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  1. As of 6:45 am, all of what you see in this photo was grass. By 10:45 am, it had become a garden with a couple dozen plants (tomatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower). That was a hell of a workout. Sweat dripping, out of breath, I'm gonna be sore for days workout. The raised bed I built last weekend so I can grow salad/snack vegetables on top of concrete and gravel nonsense...
  2. Okay. I pulled it together and made some rice, veggie, and tofu dishes. I'm only getting tacos if someone else thanks the initiative and offers to pick them up. I'd say there's a 1/3 chance this happens.
  3. Yesterday was all plant based, but I skipped gardening or any other exercise because I slept in a bit... still catching up from the Sat-Sun lack of sleep. Today I did the NF BKB workout with a 10 lbs plate and only BW on the squats and lunges. It was just about right. I got all the reps and sets. Each circuit left me winded and a little sweatier than the last one. I will be a little sore in the next two days... just right for a workout. Wednesday is $2.00 tacos at the taqueria just around the corner from where I work. What better workout recovery food is there than tacos al pastor... ehh? So that might distract me from staying plant based today.
  4. Forgot the company was buying us bbq for lunch to welcome and introduce our new ops manager. Plant based is out for today. I'm not turning down free brisket
  5. Yesterday: I had stayed up all night Saturday (after sleeping until 6 pm ), then I went to the hardware store early in the morning and spent a couple of hours there pushing around a heavy duty cart loaded with bags of soil and lumber so I could build a couple of raised beds for the section of yard where it's all pavement underneath. Then I mowed down my overgrown backyard with my neighbors weed whacker, build one of the beds, transplanted my lettuces and sowed some other salad /snack vegetables (carrots, radishes, spinach, moar lettuce). I started attempting to till some new ground for the tomatoes, broccoli, and future stuff, but I have heavy clay and am lacking tools and methods... so I cleaned up and took a long siesta. When I got up I researched the double digging method: Dig all the soil out of the first garden bed and move it next to where your last bed will be. Dig the second bed, and put the soil in the first bed. Dig the third, putting the soil in the second bed. Repeat until you reach the last bed. Fill the last bed with the dirt from the first bed. This seems a lot more doable than using crappy hand tillers that only work on sandier/looser soils. Today: I did 1 round of the Beginner KB workout. I did it all the way through with a 25 lbs KB (my lightest KB). Just that took me 5 min just to catch my breath, and I can already feel the DOMS that are coming tomorrow. On Wednesday, I think I'm gonna grab a 10 lbs. plate and see if I can get through all three rounds with that and work form there. Of course, the stuff that gassed me was the squats and lunges wherein most of the weight being moved is me, so that might not affect much. Okay, now I need to make lunch and go to work. Breakfast was an apple and a vegan protein shake. I'm on track to stay plant based... I'm probably gonna do tofu with noodles and veggies for lunch.
  6. There are resources available: https://www.crisistextline.org/topics/self-harm/#what-is-self-harm-1 When you're ready to admit you have a problem
  7. End of Week 1: 1 Plant based diet: I tried, but based on my meal choices the last couple of days (wings and pizza) my heart isn't into this. So we'll just call it "Eat better than Jake and Elwood." As my garden gets growing, this will get easier. -- I have tomatoes and brocolli I need to get into the ground. Addit: And I remembered I need to start using Lumen again. I stopped when I got sick, and haven't done it since. 2 Stay Active: I did burpees on Monday and that was it. Burpees suck. I don't want to do more right now. Instead I'm going to do the NF Beginner KB workout M,W,F then do one of or any combination of walking, gardening, stat bike, or heavy bag on 3/4 of T,R, S, S. 3 Fixin' stuff: I started deep cleaning the kitchen. I haven't cleaned much at all except dishes since before I got sick. It's cluttered everywhere, the floor is dirty, and there's a trail of ants from the back door to the cat's food dish. I'll finish that up tomorrow, after some gardening. 4 Getting Good at Bass: I actually missed a couple of practices this week, but was satisfied with the progress I've made on some of the songs I'm learning.... I also bought a cheap trumpet and dug my old violin out of the closet... and my ocarina... so distractions. <sigh> Bass is the focus still, but I want to be able to at least play simple melodies on these other instruments. I'll keep playing bass (nearly) everyday and just turn to these instruments when I need a break. On trumpet and violin, I'm really just practicing making a decent sound come out of it. And I have a whole new respect for horn players... trumpet is hard.
