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  1. Tonight's project: Did some workouts in between temperature checks and bastings. Dips: 3x4 Rows: 3x5 @ 140# I took my first practice lsat and scored a 149... so 😕 That's right below the cutoff for "good" scores. It was harder than I thought it would be and I'm rusty and deprived of caffeine. So I could improve. Above 160 work be competitive. On the other hand, I found a near perfect program, an MS in law, created specifically for students with a science background who want to work in anything from patent law to policy or legal consult
  2. It was when I tried to post the embedded code for an IG photo. It was from CloudFlare. The message along with it said it thought what I was posting looked suspicious... my guess it blocked me from posting the code for the IG embed to prevent a security issue. It suggested I "email the owner of the site" with the "Ray ID". I had that in the follow up post, but deleted it. 😕 Sorry.
  3. And now I've been blocked on my desktop because I tried to post the embedded image code for an Instagram photo. Can someone please unblock me? Addit: Nevermind/thanks? I can access the forums again. I'm done.
  4. Not a complaint. I just thought the coincidence of giving up caffeine and a more than subtle cosmetic update occurring on the forums was funny. I listed (mild) grievances in the appropriate thread.
  5. One big silver lining here... the menu to follow "Content I Posted In" appears to be working again. This was my original preferred method of following threads before the changes/updates from (five?) years ago, and I'm glad to have it back. 😄 I do agree the new font is a little thin and hard to read unless I zoom in. But then it seems fine. This is on my desktop with Firefox. On my phone I use chrome to view and post. It actually looks really sharp on there. But yes, the buttons for posting formats are limited. We'll see if this image posts https://www.i
  6. WTF!? Everything looks so different. Is this what the forum looks like when I'm not chugging caffeinated beverages 24-7?
  7. You are remembering correctly. I did a phone intake appointment, but couldn't get a follow up scheduled because all the officers are closed and people are not returning calls etc. It had crossed my mind, and this is a big part of the reason I'm giving up caffeine.
  8. It was about the fact that I only had 1 cup of decaf followed by six diet mt dews... as opposed to six 12 oz. coffees yesterday. Today, I woke up and had two cups of decaf ... only because not drinking any coffee would be too weird... and I'm planning to not have any more caffeine tonight period. This is why I'm forgetful and unfocused atm.
  9. I needed to move and sweat so last night I did some KB swings with a 36 lbs KB. I did three sets of 10 left arm, 10 right, then 10 with both. Single arms were just to right above shoulder level, doubles were up overhead and as fast as I could. I did three sets of those with rest in between, which was enough for me to know that I'd have the bit of soreness I have right now, which is enough. I barely sweated tho. My apartment hasn't been getting warm enough. It's been hanging around 65 (about 18 C)... not sure if I have a heat issue or if its just not yet on for the building. We've h
  10. Squeeeeee! There's an 24 hr, old-school type gym just a few blocks from where I work. It's practically on the way home. $30/mo. Squeeeeeee!
  11. These are good points. I agree... the Philosophy degree is not necessary... My master's probably qualifies me already to at least get my foot in the door somewhere, but I still wanna go back to school for some reason. The JM degree probably isn't even necessary, though it might help me advance down the road. In any case, I applied. I just need to wait and see if/when they get back to me, and if I have a good reason to and a goal, I don't have to wait to go back. I already applied for one IP legal assistant job already. I think what I'm gonna do is look for work as a par
  12. I haven't learned anything yet that you can't find on wikipedia. Patent Attorney -- These fuckers are in high demand and getting there has a lot of hurdles including another Bar exam, but pay is awesome and the work looks interesting. But the main thing is you're practicing law and have to be focused on being all lawyery all the time... you know what I mean. Generic IP Attorney -- Pretty much just another lawyer doing more lawyery things and making lawyery money, but focusing on non-Patent IP like copyrights and trademarks, trade secret laws etc. Then right
  13. My boss tested negative! -- Though, high false negative rates for covid tests, I'm kinda like 🤷‍♂️ I checked last night on testing options and couldn't find any place available until Monday. My main reason for getting one ASAP was just to get ahead of it, but if work follows up with contact tracing and testing they'll probably send me off Monday with covid pay to get tested, so I can wait. I'll just be monitoring my symptoms until then. Now... let's throw another wrench into the works... I signed up for a course on intellectual property law on coursera. I ha
  14. Idk. The chances are good enough that I'm gonna get tested tomorrow if possible.
  15. Just for the record... I'm not mad or upset. I accepted this as an eventuality the day the shutdown was announced in our state. I don't think this is due to any recklessness on the part of our managers. We're in the middle of the pandemic and it's that time of year. When this shit always gets around. Just hoping for the best for everyone
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