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  1. work and life are conspiring against me but i still got 1.6 miles done in 12:10 today, the deep tissue massage definitely helped though the injury is of course still there, this will be the last post for a couple of weeks (for the 1 person who reads this) as i'm off to quebec to visit my brother but i will be doing plenty of walking, hopefully a bit of jogging and as many press and pull ups as my shoulder permits
  2. soooo late again, work etc is my excuse Saturday was just to get the blood flowing really, i'm nights fri, sat and sun so motivation is minimal 1 mile 8:05 (steady on purpose, hamstrings very achy) alternate between 8 pull ups and 25 press ups, 1 min rest between Sunday did some armoured grappling training for around an hour which is rather tiring (30kg of armour whilst holding a 1.8kg axe), learnt some lessons on what can and can't be used or what is even effective (you'd be surprised how different grappling can be when you're 20kg+ top heavy (the rest is on your legs) and holding a weapon and there's rules you have to follow) P.S. slightly pulled left shoulder, working on loosening it and i've got a deep tissue massage booked in for tomorrow morning
  3. posting for yesterday due to shortage of time (and should be posting later too) i lost track of time so only did deadlifts (intended on doing a few assistance exercises) 60kg, 3 x 10 80kg, 100kg x10 120kg, 130kg x 5 140kg x 3 150kg x 1 (alternate grip which annoyed the hell out of me) 100kg x 20 (Double Overhand (DO) grip, reset grip at 15) 60kg x 20
  4. kept it light today, heavy deadlifts planned for tomorrow, just did some form practise with front squats (still butt winking a bit) then some front squats (60kg) SS Log press (30kg) for 3 sets of 10
  5. the best way to lose excess fat is the way that you'll stick to, the pros and cons of each way don't mean i thing if you don't stay the course
  6. bit better today, worked 5am-1pm so a bit tired but i remembered tissues on my jog/circuit and all was well 1 mile in 7:20 5 pullups SS (superset) 15 pressups, 30 sec rest, 4 sets (went better than last time) 2 min rest 4 x 4 NG chins, 1 min rest hanging leg raises, 3 x 5, 1 min rest (tricky to pull off properly due to shape of bar and the fact that it's made for kids not 5'11" grown men...) untimed steady jog halfway back, walked the rest as cool down tomorrow it's raining so i'm aiming to do a bit of lifting, we'll see what i come up with
  7. yes you do, definitely get a video up (front, back and side if you can to cover all bases)
  8. it may be to do with where you are, most guys wouldn't do anything like this except from appreciative glances (and occasionally stares...), but in some major cities (especially NY from what i've heard/read) a lot of guys have no filter and it's become the norm for them to do such things. There's also the fact that now you're aware of something like this happening and you're new to it it'll seem like it's happening more often than it actually is (not saying you're making it up but the mind aggravates things we're already not happy with) P.S. wear a hidden blade like a real assassin (*disclaimer: don't do this)
  9. the problem with a lot of whey powders is that they're not particularly honest in their numbers, i forget exactly what it is some companies do but some of the proteins they use are indigestible but are still counted in the total %, it is still however cheap and easy protein you'll just be taking in less than you think (i have a reputable make and double up anyway seen as though i only have it after training or if i'm away from regular food and being active)
  10. eurgh... that was a mistake, guess i'm not fully recovered yet (flu like symptoms ftw) the plan for today was: jog a mile to a park superset of 5 pullups and 15 press ups with 30 sec rest between each superset, 4-5 sets rest 2 min 4 x 4, neutral grip chins 1 min rest (knees raised due to low height of 'monkey bars' i use for this) X amount of hanging leg raises (first time in a while so was going to play it by ear) jog/walk back, stretch out, front squats and other weight based shenanigans what actually happened: jog went fine, 1 mile in 7:23 supersets went ok, 4 sets, last set a bit slow 2 sets of 4 on the NG chins basically i just started getting bunged up again and got a banging headache and some slight nausea, then walked home feeling shite soooooooo shit start, hopefully my body'll stop being a douche so i can get on with this
  11. you must really hate tuna then seen as though it's 3000% nastier than mackerel meh, it's nicer, has similar protein per 100g and has a good chunk of mono and omega 3 fats (hence the calories), i don't have it very often and i find it impossible to count calories so it doesn't bother me
  12. ^pretty much but go for mackerel instead of tuna, more omega 3, less mercury and exactly 3000% tastier
  13. tbh i can't see squatting every 2-3 days is going to do you any good (going on what you said about being fine with them then being unable to do so after 48 hours), find a point where you can do it mostly pain free and try a very slow gain (a pound or 2 per session (that's 25-50 pound a year btw...)) by squatting once every 1.5-2 weeks so you get loads of recovery time and mostly do other quad exercises that don't cause pain. That way at least you'll get some squatting in without it being debilitating (i still don't fully understand what you're going through so this is just an idea)
  14. Go see a Physio, general rule of thumb is that if it's a sharp stabbing pain then something's definitely wrong (and we're not doctors!), it seems very strange that it's squats that's effecting your glutes and hams instead of deadlifting. For now try various lunges weighted and see how they feel until you can get treated properly. Also a good burner for the quads is what i know as 'Mick's Special Squats (and Lunges)' (named after a proper badass called Mick Coup) set up a timer for 10sec work and 2-3 secs 'rest' for the 10 secs hold yourself at parallel in the squat position and the time that's your 'rest' you jump and reset, try this for 10 reps, it's similar for lunges where you do a lunge but pause with your knee just off the ground then use the 'rest' to walk forward into another lunge for 5 reps a side (then do reverse lunges)
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