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  1. You are doing great! Your post in my thread and your entire thread are quite motivating! Quitting soda is great! I had been drinking ONLY diet soda for well over a decade and two weeks after I quit cold (with no other change and no exercise) I had lost 15 pounds (I had a lot to lose though, FAR more than you I'm sure)! Your ability to do so much on the BBWC is very impressive (and I admit I'm a bit jealous ) keep it up! I also envy your crafting ability. I have tons of crafting hobbies that tend to just build up and I never start or finish any of them. =/ I look forward to seeing your
  2. Last minute family issue, I hope you see this before the meeting, but I won't be able to make this one sorry! I hope you all have a good time.
  3. Hello Resolved, welcome to the thread! I'm in! It's not too far of a drive.
  4. Thank you Seth I will look into this! (And that was much faster than I thought!)
  5. Anyone know of a good source for (I wish you the best, I think it might be impossible) a registered diabetic nutrition counselor who also specializes in "The Warriors Way" I am unsure of how to balance a calorie deficit, a (to me) ridiculous amount of protein intake all while maintaining a safe blood sugar level (since everything but fat turns into sugar at some point).
  6. Hello all new members. I'd love to do a meetup sometime Hammlin.
  7. I'm actually going to start that tomorrow. Today was interval. To me that is a very good Everest (and that is just 1 round not three) D: I have a lot of work to do! Thank you very much! This will really help a lot!
  8. I know I should be comparing what I can do now to what I could do yesterday, but sometimes when I see what others are capable of it gets discouraging (knowing I may never reach that point). What can I do to overcome this?
  9. Good! I could seriously use all the help and support I can get!
  10. I'm pretty shy, and uncomfortable around new people but I am interested in weight training. What is the safest amount one could do (EVENTUALLY) solo? Edit: I'd also prefer to get as much self training in prior to joining a gym. I would hate to embarrass myself.
  11. Hello, I'm me. I'm having a tough time getting started with the program. Lack of motivation and stuff. Most of the time it seems the alternative would be better. Any recommendations?
  12. If you plan on trying for kids soon stick to boxers or boxer-briefs
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