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  1. Curl Brogo

    Pack. Move. Unpack: Tanktimus Relocates Forum Headquarters

    Ahh! Yess! Food pics... finally. Addit: Took the enemagram test and got a 5 (okay), 6 (hmm, maybe), and 4 (not really).
  2. Curl Brogo

    Brogo is Rocky part I

    The heat index is currently 104 deg. F Today is all about Gin and Tonics. Also pizza. Addit: Crust is Bredd. Tonic is diet. Today is keto.
  3. Curl Brogo

    Brogo is Rocky part I

    Kind of. I'm mostly just interested in developing a new way to do synthesis... as far as I'm aware of how to do it. The old analog way is to use subtractive synthesis. Generate a waveform, and manipulate it by (primarily) subtracting harmonics to shape the timbre. And there are several other types of modulations that affect the sound. I'm trying to do it the hard way and see what it takes to get from a simple sine wave to the sound of an orchestra and maybe some new stuff in between. Most likely I'll just find a couple of cool sounds and figure out how to generate an instrument/model that I can manipulate with MIDI, then use it in another DAW... since were into jargon and acronyms. TKD = targeted ketogenic diet, carbs before/after workouts only. I'm definitely not converting. I'm pretty well satisfied with my own hodge podge of empiricism, pantheism, humanism, stoicism, existentialism, and zen buddhism. (although a close contender is Caodaism -- google that). I'm just glad to know there is a spark of something in me that isn't totally cold and dead, that I'm something more than just a rotting husk of meat. As a rebuttal to that statement I offer: plain chant, Josquin Dupres, J.S. Bach, and of course Gospel. It's just that contemporary 'Christian' genres are lame facsimiles of other popular musical genres. They lack the touch of authenticity and real human emotion. My flamenco teacher taught me about the "soul of Black Death" which is supposed to be found in the best Flamenco players. Contemporary Christian music definitely lacks that. Fun Fact: The bass player from Slayer is a devout Catholic. In the words of the article I read about how rockstars aren't always what they seem, he's a "Let's have cup of tea and talk about Christian Brotherhood kind of Catholic."
  4. Curl Brogo

    Brogo is Rocky part I

    New Sound!: Seriously, tho. It doesn't take 24 hours or so to make one sound. But over that time period I added a bunch of functions and classes to make the whole process of entering parameters to shape a sound a whole lot more organized. So yay Object Oriented Programming! From here on out I can mostly tinker and make small additions and experiment with shaping the wave generator. Until I decide to roll out some sort of MIDI-like API (so much jargon, google it) it's just play time. Mickey: 5 + 0 = 5 Adrian: 6 + 3 = 9 Paulie: 4 + 1 = 5 I intended to get my last workout in for the week, but I just didn't feel up to it. The recovery. Of course I also forgot to plan out a TKD plan... which is fine because I also think I changed my mind about doing that. I think I might just be looking for an excuse to go off the rails. For now I'm staying the course. Also, I'm taking dairy back off the menu and out of my fridge. My weight loss stalled for sure this week so I'd be better off not keeping dairy around. It's fine if it wanders onto my plate, but I shouldn't buy any and keep it around. As mentioned in previous posts, I've been spending a lot of time working on my digital synthesizer. Super fun. We'll see if I compose a cyberpunk symphony with it, but at the very least, it's a good project to post on my github account that demonstrates I know how to fucking program in python. Today I went to church with my parents. Which was just uncomfortable. But I did have a minor religious experience. The sermon was okay, a pretty standard one about forgiveness, but the music sucked, and annoyed me profoundly. Toward the end of the second Christian Pop/Rock Jesus song a jarringly loud buzz and screech came over the PA system. As a scientist I want to explain that as the person at the mixing board bumped a knob or a plug or switch or something. But I must admit some small part of me likes to think that my Dad and Grandma were up in heaven and decided to throw down sign like "Yeah. We're with you. This music blows." Afterward, I went with my parents to brunch and had an egg scrambler with sliced tomatoes instead of hashbrowns and toast. Then on the drive home I cleansed my palette...
  5. Curl Brogo

