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  1. Brogo's adventures of the starving artist

    Well... I was trying to leave work today and my car wouldn't start. I got a ride home from a friend and now I'll be spending my Monday off making phone calls and arrangements for getting that fixed. I'll count going to a mechanic to fix my car an adventure. Ironically, I was very nearly thinking of taking the car on a road trip to somewhere near Nashville just to get under totality for the eclipse. At least it didn't break down in Kentucky somewhere.
  2. Brogo's adventures of the starving artist

    Re: baby goats I reiterate, there were not enough animals at the fair. Let alone "goat mountain" which consisted of 5 or 6 pens, several of which contained sheep and potbelly pigs. And no baby goats. There weren't even pygmies.
  3. Brogo's adventures of the starving artist

    What about tacos?
  4. Brogo's adventures of the starving artist

    Crappy day. 5 hours of sleep... partly because it's hot this week. Part because I've managed to transform a very "E for everyone" type of mobile game into a total grind fest and lost track of time. It was the cherry on top of a disappointing weekend. The state fair was kind of a disappointment. Mainly because a lot of stuff was closed off and there wasn't much too see. We did spend plenty of time looking at the art. There were a couple gems, and I started following one of the artists on Instagram, but meh. There wasn't much for inspiration. The best part of the Indiana state fair was the "Hot Wisconsin" fried cheese curds. (Side note: we were supposed to go back to Madison for beer fest but couldn't find tickets for sale). And the deep fried bbq bacon wasn't worth it. Then we went to drink cider at a local craft cider place. And I lost track and drank one or two too many... I got l didn't get that tipsy, but I did spend a little too much money. Though I was tipsy enough to decide to get a pizza and drink a beer then get four more beers to go. Then I started binge watching GoT to get caught up while eating pizza and beer... until 2am. The result was I was feeling too shitty to accomplish anything on Monday. I did a little painting, but my heart wasn't in working much. Then Tuesday I had an eye appointment and my day just revolved on that... and killing time playing "Merge Dragons!" Then the bill was about 2-3 times more than I expected. Work sucked today. We're starting a big ass project, but it was just the general boring shit... and some of the usual personalities I'm getting increasingly weary of. Then, my car starts to overheat as I'm leaving work. I pulled into a gas station with steam coming out from the hood after 10 minutes of driving. It looks like a radiator or hose leak. Not sure which yet. The steam was coming from up front on one side, very likely where the hose connects to the radiator but I'll have to keep checking on this and topping up my coolant until I can get it in somewhere or find and fix the leak on my own. My weight is back up to 254. FML. ... Imma try to end on a positive note. Despite the disappointing weekend, I got to spend a day with two of my best friends. I showed then some of my art and they seemed interested and impressed. My friend said the demon toad king reminded him of some of H. R. Geiger's (Alien movies) work which was kinda cool. Not that I entirely agree, but I'm going for mysterious, cryptic, and a bit horrifying. I got a new pair of contact lenses. So seeing in 20/20 is a lot more comfortable. We got a $1 wage increase at work so the next paycheck and those after it will be nicer. Tacos still exist.
  5. I'm just redoing my last challenge, but raising the bar a bit on some goals. Goal 1: Stay hungry. Not eating much is for me the most effective way to actually lose weight. Step one: Eat only small, healthy snacks until dinner time. <200 cals, has some damn protein, fiber, and vitamins. My schedule at work makes it so I can have 4 of these. Step two: meat and veggies for dinner first, then carbs till I'm no longer hungry. Weight goal: 245 lbs. Goal 2: One adventure a week Go visit or see a new thing each week. Hiking in parks, go to a new store, new restaurant, visit the damn at museum already. Just gotta get outta the apartment and do something new. Goal 3: Sweat three times a week. Workout. Doesn't matter where or what. Just break a sweat at least. Goal 4: Paint I want to complete a dozen works for my painting/drawing portfolio. My goal is to do three this challenge. The only limitation of that I must paint or draw from life. Sidequest: Assemble a plein aire painting adventure kit. Boom! Challenge!