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    Brogo Sucks It Up Stoic Style

    Yup. Last challenge I practiced mindfulness. And it led me back to Stoicism which I'd been half-assedly practicing all year. Now is a good time to rekindle my philosophical side and put it into practice. For a refresher, the core stance of Stoicism is that to achieve a virtuous flourishing life, eudaimonia in Greek, a person should live in harmony with nature. This doesn't mean living in the woods alone or something like that, but to align one's thoughts and actions with the nature of the world, one's circumstances, and human nature itself. Along with this comes understanding what one can and cannot control, and either accepting what one cannot, and controlling or changing what one can. The Stoics suggest practicing poverty (going without luxuries or conveniences, or enduring temporary hardships) to help one appreciate what one has. Practicing Poverty, Diet: Lately I've been eating very sparingly and at least I'm closing in on 250 lbs., whereas after the Holidays I was 270+. I'm pretty much living on my weekly imperfect produce box, fish, tofu, soymilk, and bananas. I eat two bananas and two soymilk lattes while at work. Then veggies, fruit, and fish or tofu for dinner. I'm probably getting less than 2000 cals a day, and I'm tired as hell, and not sleeping well, and sometimes I'm foggy brained... but other times I have tons of energy and feel good... Basically, this is hard, but since I'm losing the weight, I'm going to suck it up and take it as far as I can for now. Enduring Hardship, Exercise: 3 workouts per week. I'm doing Tabata Kettlebell HIIT, and bodyweight strength training, mostly dips and chinups. The stoics also believed that as social and rational animals people should be active participants in their communities. This includes politics, volunteer work, and just helping others and being a good person. Community Participation 1: Activism Firstly, I made a New Year's Resolution to be more honest about my political beliefs (Democratic Socialism) and to do more work to put them into action (educating people about Democratic socialism (i.e. we're not commies, quit freaking out), and advocating for universal healthcare etc.). Those of you who are FB friends of mine have probably noticed this if you get updates on my activity regularly. I hate confrontations, especially when they are driven by politically motivated anger. Engaging in online debates has been a good place to start practicing standing up for what I believe in while maintaining a level head and making rational, informed rebuttals while bearing insults and angry rhetoric. I'm also learning more about other people's perspectives. This is something I'd recommend everyone practice regardless what you believe in or stand for. Soon enough, I know these debates will start happening in real life and face to face as well, and I hope to be able to survive them with decent, civil composure. Community Participation 2: Self Education and Reasoning I've also taken it upon myself to read major texts in economics to better understand the economic and financial systems that shape our world in the present. I'm starting with Adam Smith's "The Wealth of Nations." I'll also be taking notes and journaling my thoughts on what these texts are about and what I think is right/wrong. Community Participation 3: Volunteer I need to find a volunteer activity. I think I'm gonna fill out an application to work at the hospital nearby, or failing that, find some other way to do good works in my community.