.
  8. Curl Brogo


    If you haven't followed my threads before, I am Brogo. I'm usually back and forth between the Warrior and Adventurer guilds. I typically try to lift like a warrior, but mostly I just eat like a warrior. That should stand out as indication that I'm overweight, and the bulk (pun intended) of my fitness journey has been failed attempts at weight loss. Lately, tho, I don't care about gainz. I'm really prioritizing my weight loss over everything else fitness wise. So I wandered back in here. I'm currently 257 lbs. I want to get to one-der-land. Just get me to 199 lbs. How am I going to lose this weight? Spoilered longwinded details... Goal 1, Keto: -> Maintain keto via a standard ketogenic diet (minimal carbs, no TKD or CKD) -> If ketogenesis gets interrupted, fast for 24-30 hours. Goal 2, Cooking: -> Keep current dietary restrictions (no meat, poultry, or dairy) until the end of the challenge. -> Buy at least one new ingredient each week, or try one new recipe. Goal 3, Running?: -> Go on a run once every weekend. -> Hit 6000 steps/day on my fitness tracker or lift weights. -> If I work <9 hours in a day, go for a run. Goal 4, Data: -> Continue work on Data Science Certificate on Courser:a by the end of challenge complete 4 courses.
  9. Curl Brogo

    Brogo: beats for brainz

    Yeah. Time for this challenge to fuck off. Totally derailed. BUT! We learned a few things. Laid some good foundational work for the next one. Even lost a couple pounds.
  10. Curl Brogo

    Brogo: beats for brainz

    The IBM badges are just little mini-credentials for completing training on certain topics. They are not much more involved than merit badges used in scouts. IBM recognizes and backs them I guess. The certificate will tell people that I'm capable of starting a career in data science. My master's already shows that... if my thesis is explained in context. Basically, it just demonstrates a little effort on my part to get started in this field.
  11. Curl Brogo

    Brogo: beats for brainz

    It was just an exercise in learning how to use Jupyter notebooks... which lets you publish markdown (formatted text) alongside executable code. It was peer graded. I just decided to include code that makes a spinning cursor and dinosaurs to make it fun for whoever was up all hours of the night cranking through the course and doing the grading. All of the ones I graded just put like 1 + 1 for their code. People are lame. Unfortunately, from the shared link you can't see the spinning cursor. So I lost points on that, but it was worth it.
  12. Curl Brogo

    Scalyfreak continues her studies of pyromancy

    If you can utter words at all, even obscenities, you're gonna be fine and if you have a sense of humor you'll laugh about your pain later. So it's funny. If you're really hurt in a not funny/serious way you're either unconscious or semi-conscious and either quiet or babbling gibberish -- so not funny. Then there's making primal animal noises. There you have to go by pitch, duration, and complexity of the noise. Higher pitches, longer durations, and complexity (as in multiple syllables). Short, low pitch, simple sounds like barks and grunts tend to indicate real pain. Seek medical support immediately. This applies only to immediate traumatic injuries. Chronic pain is a different story. Chronic pain is usually not funny. Mostly it depends what part of the body it affects.
  13. Curl Brogo

    Scalyfreak continues her studies of pyromancy

    Screaming in pain = not funny Screaming in over-the-top pain induced obscenities = usually super funny
  14. Curl Brogo

    Brogo: beats for brainz

    I now have three IBM badges! My goal is to have at least five by Monday. I need nine to get my certificate as a Data Science Professional. See my work here
  15. Curl Brogo

    Scalyfreak continues her studies of pyromancy

    Just to clarify above... I'm laughing out of satisfaction of the small bit cosmic justice served in you vehicular woes story... Not your busted ankle. I'd only do that if you hurt it in a really, really funny way.