    Brogo is Rocky part I

    Brogo’s Rocky themed challenge Rocky I Yeah. This is way too long overdue. Considering how much I love Rocky I – IV. So you can expect three more of these. In my universe, we pretend that Rocky V and beyond don’t exist. In fact, III and IV are not great movies either, but contain certain redeeming elements. Those being [Mr. T], and [topical Cold War political discourse disguised as a boxer known as “The Italian Stallion” fighting an exhibition match in Russia + a badass, “old school” training montage in the Russian wilderness], respectively. WARNING: 1. This thread will contain Rocky spoilers. If you haven’t seen Rocky... 2. WTF is wrong with you? It’s a classic and you should have seen it already like a million times. 3. Not only that, if you’ve made to adulthood, you’ve probably pieced together the entire plot and ending from movie and TV references and parodies and various internet memes and gifs. 4. So really it’s you’re own fault for not having your shit together enough to sit down and watch the whole movie so stop whining about spoilers. 5. There. I’ve used up enough of this post to sufficiently warn you about spoilers (that won’t ruin the triumphal cinematic experience that is Rocky anyway). I’ve done my part. Now… Main Goals: Get down to “fighting weight” of 199 lbs. I’m closing in on 250. Getting to goal is way beyond the scope of this series of challenges. Build a satisfying career. I’ve been a machinist for a year now. I like it. I can tolerate it as a necessary 40 hours a week put food on the table job. But I need a more intellectual engagement to be happy with my work. And money. I’m working on a certification in Data Science on coursera. I’m also exploring a bootcamp on artificial intelligence and machine learning… (oooohhh, can’t wait ‘till we get to Rocky IV XD.) That, and lately I’ve been dicking around with editing audio files using Python. I really want to keep going forward and I’m aiming for a Machine Learning Engineer type of position… which might be possible with the bootcamp certifcation. The plot Every Rocky movie has three main elements and basically follows a sequential formula. I. Introduction phase – Rocky’s current situation is introduced, we meet the opponent and Rocky’s motivation for rising to the challenge. Roughly the first half of the movie. Basically, this post and week zero where I figure shit out. II. Training phase – Rocky begins training, often using unique or eccentric means based on his circumstances, often with some sort of montage. Plot develops as Rocky faces and overcomes small challenges that result from interactions with his supporting characters, primarily: his trainer, Adrian, and Paulie. This phase finishes with a training montage. Roughly the third quarter of the movie. Weeks 1-3 of this challenge. This is where I’ll do stuff and score points. III. Final fight – From the end of training to the credits, pretty much, Rocky fights his opponent. Week 4 of the challenge. I’ll set some specific, quantifiable goal and try to reach it. On to the challenge. I. Introduction: Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed Rocky Rocky at the beginning and I have a lot in common. We’re both southpaws. We both have small time jobs, live in obscurity, and shitty apartments. We’re both yearning for a shot to make something of ourselves. We both eat weird shit for the sake of fitness. Rocky sets his sights on his goals and trains hard. For me this means: 1. Maintaining ketogenesis with my pescatarian, dairy-free ketogenic diet. 2. Following a lifting program 3. Working extra hours and saving money 4. Working on my certification and getting better at programming and statistics Apollo Creed Apollo is the current champion. Not only is he undefeated, no one has gone the distance, the full 12 rounds, with him. Rocky just wants to get his chance to show the world his best in the face of fighting the champ. For me, beating Apollo is setting new post NF weight PR. The lowest I’ve ever weighed since joining NF was 244, which I set about a year and half ago. I’m at about 252.2 on average. I’d have to lose over 8 lbs in four weeks. I probably won’t get there by the end of this challenge. But I will commit and go the distance. I will also go the distance and finish my Data Science Certificate on Coursera. I have one assignment from the penultimate course, then the last course to finish. Totally doable in 4 weeks. II. Training Phase: meet Mickey, Adrian, and Paulie Here I track points according to how each character helps support me on the way. Mickey Mickey is Rocky’s trainer. Mickey is a mean, tough old fucker who yells at Rocky to get him to do more and follow his training regimen. +1 point for time I use my willpower to stick to a goal even though I don’t want to. When I turn down a food that’s off plan, when I pick up the barbell, when I go in to work an hour early or stay an extra hour, when I make time for a lesson on cousera even though I just don’t want to. No points for simply doing. Points for doing it anyway. Adrian Adrian is the love of Rocky’s life. Adrian is supportive and roots for Rocky to win, but also doesn’t want Rocky to get hurt. Mickey thinks she distracts Rocky, but Rocky can’t fight without her support. Whenever she disapproves or is absent, Rocky turns into a giant wuss. +1 point for every time I do something extra for recovery from all the goal oriented work. Go for a walk, do some yoga or stretch. Catch up on sleep on weekends. Take time to cook a better tasting more enjoyable meal so my diet doesn’t stagnate. Play guitar to clear my head from coding. Etc. Constructive Tangents that support goals. Paulie Paulie is Rocky’s best friend and Adrian’s older brother. He drinks a lot and throws temper tantrums. He’s jealous of Rocky sometimes, but he’s also Rocky’s biggest fan. He really just wants Rocky’s attention and friendship. +1 point for every time I overcome an obstacle. Make time to get training done, or eliminate a distraction, or fulfill social obligations Etc.