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  1. I had a mixed reaction to it. Parts of it talked about the stigma against being fat using a lot of social justice language, and there were more than a few jabs at our health institutions... both of which I found offputting... but the core message and the not so flammable prose made sense. Shortly after reading HAES, I decided to just look and see what my BMI and "healthy" weight range was... the online calculator at from the CDC said 140-190. I'm the same height and build as my Dad was. When he was... dying of cancer... he weighed 135... so those numbers ought to be taken with a lot of salt. When he was healthy, he was about 210-220. Hvala ti! Dobrodošli! Gore, ti in tvoj otrok so lepi.
  2. Yup. This is one of the top reasons I want to go there. Addit compare these to where I currently live:
  3. Update: BuJo: This is all set up for the week to track my portions by food group, and I've got everything tracked for the weekend. Fitness: Tonight I did a little bit of staff work practicing some things from this video with a short length of PVC pipe I have lying around. YouTube + Medieval Weapons = Nerdiest Rabbit Hole... You wouldn't be surprised to know that some people have strong, barely informed opinions about whether or not samurais or knights would win in a fight... you might be surprised at just how many there are and how far out on a limb they're will to go to defend their favorite historical/fantasy warrior crush. Fair warning if you're going to get into learning HEMA from youtube vids. After that I did some body weight squats, lunges, pushups, and a plank hold. In related news, a 7 ft long hardwood pole is on its way to my apartment. So soon I'll be able to take this shit outdoors and try it for real. NES build: As you can see above, if you zoom in far enough, I've been working on some pixel art. Here's another: .... I call him skelelink... or Link's skeleton. I was thinking of doing a hack of zelda where link is a skeleton and instead of gathering up pieces of the triforce, he's be searching for his organs. Halloween must be around the corner. Really, I'm just spitballing and messing with pixel art to see what I can come up with. It's fun tho. Slovene: I did a bunch of lessons at Tvoj otrok je grd. -- In English: Your child is ugly. -- translates word for word. That last word, grd, is pronounced just like it's spelled and is thus the perfect word for ugly in any language. Tho on some occasions you should use the polite/formal version: Vaš otrok je grd. See. I'm learning. Buy a home: In the interest of saving up, I need to figure out how I'm going to make OT with the shop being closed on fridays. This means I only have four days and need to work shifts longer than 10 hours. Which means way less time to workout and/or relax when I get home, and I'll have to get on top of food prep. I cooked some chicken thighs today, then some pasta and meat sauce. I'm gonna have to figure some other things out though if I want to work full 12 hour shifts. And I have to get my bedtime and waketime under control. Which mostly means I should have gone to bed an hour ago.
  4. Thanks. Yup. And chronic dieting is likely just as bad for health as eating cheezburgers three times a day. I'm using 8-bit workshop. I looked up RPG Maker... meh... maybe one day I'll try it. I have ulterior motives for building an NES game from code, like learning to code and learning more about the hardware. Plus, I think using a tool with all the built-ins just isn't going to lead to creativity unless I really get into it. Idk. I don't think I totally buy into all of what set point theory says... that we have one particular weight range that we feel best at and it doesn't move.I think we all have our current optimum, +/- 10 lbs. And that also moves around according to our exercise and lifestyle patterns. Coming out of high school I was 330 lbs. I forgot to mention in my introduction, every day I'm less than 330 lbs. is a victory. Lowest I ever got was about 210 lbs. I think I felt my best when I was at 225 lbs. But that was mostly in college when I was training in Kung Fu 3x per week or more. Getting down to 210 was the result of famine... my first job out of college paid about 25k and I had some times where I was living on ramen and canned tuna. I lost muscle mass for sure and after that year I was no where near as limber as I was before it.
