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  1. Is the food bought by the company or fellow employees? I wonder, if bought by the company, you could ask them to diversify the selection of food available and suggest some healthier options? Might not be an option, but it could save you a small fortune if they helped subsidise your lunch!
  2. Wow, quite a list! Rather conveniently, a lot of those are both reasons to lose weight and methods of losing weight (i.e. "significantly lowering the profit margin of coca-cola" = "no more coca-cola" or "Being able to ride a bike from my house to the beach and back" = "start riding a little closer to the beach every weekend". Good luck with it dude, let us know when you reach that beach, sounds awesome!
  3. Wow, the idea of Fitocracy sounds really good! Can't wait to get an account and give it a go. Probably a mix of both. Nah, I had to add lots of basic exercises to the system too. At least you can add your own easily enough. Still not content with GymWolf, my quest for the perfect tracking application (without having to build my own, or succumbing to paper) continues!
  4. Before clicking on the link I thought I was going to see a gigantic US or UK family with lots of food vs. a family from a 3rd world country with hardly any food, all dangerously thin. Turns out (luckily), its not as simple as that. What stuck out most to me was how much packaging the more developed countries have on food, and how brightly coloured it was. That and there seems to be a correlation between fizzy cola drinks and high body fat percentage!
  5. Quick update on progress. Hack squats - definitely the safest without a spotter or rack. Can't lift nearly as much compared to back squats but it was still tough and legs feeling it today. Went with a couple of 10kg plates over fewer of the larger ones so I could get low enough each rep. Zercher squats - Not tried these yet, but they don't look much safer than back squats if you get in to trouble. Will give them a go in my next workout, see what happens with lighter weights while I get the technique. Front squats - I like these, realised I wasn't putting the bar high enough on my chest at first and my wrists were taking too much of the weight (compared to none of the weight). Now I've sorted that out and got the technique the weight I can lift is creeping up. Still working on a safe plan to get proper back squats back in the equation although there is plenty I can do without them!
  6. Awesome, I didn't get a chance to look around the website at work, but I've got some new articles to be reading now! Thanks MSJ.
  7. This is the second Rippetoe article I've read, but I really must find more! I particularly like: Hmmm, ok, I better stop before I quote the entire article.
  8. I've found lots of information on how to do a pull-up and how to do more pull-ups, which have all helped enormously but, I find that when I'm on the road or can't get to the gym, my stand-in body weight routine suffers without a pull-up bar. The easiest answer may be to go out and buy one for a doorframe but I was wondering if anyone has come up with some ingenious solutions for getting those pull-ups done! I tried inverted pull-ups from a chair and table, the chair is too low but a table works quite well. Some other ideas to explore: Metal fire escape at workLocal playarea (the mum's might mind)Saw horse (for inverted pull-ups)Tree branch (not found any suitable in garden or nearby yet)There must be something awesome I've not thought of?
  9. Thanks Timmy, I'm gonna give zercher and hack squats a go with just the bar, see how they feel, and then thinking about adding some weight!
  10. Awesome article, I've been squatting like this for a few weeks now (having previously used dumbbells and *cringe* the leg press machine). Unfortunately I'm hitting the limits of my current gym, they don't have a squat rack and as the weight I can squat goes up it feels more and more dangerous not having catches. I'm gonna see if they'll buy one, failing that I guess I'll have to find a better gym. Anyone know of any decent alternatives for the next few weeks? I was thinking a combination of: - Front squats - Pistol squats - Hack squats?? But neither of these feel as awesome as proper back squats, which 'Mr. Rippetoe' was pretty adamant are all we should need to do.
  11. Evening all, my first post of the forums! I was wondering what everyone else was using to track their training programmes? I'd tried MyFitnessPal, which is great for tracking calories and cardio, but real cumbersome for tracking lifts. There seem to be a lot of solutions for tracking cardio but the "weights" section always seems an after thought. For the last few months I'd been recording it all on paper, but figured somebody must have made something to do it online! It wasn't easy to find, and there are some bad ones - but the best I found was GymWolf (http://www.gymwolf.com). Doesn't look like the take up is that high at the minute and there are some awesome features they could develop but haven't yet (like a way to back up my data), but all in all its served me well these last 2 weeks. You can put in the weight, number of reps and sets easy enough and track progress through graphs Anyone found anything better/just as good?
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