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  1. I did the math... For all the candy I have eaten, and all the candy I will eat, I owe the universe 30,918 calories. I will be re-paying this via exercise bike. Until that debt is repaid, that is what I am doing. Addit: with one hour on the bike, I've already repaid 600 calories, so yeah, it'll take 51.5 hours total... at that rate, which is a reasonably sustainable rate. FML.
  2. Stuff that has happened: I've missed over four workouts I ate four bags of candy My 2nd nephew was born Monday morning I went to the eye doctor on Monday I dug a huge freakin' hole in the basement and installed a sump basin and pump... still have to finish the concrete work tho. The managers are closing the shop on Friday evenings for an indefinite period in the future, so now I have to cram all my 45+ hours into Mon-Thu. I need to stop drinking coffee and switch to tea. Now instead of lifting weights in the morning, I'm doing prostrations (Bud
  3. Just a quick update ... MOVEMENT: Another week of greyskull has been completed. I haven't done the extra add ons I mentioned because... tired. To few calories to sustain all that on top is work and such. But trying to do some extra pushups, chins, and ab rollouts around other workouts. And my cat beat the crap out of the dog who will be visiting this weekend. Stay tuned.
  4. MEDITATION: The streak is held another day. And that will always be the main goal since just doing it everyday is the most important, but... I am going to work on a strategy to memorize the Samantabhadra prayer, and I want to work on endurance. I want to eventually do a retreat and doing that will require sitting in meditation for days. So to this goal I'm adding a one, hour-long session each week. WIZARD TOWER: My friends are bringing their toddler and dog over for a visit tomorrow so I got the place moved a little further along. I cleared the rest of the boxes that n
  5. I'd agree, high or not, frozen reeces are better, as are many chocolate candies... and cheap ass dessert snacks... frozen twinkies, ho-hos... dude. The list goes on. They are however, harder to chew... so that helps buy me some time until the executive functions of the brain kick in and remind me how many I've eaten and that I should have eaten none. I'm fairly tall and I have decent squat mobility. Neither of these is a solution for me. 🤔 Double bagged = harder to see the candy. And it's sitting behind a bag of freezer burned whitefish,
  6. In the very beginning: The hype The honeymoon The plummet Then: Surges and slips
  7. Double bagged, back of the fridge freezer... best I can do. Freezing it won't deter me, but it might slow me down.
  8. MOVEMENT: Pushup: [1,2,3,4]x2 Negative. Chin up: 1 --forgot to do a second one Squat: 70# 2x5, 15 That's it for the week. No obligatory workouts until Saturday. Thursday and Friday are my rest days. On Saturday the greyskull week starts again.
  9. Looks like we're in about the same place. I think I'm about halfway through 301 as of last week some time, and I haven't been keeping on top of it since. Yay Noom buddies! Yeah... most of you are here for the idiot. BTW... she makes meditation really difficult sometimes. She sees me sitting cross-legged with my hands folded and is like "That looks like a cozy place to sit and purr loudly." I'd recommend The Art of Happiness by HH The Dalai Lama and Howard C Cutler MD... it's still a secular book, but it's a good first step out of the shallow end.
  10. MEDITATION: The streak continues. I did it first thing in the morning (-ish) and recited the Samantabhadra prayer, which takes like 10 min. to read through. WIZARD TOWER: Did some more unpacking so all the kitchen boxes are done. Changed some light bulbs -- brand new 75 watt equivalent LED bulbs to replace the old 60 watt incandescents, burned out bulbs, and a couple dim CFLs that were on there last legs -- I now have enough light to cook and poop by -- not at the same time tho. Finished the laundry. DIGGY DIGGY HOLE (sidequest): Another sidequest
  11. Have you finished all the NOOM articles yet? I think I have her feeding schedule worked out well enough that there's always a little food left for the morning so the kissing, rubbing, and biting doesn't escalate to cannonball onto vital organs, but if my dresser was closer to the bed, it probably would. She mostly just lays next to me, purrs, loudly, and cuddles... with her claws. Then there's spaz kitty, who once she gets enough pet and food energy runs back and forth across the house, and if you're in the way, or within reach anyway, she'll bear-hug your calves and bi
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