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  1. I had my car serviced over the weekend... new tires and a tune up. They said they fixed a turn signal bulb, they did not. And, they probably took out a headlight in the process. I got pulled over tonight for that. When I moved, well over a year ago, I forgot to update my legal address on my license and registration. So those renewal reminders likely went to my old address, and I found out tonight I've been driving with expired plates. This means ticket, and I'll have to show up in court sometime soon to explain, yada, pay fines etc. Gotta go to the BMV tomorrow to take care of it and make my car legal again. 😕
  2. Okay, I'm just gonna cut out the bullshit for a minute. Goal #1: Start my own freelance copywriting business. I have a long to-do list. Mostly it consists of registering my business, specifying my exact services, and creating a platform to interact with clients (website mostly). My launch date is May 08, 2023. I'm doing this because being my own boss is probably the number one thing I can do to live the best I can. I enjoy writing. I'm good at it. This is what I should do. This will probably begin as a side-hustle, moonlight thing but I hope to grow it to where I can be independent. I have done the calculations, I know what that looks like with taxes, insurance, etc., it is possible. Goal #2: Cardio I'm good with where my strength is. I can't think of anything I do that is limited by strength. And a month or two ago, I stopped lifting because my wrist was hurting. But my VO2 max is in the dumpster. I'm going to fix this by doing a simple beginner C25K type program, I'll let my fancy-pants watch tell me how often. Do a run/walk workout as often work/recovery remains in balance. (Currently: a 30 sec run + 4:30 walk for 5 intervals takes about 3.5 days to recover from). Goal #3: Core And my back is hurting from time to time so... I'm doing a beginner core workout three times per week. Goal #4: Eat a big effin' salad every day. Vegetables are good for you. And I mean a big effin' salad... I have a 3 quart bowl, I fill it half way with leafy greens, then top it with other veggies, and usually some nuts and a little bit of cheese... and I mean some and a little bit, and some olive oil and vinegar, and shake it all up. Goal #5: Qigong every morning. I have found a little morning routine. This is to help with the stress and mindfulness and core work.
  3. Nothing major happened, but yeah it's time to make a real change. HRV seems to make sense for me. I did wonder about it too, because any time I go for a "run" it usually says I need like 4 days to recover, and of course every training plan in the world says to workout every other day. But, what this watch/app is telling me tracks pretty well with how tired and cranky I am overall during my recovery phase.
  4. Following! But there better be more eel anatomy inspired crooner song parody puns.
  5. Are you tired of Stronkey Kong challenges that constantly burn out and fail? Are you sick of the constant goal changes and flip-flopping? Are you constantly wondering "Where is this guy... why doesn't he stick around, follow through, and remain accountable?" Then, STICK AROUND... Because this weekend I'll be revealing the ONE SIMPLE LIFE-CHANGING SECRET to unlocking SK's inner potential! Don't forget to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!
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  8. I'll just post a few things over here while I'm doing hype-spam nonsense on the new challenge thread. Marbles: It was pretty clear cut, work sucks and writing lifts my mood. I had a couple of green (health) marbles in the bad day bowl because I ate too much. A couple yellow (social) marbles made it into the good day bowl-- I've been catching up with some friends on weekends and hanging out. Friends are fun. How am I using this information? I've decided it's time to make a change in how I'm making a living, and living in general. I am planning on starting up my own business focusing on SEOs and freelance Copywriting to help others improve their websites etc.-- hence the ridiculousness in the new challenge... though I'm not planning on writing that crap exactly... unless someone decides to throw ungodly sums of money at me to do it. And this is so I can have more freedom to work on my fiction writing and work on fitness and lifestyle goals. It's just time for a big change. I'm doing this. I have a website, and I am gathering the materials and know-how to do this. I didn't stick with Greyskull 😕, but did start doing a bit of running once I saw how shitty my VO2 Max is. <sigh> <huff> <huff> Writing has been going well. I have pretty much finished one short story, and am about to finish another. Those will need a couple more months to sit, followed by some editing, then a bit more feedback, then I'm going to shop them around to some magazine. And I have a couple of novels cued up to work on. Workshop is still going and feedback is good. I have an 84 day streak studying Ukrainian on Duolingo. I can say that food, generally, and a few types of food, are tasty.
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  10. Did anyone else read "Walking the bear?" (Just act cool. Try to blend in and maybe the hoomans won't notice you. )
  11. This is Stronkey Kong here to tell you that I’ve got a real problem-- a set of problems really. And these are problems that you’ve all probably faced, and will face again. BUT! – Lucky for you... Lucky for me, lucky for us all, I’ve got a plan to combat these problems. And if you’ll stick with me, you can combat them too. Problem #1: I am too fat. Really. I weigh 300 lbs. It’s out of control. I have been fat all my life. Is it a slow metabolism? Is it because I’m lazy? Or just too busy to focus on eating right and exercising consistently? Problem #2: I am in too much debt. Student Loans. Credit Cards. Car Payment. Sure. I could work overtime like a dog at my job, but then I’d have no time left for me, for my friends and family, or for YOU! Scrimping and scraping pennies isn’t gonna get me that nice little piece of land. Now, it’s time for... REAL LASTING CHANGE. Problem #3: I want to work on my own terms, my own schedule, from wherever I want. If I had the freedom to set my own schedule, do what I love (writing), I’d have the extra time for more activities, spending time with friends and family, and traveling. Without a job tied to a desk, sapping my willpower, I’d have the energy and drive to work out more. And more time to focus on writing fiction and other creative hobbies that charge me up instead of draining the life from me. Can you relate? Have you, yourself, faced one or more of these problems in your life? Do you anticipate seeing them in the future? If so, at the beginning of this challenge, I’ll show you the ONE SIMPLE TRICK to making all of these problems go away. DON’T MISS OUT!!! Hit that “Like” button and SUBSCRIBE NOW!
  12. I actually wasn't being that hard on myself, it was only a quick joke-afterthought, but thanks for the support. Sorry for the lack of posts... I'm busy. 4x10 hr work days, then writing every spare moment. I have a job interview lined up for Friday... same job, new surroundings/people... idk. I am on the verge of finishing a short story, and I'm seriously considering submitting it for publication somewhere once I've workshopped it and polished it. Work saps my willpower and energy like nothing else, and the blue and red marbles are sorting themselves into the bad and good jars respectively. Weight is trending downward slowly.
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