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  1. Agreed, This is a huge milestone to complete, it is proof you are getting stronger!. as for advice Yuen hit the nail on the head. i went from 3 pull-ups to 6 pull ups in only 3 weeks doing a mix of those points my favorite point is point 2. but also point 3 is good. i would do some in the morning before work. then when i get home while watching tv during each ad ill go pump out a few more. keep up the good work.
  2. Ended up going to the gym last night instead. man it felt good to be lifting weights again it had been close to a month since i went last. realised my fitness has dropped in some areas ie bench press, but increased in others leg press. but still very glad i went, i will have a rest day today as i feel a bit sore in the arms, so the plan will be just to get out of the house go for a walk to night.
  3. ok last night i did 20sec on and 10 sec rest of Mountain Climbers, russian lunges, spiderman push-ups and burpees with a 30sec rest between the set. i like this routine as it was quick and still got my heart rate up. i might look at add in a few more just to increase the duration. eventually ill also add in a thrid set. Currently i am just making it through the 2nd set of burpees and spiderman push ups. might look at add jumping jacks into it tonight and see how that goes.
  4. so im looking at possible getting this http://www.6weeksixpack.com/ programme, has anyone else done this programme and do you think it was worth it?
  5. I had been about 3 weeks since i did pull ups and only got to 3. on the 7th i did my best and was able to get to 6 decent pull ups :| i was shocked. i ended up doing 3sets of 6 there was about 5 min or so between sets (while i was cooking dinner ) i was quite excited i could do that many. as of last night i was able to increase it to 7, i did one set of 7 then the phone rang so i was talking on that for about 20 min did a second set of 7 with a 5 min rest than only got to 5. i will be doing a high intensity work out tonight but tomorrow im hoping i could push it to the first set being 8 .
  6. Keep it up Inochi! if you ever feel like you might not make it through a circut just scream "For Sparta!!!" and see your resolve renewed! because a Spartan never gives up! Come home with your sheild or on it! Good idea on going to progression path, helps you slowly build the strength up and also when you "advance the difficulty" you feel great knowing you are now strong, fast, better! Good Luck!
  7. Well this flu is being stubbon and not wanting to budge, fortunately it is no long debilitating. i have started doing pull ups (max is currently 7 ! ) tonight im going to do the basic body weight training, with some pull ups added into it. might only have a protien shake for dinner as i have eaten a fair bit of calories today. even though i have been sick i have been about 90% paleo. i had a coffee with 1/4 teaspoon of sugar as a pick me up, had a pie and a sausage, a biscut and 3-4 Milo's over the past week. so not doing to bad. i have craved chocolate but not eaten any so yay for me. good th
  8. Tainted Karma last time i tried i could do 3 (third one is show). my goal would be to get to 5 by the end of the challenge. 5 weeks to go :|
  9. you are doing very well. keep it up. i use to be a 7-10 coffee a day man myself. 7-10 tea spoons of sugar :|, i though to myself this needs to stop. what i did is cut out the sugar completely. this was hard but i told my self if you REALLY want coffee have it with out sugar. i have now gotten to 50% black coffee (black at home as i have better coffee ) give it a try. Good luck
  10. Good news and bad news. Good news is my diet is going really well, 2 eggs + protien shake for brekkie, Carrot and tune for morning tea, pan fried chicken fillet and steamed veggies for lunch 2 apples for afternoon tea, mini chicken roast for tea with steamed sweet potato. today is looking very similar but will also have a sausage and peice of steak for lunch. Bad news my work out has been halted by the flu. at first it was just a painful headaches and runny nose, now its turned into a chesty cough. like common! give me a break. any who. i will still do pull ups and planks and the occasiona
  11. Thanks! I have had a look around, i probably should have posted this in the "first timers quest" page :| my bad. i plan on do lots of planks, pull ups and weighted squats as my exercise towards abs also i do the odd 3x20 sets of crunches. i know deadlifts are meant to be good also, but i dont really have the confidence to try them. if you know any other good ab work outs please let me know. i am currently at around 22% body fat so i need to drop this in order for the abs to actually show themselves, this is the hard part as i carry the most fat on my belly , i have been on 70% paleo diet
  12. G'day everyone. My main goal currently (pre-expansion) is to get the sexy fit body i want. Meaning mainly the all important "six-pack". so over the next 6 weeks will be focusing on building my core and dropping body fat. Task 1: Exercise 3 days a week for 30min or longer. (weight training and body weight training) Task 2: Work on "active" rest days, currently i do the "basic body weight training" though believe this might be a little too much. will most likely do 1min x 3 plank sets and some flex training. Task 3: Diet. I am working on to 90-100% Paleo Thank you
  13. G'day Everyone I am looking to set 2 main goals reaching 50 consecutive Push-ups and 10-15 consecutive Pull-ups. I will be following the guides from http://alternative100pushups.com/alternative-100-push-ups-programme/rules-programme and http://www.50pullups.com/ what I would like to know is would it be better to do both on the same day or on alternative days? I will also be doing ab work-outs on top. Thank you Tainted Karma
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