  8. Stay Plant Based: Today was 100% plant based... yesterday tho, I had smoked brisket at my Mom's Stay Active: After stretching a bit I did 5 morning burpees... slow pathetic ones.... and that was enough to make me start sweating... ugh! Then I cleaned up the living room and dining room. BASS!: I practiced tonight and logged it.
  9. Ugh! Everywhere I dig in the yard I hit gravel or concrete. My gardening plans are changing drastically. Today, I started clearing my overgrown yard. The grass and weeds are about 12-18 inches high, so I was hacking at it with a manual weedwacker (not sure if that's really what they're called). I got about half the back yard done, but the grass is thick. When I tired of all that I just moved on. I moved my compost pile over a few feet into the shady part of the yard. Then I started working on removing gravel from the area around my back deck so I could put down mulch for some flower beds. In the process I found an old concrete walkway. I gave up on all that and moved to the front yard and did some weeding and spread some more mulch. Then I took a little break and went through the flats of plants I have and planned out where I'm going to plant the rest. Then I went back to the back yard and decided to do some more excavating... from the edge of the house to the back property line is all 3-4 inches of gravel on top of old concrete, I found out. This is the back part of the driveway, probably had a garage there at one point, part of it was also probably patio. The middle of the driveway, along the side of the house is gravel on top of soil. This is also where water seeps into the basement. Then the front of the driveway is (from an excavation I did a while back. Concrete or gravel, on top of brick. So basically, I've got my gutters dumping rainwater into a gravelly pond dammed on both ends by concrete. So I think If I remove a dam (or part of it) and crate a path to a low spot, and make a little rain garden, I can alleviate a lot of my basement water issues. Ugh! So much to do. Anywho, that's how I spent about 3-4 hours of my day.
  10. My new bass arrived right after I woke up today! I immediately re-strung it with the flat-wound strings and got to playing it. It sounds really good... it really only has one(-ish) sound, so it can just be good at that one sound right. It's gonna be a busy weekend. Tonight I'm working some OT. Tomorrow (rain, so no garden work, but I'm gonna have to shop (groceries and hardware), do some plumbing, maybe painting, then visit my Mom for Mother's Day in the afternoon, then cut grass and garden a bit in the evening (I've already got weeds poking through my mulch beds. Oh! And I have to get my challenge theme with mod'ed goals up:
  11. ... of my descent into NF Challenge chaos? It's still zero week! (see challenge title )
  12. Today I had to get up early, and got to work 2 hours earlier to attend our quarterly all-hands meeting. Ugh! The good news is I won 'Employee of the Quarter' so I got a small bonus, an extra day off and the closest (non-handicapable) parking spot to the door. The little bonus pays for a good chunk of bass number 2 so that's nice. Other than that I trudged through my shift and came home, relaxed, and played a little bass. And I came up with a challenge theme to put together this weekend.
  13. Dammit! I bought another bass guitar. It was cheap tho. It's a 4-string Yamaha BB300 -- which is a clone of a Fender P-bass, and has decent reviews for quality vs. price. So why did I buy it? There are basically three major types of electric basses: 'Precision' (P) basses, 'Jazz' (J) basses, and 'Modern' basses. The differences lie in the neck width, pickup types/positions, and the electronics/tone controls. The one I currently own (an Ibanez SG505EPH (I think is the full model name)) is kind of a hybrid J-Bass/Modern meaning it has two pickups, a narrower neck, and active electronics and a few other bells and whistles that make it able to cover the entire range of sounds for J and Modern basses. Plus, it has round wound strings, which sound brighter and can be more percussive for slap styles. What my bass can't do however, is get the early 50's &60's 'Motown' sound... which came from a P-bass with flatwound strings and often some type of muting mechanism like shoving a sponge under the strings near the bridge. The sound is a nice smooth, thump that almost sounds like an upright/double bass. So that's what I'm gonna do with it. So long as it's as decent as reviewers say, it'll be a nice second guitar to have on hand when I want that sound. I did nothing to do with goals today.
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