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  1. Well here is a new assassin inspired by our friend Bruce Wayne to start bodyweight exercises in the morning (this scene kicked so much ass http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYzg_ZlvmGI). I dusted off my copy of Convict Conditioning and this time I'm determined to follow the program properly by not skipping steps. I browsed through it this morning and remembered why I was so tempted to start at step 5 on some exercises. Take the squat for instance, I know I can almost perform the intermediate level of master step 10 (2 sets of 10 one legged squats) right now, they were part of an old routine 6 months ago. The regular pull up on the other hand, only step 5 of its series toward one arm pull ups, seems like an unattainable goal. Same with the one arm push ups vs one arm handstand push ups, they clearly won't require the same amount of time and energy to reach. What gives? A few questions 1. Did you guys still follow the ''program'', if so at what speed did you progress? I plan on staying at a particular step for 3 to 6 weeks to ensure my muscles and tendons get strong enough, no matter how easy the exercise seems. 2. When you were mastering an exercise, did go over the progression standard of sets and reps or did you set that as your max? I easily attain said standard for step 1 of pull ups (vertical pulls) on day 1 of training, should I remain there for the next weeks or go three sets of 50+? 3. The way I see it, convict conditioning offers a way to train strength in a safe, convenient manner. That said, the programs Wade proposes contain a very small work volume -- a total of 12 sets a week for its intermediate program. I'm used to 45 sets a week, and I thought that was light training. Would it be too much to do three sets for two exercises, 6 days a week? Example: push ups and squats on Monday, pull ups and leg raises on Tuesday, bridges and handstands on Wednesday, Thurday off, push ups and squats on Friday, pull ups and leg raises on Saturday, bridges and handstands on Sunday, Monday off, etc. Honestly I view this as a way to maintain a healthy shape, not to become the Hulk or anything. That's why I'd rather progress slowly, do seemingly easier exercises but do 30 min of them almost everyday. That's what I like about calisthenics, you can always do an exercise you feel comfortable with, one you can pleasantly perform for 8 reps without fearing for your bones/ligaments to shatter. Maybe I am mistaken, and Paul Wade's approach to training is just as extreme as Rippetoe's and shouldn't be taken lightly. I must say I wish to hear the opinion of Loren Wade about my post, he was a fan of that program when I browsed the forums regularly about 6 months ago. Oh, and in case my interrogations bore all of you : The Dark Knight ≥ Batman Begins >>>>>>>>> The Dark Knight Rises.
  2. Hey guys and gals I'm starting strength training this week but I can only fit two sessions every week (Tuesday and Friday). From what I read in Starting Strength and this blog, there are 4 main lifts to focus on: bench press, overhead press, SQUATS and deadlifts. Pull ups are secondary but a nice addition. How am I supposed to split them? Do I get enough rest to do a 3x5 of each every workout? Separate the pushing / pulling exercices? One upper body day and one lower day? I'm confused, but I do get one thing: squats are the messenger of God, do them as often as possible. If that is of any help, a list of misc info about me 1. After years of badminton and tennis, my lower body is incredibly stronger then my upper body 2. Deadlifts scare to s**t out of me 3. Tall (6' 1'') and somewhat muscular (167 lbs). I don't want to turn into Hulk. 4. Used to workout the noob way with nautilus machines for a couple of months last year. 5. For now I don't enjoy lifting all that much but I dig the health and aesthetic benefits = very inconsistent in my workout programs 6. Trying Kung Fu on Monday/Wednesday which explains my schedule constraints. 7. I love the Matrix. Ha. ... 8. English isn't my first language hence my whacky grammar.
  3. Sighh that was a really rough start, as I'm failling ALL my goals for now. I brought a healthy lunch at work only once. I worked out once and half-assed it as I'm exhausted when I get back home after work and a 30 min bike ride. I also hate my cheap adjustable dumbells, I think I might do bodyweight training instead. It's less douchey and fits more the monk style going with my martial arts training. As I'm not totally satisfied with Steve's plan, I gotta start some research (again) Talking about MA, I visited the BJJ school only Tuesday (5 days late) and I'm starting only on Monday I really liked the place though, I feel it'll replace my cardio and my workouts if I train 4-5 times a week. As for my life goal, the free inFAMOUS I got from the Welcome Back program totally killed it :S Good thing I started The Ethics of Authenticity by Charles Taylor, extremely interesting Must happen to most people on their first challenge heh
  4. Thank you both! I picked up The Republic, a classic my political philosophy teacher highly recommended (that's a loose translation for ''philosophie politique'' in French). I read very little Plato beforehand, only Protagoras I believe, so it might be rough
  5. Hey all, This is my first post here after weeks of lurking around and reading the rebel's guide --good thing it's a meaning full one as it also inaugurates my first challenge Vital stats Age: turning 19 on June 2nd, my challenge officially starts on that day. Height: 6'1'' Weight: 173 lbs Fitness goals -Start taking martial arts classes at least twice a week, potentially four times for bonus points. Right now Brazilian jujitsu is on my radar, probably checking out a school on Thursday. Since I hate running, this will act as my cardio, an awesome kind of cardio -Start and keep up with the dumbbell division rank 1 program. -Do 10 pull ups. Tough one, I can barely manage to do 2 as of now (high hopes on the 25 pull ups challenge program heh) -Bring lunch at work everyday instead of eating outside. Bonus points for following a paleo diet with dairies. -Sleep at least 8 hours a day, except the nights when I go out where a 3-4 hours is more realistic (max once a week though) Life goals -Spend less time on the comp/ps3 than doing useful stuff such as working out or reading. Took some Plato, Arendt and Hobbes at the library today, should keep me busy for a while Initial look [ATTACH=CONFIG]323[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]324[/ATTACH] Wish me luck!!
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