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  1. Intuitive Eating: I ate all the bagels... then had some McDonald's. Then I tried to cut back on carbs... and then had Wendy's. Time to get back on balance. Intuitive Exercising: I've been experimenting with pre-work workouts. All I've managed so far is some pushups. But I'll take it. Painting: I started another painting on Sunday. It is three times the size of the previous one, so I didn't finish it, I really just laid in a simple background and that's it. I might move on to a new theme though... and it's time to doodle and come up with ideas. Wizard'
  2. Congrats on the A1C result... that is awesome news. While you're deep diving into tea, pick up some matcha powder, which is literal powder. It's good.
  3. Workout: Kung fu warmup Dips: (roughly) 5x3 Barbell Rows: 70 # 5x8 Front Squat: 70# 5x8 Deadlift: 70# 1x8 I video taped* recorded my first set of dips and yeah depth is not there. I googled some videos, and found Steve's article then watched BuffDudes... I can do the top half which is good for triceps, but I can barely get into the bottom half. I know this because I tried top half and bottom half partials. I did multiple variations, then the last set of dips were just negatives. And I totally fell apart at the bottom. So dips will need more work and I'm gon
  4. Of course, real tacos have just seasoned meat, onion, cilantro, and a bit of lime, so if they're called taco fries, that's all they should have on them.
  5. I realize I'm debating with a Texan about Tex-Mex food but... I'd call these taco fries, mainly because of taco seasoned meat. To me, if these were made with chips and called them nachos I'd assume no meat unless you specified that they had meat. If you say nachos I assume tortilla chips topped with cheese and optionally salsa, guac, and/or sour cream. Other toppings are welcome, but not definitive.
  6. Also, I ate this for dinner: Bison ribeye with sweet potatoes and juice. The juice is spinach, green apple, turnip, and cucumber. The green stuff on the plate is the ground up spinach after it comes out of the juicer. I mixed it with some olive oil and stirred in some italian spices and sauteed it along with the steak. It was pretty tasty.
  7. Thanks! It's the boiling that gives them their signature, chewy crust. The water removes some of the starch and increases the gluten concentration of the outer layers of dough. Yeah. Depth kinda feels like... it's good enough to get a really good workout, but if it was a squat it wouldn't get white lights in a competition. On my last set the second one was deeper, and that might be the reason I only got 2... but maybe I went too deep? I'm gonna have to get the next workout on video. Yes it is! I only let the dough rest for an hour to rise
  8. I figured, but I also haven't finished the book yet either. I think I was getting to that conclusion. Thanks for the confirmation. ================================ I just got back from GERD-cery shopping. I bought a lot of vegetables and fruits for juicing and eating whole, lean meats (chicken breast and a bison ribeye). Nothing fatty or sugary. Greek yogurt, ginger tea... ...and lots of antacid tablets. Also, I'm going to try making my own bagels... I think if I eat them slowly I should be fine.
  9. I kinda figured, but had to ask. What do you feed them? I've seen some vermiculture setups, but none that I'd like to keep under my desk at work.
  10. Workout: Kung Fu warmup Front squat: 65# 5x8 Dips: 3, 3, 2 Barbell Rows: 65# 5x8 Deadlift: 65# 5x8 All good. Next time barbell lifts will increase to 70#. And each lift increases by five pounds every workout I get at least five reps. I'm aiming for 8 just to add volume while the weights are still light. I thought about aiming for 10 or 12 but figured 8 was good and I'd make more progress with consistent sets of 5-8 as opposed to 12, 10, 6, 4, 3 cuz I wore myself out trying to get 12 on the first couple sets. I'll try to get 3x3 on d
  11. Your studies are actually an improvement on the originals... IMO. I really like your lines and colors better. Keep em coming!
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