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  1. Ok! I know I'm a day late, but yesterday was hectic. Time for a goal update. WORKOUT: 15+ minute walk on alternating days with 2 circuits of the BBWW. I walked Monday and did the BBWW today. I'll figure out tomorrow if I need to up/ down the number of circuits I do. DIET: I need to add something, but I can't figure out what? Any suggestions rebels? SPIRITUAL: To read at least one chapter in The Gospel According to Starbucks I need to update my points, the problem is I have no idea how many I should have... According to my university's health center though, my burn is infection-free
  2. I honestly would have welcomed some velociraptors. Talk about motivation. A week recap: I was really good about the whole no grains thing this week. I cooked a giant pan of taco meat on Sunday night and had taco salads for a few days and then when I got lazy I just heated up the meat and threw in a cubed avocado. Super yummy. Not so good on the no desserts part, but I found a new flavor of the Chobani bites yogurt which I plan to use as my late night snack next week. Exercise wise, this week was the week of excuses. Monday I got my hair cut and literally that is the only time I get super
  3. What I'm going to try and do this week is leave out some workout gear before going to work. That way when I get home it's just right there waiting for me. I re-read my first post too, and I still want those habits to happen. I just wish I could spend 6 weeks in Door County to get them all ingrained in my life. But I will make them happen here, it's just going to take a lot more work.
  4. Dude, you rock. To somewhat quote AVPM you're "gonna kick some ass and it's gonna be totally awesome."
  5. Your buffet struggles remind me of my pizza weakness. Whenever there's pizza I don't think my meal is complete until I've gotten up to get one last slice. My solution- getting one less slice to begin with. I still get that mental buzz of "heck yeah, more pizza" without eating waaaaaaay more than I should. A similar solution might work for you as well. If your family won't let you throw away the bad food, perhaps ask them if you could rearrange the pantry and put the unhealthy items in really inconvenient spots? I know when I was living at home I would somewhat sneakily do this by hiding the
  6. Looks like you're doing an awesome job! I totally get the whole wobbly warrior 3. We used it as a stretch for band camp and there would be some days that I was rock solid and others where I toppled every 4 seconds. You got this though!
  7. Dude! You're doing so well. Keep it up. I fall nearly dead center on the introvert/ extrovert scale, so I don't know if this will help with the social thing, but I know it always helps me be more calm when I remind myself that everyone around me is a person and not a scary judgement decipticon.
  8. I would love to escape the city for a week and go hiking. I can't wait to hear all about it!
  9. Glad I'm not the only one who got burned this week. You're doing fantastically well. And guess what? We're nearly halfway there.
  10. I did it! I went to the rec! Was it awkward? Yes! Do I need to find something that I like more? Probably. But I did it anyways. More of an update to come later. Also, I feel like a horrible NF Warrior because I haven't been checking in on a lot of people's challenges, so I will be doing that tonight (lemme know if you want me to check out your's)
  11. Once again, late to the party (like really really late). The most uncomfortable thing I did this weekend was go to a bar. I know that sounds weird, but I just don't like them (or at least the one I went to). As a side note, I'm really struggling with keeping up with this challenge. Any and all help would be great.
  12. Ok. I am not hanging in there all that well. I got 11 points this week, which isn't awful, but as the week went on, I didn't stick to my challenge as well as I should. I'm just so caught up in everything that I use all my willpower to get through the day and have none left at the end of the day when I get home. I haven't heard from my accountabilibuddy in days, and I'm falling in the trap I always fall in. Going it alone. And it sucks. Does anyone know if there's a NF mobile or anything? I'd be a lot more likely to peruse through the forms more often if I could do so on my phone. Anyways
  13. Ok, I am so late to the party (it's been a little crazy the past few days). But, here's 5 things I did over the weekend to help with my challenge: 1. Reorganized my pantry so the most healthy stuff is easily within reach and the least healthy stuff is inconvenient to get to 2. Went to Trader Joe's for grocery shopping instead of Target (because I always buy too much stuff at Target, most of which is unhealthy) 3. Planned my meals for the week 4. Did some food prep (cutting peppers into slices and putting them in snack baggies, breaking the fruit and nut trail mix I got into serving sized bag
  14. Gamaryn, I'm really curious as to what things I listed that you also love. Care to elaborate?
  15. Hey guys, I know, it's been a bit. My life got kinda crazy. I had one crazy day of travel (cancelled flights are not too fun), a first day at work (I FINALLY GOT HIRED!!) and I was on kitten patrol/ auxiliary mover for my friend yesterday because she moved into a sweet new unit. I haven't hit all by goals every day because of the hecticness, but I normally got at least two points every day. Huzzah! 15 points in the first week, not bad at all. For next week, my plans are to- Exercise: 10 mins/ day Diet: No grains for one meal AND no desserts (each component of this is worth a half point) Spi
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