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  1. Equinoxe's Airbender Training: Part II

    Vegetarian whole 30... how? What's different/allowed?
  2. Good Morning!

    I have to be at work at 630, with a 35 minute commute (plus bullshit) I have to be on the road by 545. Lately I'm getting up between 515 and 530. I use a sleep app that wakes me at an optimal time in my sleep cycle during a 30 min window. I have also used "Alarmy" which makes you get up and take a picture of something. I might switch back to that one. It won't let you snooze, it's annoying, and it makes you function. I did whole 30 back in March. It was good. Latest art:
  3. Who the F*** is Vincent Van Bro?

    And now I'm fucking around in egg tempera landscapes. Next challenge is over in druid town.
  4. WhiteGhost Does Druidy Stuff

    I spent two weeks in Seattle and Olympia, Washington for Kung Fu summer camp.
  5. Good Morning!

    Formerly, Curl Brogo... It's time to chill out and seek my center again. The one constant this year has been painting and developing my artwork. There's gonna be a lot of that. But my morning routine, exercise, and diet have been all over. I'm gonna focus this in the morning routine. That's the part of my day when I am the least drained. Mega goal 1: Build a good morning routine: M_Goal 1: Up at 4am. If I'm gonna get stuff done in the morning I'll need time to do it. So I gotta get up earlier and stop hitting snooze until the last possible minute. If I get up at 4, that gives me an hour and 45 min to do the rest. I think I'm gonna grade this by counting the minutes from 4 to 545 that I gain. M_Goal 2, morning exercise. First damn thing! ... well after I pee. Do a set of something, then make the coffee, do another set while it brews. I just need to build a habit of exercising in the morning. I don't care of its 100 burpees or 10 crunches. My first goal in the morning is to move. M_Goal 3: Breakfast - whole 30 style Gotta get a good solid breakfast for the day. No more last minute gas station food cuz I'm in a hurry. Mega goal 2: complete another Whole 30 Mega goal 3: Meditate Good Ole zazen. If it won't fit in the morning, I'll do it in the evening. LUYL goal: Keep making art.
  6. Who the F*** is Vincent Van Bro?

    Challenge summary: Fail! Moving on...
  7. Who the F*** is Vincent Van Bro?

    Vincent van Bro, formerly known as Curl Brogo, is an American painter, powerlifter, and Adonis with bat wing lats and biceps big as your head. Partly a renaissance man, he paints meditative, impressionistic still life and landscape, surrealistic allegorical depictions of small animals, and abstract expressionist paintings and drawings depicting musical ideas. He lives and works in Indianapolis. There's my Wikipedia intro paragraph. I've made up my mind to go back to school and study art in the spring, end goal being an MFA. So this challenge will be centered on preparing for that, while improving my health and fitness... and lats and biceps. Goal 1: Hunger. Carrying over from previous challenges. Eat only when the thought of steamed broccoli and fish makes me drool. Goal 2: Pickup the barbell 6 days a week. Pretty straightforward. I'll do whatever feels right. As long as I do a set of something. Expect bear complexes. Goal 3: one morning walk each weekend. I just want to put a couple miles on my shoes each weekend to avoid stagnating over the weekend. LUYL goals: Art school prep Basically a list Sidequests to prepare for school. Assemble a portfolio: I need 18-25 works for the MFA application. 10 to start the undergrad/transition. -- Create new works -- gather old work -- Take photos Complete application steps: -- meeting with art school admissions (Sept. 19) -- complete school application -- browse courses Roommate search: I want to stay put, but I'll need some financial relief. I have an empty second bedroom, might as well get a roommate and cut the rent in half. -- talk to leasing office -- make an ad -- spread ad on various media/networks