  5. Making sprites! You may have to zoom in substantially to see the frog... doin' what frogs do.
  6. The sigh of doneness. I'll need to remember that.
  7. Yeah. I'm realizing I have to come to terms with some things. I'm 36, according to the numbers obese, and more and more I feel like the efforts to lose weight are not only ineffective at increasing my ability to live more fully, but are actually undermining the effort along with my health in the long run. I've been on NF for over seven years at this point. I now weight exactly what I weighed when I began, about 270. I can get more active, eat better etc, and I do pretty well at losing the weigh and feel good under 260, until I near 250, then despite feeling generally good, everything crumbles as I become tired, hungry, and my will power just disappears. Then it all comes back, and within weeks I go back to 270, where I feel sluggish and even a little sick. And the cycle begins again. A couple weeks ago I read Health at Every Size and the bullet points are: Being overweight is not the cause of bad health, and often overweight people have higher survival rates and outcomes when they get sick Your body has a set point weight that it likes to stay at to feel healthy Efforts to lose fat/weight push the set point higher because the body interprets dieting as famine Further, any extreme diet or exercise puts extra stress on the body that can lead to worse health outcomes So it's best to just accept your weight/size and just try to be healthier by eating well and staying active Granted I'd like to get rid of the gut and not carry the extra weight around, but I don't want to harm my health as I enter the middle ages of life. I'd rather just focus on living better. Eating food that is nourishing, enjoyable, and fulfilling. Doing physical activities that are enjoyable and/or have purpose. Learning new things and building things regardless of the paycheck or career ambitions etc. Travel? And to anyone who says that this sounds like I'm giving up on fitness, and just making excuses to indulge or not follow a well worn path to what someone else thinks is a good life... The Bigger Long Term Goals: Get down to and maintain my feel good weight -- about 255-260 Get fitter and stronger at 255-260 (or whatever weight feels good) using the Marine Corp PFT standards/scores Build an old school NES game -- I've always wanted to build a video game and I like retro games Go on an extended vacation in Slovenia -- at least one month Buy a house Challenge goals: Weight/Nutrition -- BuJo: Just tracking my portions. Just paying attention. No rules or anything. Just maybe if I overflow the allocated spaces for a food it'd be good to look for reasons for the imbalances. Weight/Nutrition -- Scale: Don't use it during the five week challenge. Just don't. Weigh in before, then after. Fitness 1: Strength training -- do dips to improve pushing strength, do rows to improve pulling strength, do planks/crunches to improve abs Fitness 2: Cardio -- HIIT training with KBs and Med Intensity cardio on the stat bike -- twice a week each minimum Fitness 3: AMRAP pushups, plank, and rows every morning -- just one set, AMRAP Fitness 4: HEMA -- Historical European Martial Arts -- I'm starting training with the quarter staff and probably gonna throw in some boxing -- train once a week. NES game build: just keep working on it, I finally found a platform for building NES games that seems useful. I'm planning on a Zelda 1 type RPG/adventure game and/or a platformer. Last challenge I was talking about doing some hacks, which might still happen for practice's sake, but after searching my soul, mostly I want to make my own original game. Buy a home: Just keep hording money till I have a down payment and/or some earnest money etc. Learn Slovene: If you haven't been following me for a long time, you might not know that I am (partly) Slovenian-America (really just a Slavic mutt with some Polish and Croatian) and at various times I've talked about going there to visit. One day I'd like to take an extended vacation or live there (at least a month, preferably a year) to learn more about the culture. But before I can do that (finding time/work arrangements and money aside) I should learn the language. I found a website put together by a number of foundations that support Slovenian language and culture that works a lot like Duolingo. Okay... that turned out to be a lot of goals but whatever.
  8. Challenge is over. I honestly have no idea what is going on right now. 😕 I've been thinking about the next challenge all week. Here are some acronyms and abbreviations for the next challenge. PFT BuJo HEMA NES
  9. The name says it all right? Goal 1, Qigong everyday in the wee morning hours. During those predawn hours is when qi energy is on the rise (supposedly), making it the best time to cultivate the qi. Anywho, it's convenient enough that I get home form my night shift job and have a couple hours to do this. And doing some light/gentle movement that's flowy and meditative is good to do at the end of a work day. Goal 2, MWF -- NF Academy Bodyweight workouts -- featuring qigong movement and breathing I also want to get back onto cultivating some strength again, so I'll follow the NF academy workouts. But... I'm going to do them with qigong movements. I think all the movements can be adapted to incorporate a tai chi/qigong feel. Like, slow down and breathe with the movement, do it with a sense of balance and attention, rather than just banging out the reps. For instance, last week I was doing some single leg RDLs... I turned it into a movement where I kick my leg back slowly while extending my arms forward in a push. Pushups, and squats will be done slowly, and I'll probably be adapting movements from my Kung Fu training where appropriate. Goal 3, TRS -- Ba Duan Jin -- Qigong routine Known also as the 8 Pieces of Brocade or 8 Treasures, this is a pretty standard Qigong routine. It will be my 'rest day' routine. Mostly I'm just doing this to memorize the form, and practice the movements. They all look easy, until you do it yourself and start picking out the details of the breathing and movements. In any case, it's a good routine for flexibility, coordination, and balance. Goal 4, Horde Money I've decided to start saving for a house again. I did a little bit of shopping online in the market here. There are some nice little houses for relatively cheap, I'd wind up with a mortgage less than my rent and I'd be earning equity so I ought to do this. I need a few thousand bucks for a down payment and fees to get things rolling. So I need to make myself work more hours and save aggressively. If I can manage that, I should be looking to purchase by the Spring next year. Goal 5, Write 600 words a day. Mostly self-explanatory. I'm working on a novel (one of three actually) and I want to see it to the end. It's a weird Western with supernatural and grim/dark fantasy elements about a gunslinger who can summon ghosts and is pursuing a cult leader who eats ghosts through a mysterious and vast desert where he meets a sorceress and dragon tamer who helps him track the cult leader. Or something like that.