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  1. Better late than never - go kick some ass!
  2. I went back to the gym today, and discovered I am in totally deplorable shape right now. My upper body is a little stronger than it has been - certainly stronger than expected. But my cardio endurance? Utter shit. I don't think I was able to run more than 2.5 minutes at a shot. I meet with a trainer Monday morning to discuss my goals and whatnot. Back on the hoss!
  3. Waist down 1", and gunt down .75". SHAZAM! Have replaced squats/lunges with stiff-legged dead lifts, likely for the duration. I can't take chances with my knee, because it'll just take that much longer to heal. Meh.
  4. Once again, a workout has been aborted by a blown knee. Happens. The past week Ive had some right knee pain. Then about 5 squats in, BANG. So, extra pushups and planks. Whaddyagonnado?
  5. Some people sleep in their workout clothes. I am also not the one to work out when bed is an option. I force myself to do it immediately after my shift, or it won't get done. It's just part of the workday.
  6. Been a decent week. Not perfect, but decent. Got a little over-exuberant with desserts on Ladies' Night, but apart from that, did very well with food. Did BBWW-A & B once each, and doing A again this afternoon. Picked up a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken the other day, and have been shredding bits of it over salads. Cheap, easy. (Heh, we are what we eat!)
  7. Did the BBWW-B this morning. I've spent the last 3 days recovering from the A workout! Did wine/cocktails 2 nights in a row (date night and ladies' night), and the scale tells the bloated tale. Meh. No drinks today - I work night shift tonight anyway. It's bitterly cold, but I think I'll try a walk.
  8. I think it's actually *possible* to drop that much body fat, but it would take Crossfit 5 days a week, and lifting 4 days a week, plus an ultra clean protein diet. Like, quit-your-job-and-do-nothing-but-workout-and-grill-meat, but possible. Otherwise, aim for 22-25!
  9. Happy early birthday! That saying about birthday calories not counting? Turns out, total lie.
  10. Yesterday was Day 1 of the Challenge, and I ate well on Date Night. Tartare for a starter and sashimi for the main. Lunch was just a plate of steamed veggies at work, standing up in a corner of the kitchen cause I was so busy. I wolfed it. Ugh. The girls are coming over tonight and I'm making a fun asian salad dish. Lots of greens. There will be wine, but not much. So I had a bowl of yogurt with berries for lunch. My legs and ass are killing me from working out on Sunday. At one point, while squatting to put something in the fridge, I screamed in pain, "It's better just to fucking stay fat!!"
  11. Wow Steve, that was BUFF. But 59 isn't an impossible age for men's fitness, so with some dedication, you'll totally get there. Good luck!
  12. I just wrote a whole huge long post about my workout, but my computer deleted it. So, fuck it. Suffice it to say I done good, and my ass will hurt mightily tomorrow. The end.
  13. 223 MILES??? Suddenly my goals pale in comparison. Go forth and show us how it's done!
  14. Good luck - that video game thing can be hard to break. But use it as a reward. If you meet your fitness number for the day (walking, working out, whatever), then reward yourself with the gaming.
  15. Well, I feel a wee bit better than I did yesterday. Yesterday I crammed myself into what I believed were my size 12 mid-rise jeans, and watched my mistakes spill over the top. Gawd, horrid! Today, I happened to look at the tag. They're size TEN! Ergo, things are not nearly as dire as they seem. After all, I can still pull them up, button and zip them. Whew. Today is a GOOD day!
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