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  1. Hey, so I read a few of your posts about your back, and I wanted to share: I thought I had tweaked my low back squatting, and I have a hx of low back pain and a few bulged lumbar discs. Turns out it was a very tight piriformis. Stretching it out and a little LaX ball time fixed me right up. It was like a magic bullet, pain for 2 weeks, fixed in a few hours. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Tried something new today! I've been wanting to incorporate some crossfit-type work, because my endurance freaking sucks. I get sooo winded, and I want that to improve. So I looked into strength-focused CF routines, and Crossfit Football looks pretty cool. Did this workout today... Sat 5.17 StrengthWOD - Bench Press 2x5, 1x5 @200 DailyWOD (a bit redundant, but...) Complete 4 rounds: Each round consists of 3 cycles of the following: - Front Squats @ 80% of 1 RM - 185lbs – 2 reps - 20 lb Ball Slams – 10 reps - Strict Pull-Ups - 4 reps *Rest 2 minutes between rounds. Modified
  3. Tues 5.13 Push Press 2x5, 1x10 @140 (ow) 10/8/6/4/2 Pull-Ups/Dips Deadlift 1x10 @280 Metcon - Tabata row x2 (8 min total) Back's feeling much better, but now my shoulders are killing me! I played around with handstand holds a couple days ago, did 8x30s holds and 1x1min hold. Next day I was pretty sore. Now it feels like the most medial part of my posterior delts, right where they attach to my scapula, is about to pop right off. Digging in with a tennis ball feels pretty good!
  4. Lol fair enough! I guess you make up for it with a badass pchain.
  5. Ignorant question: What do you think is your limitation that makes such a big difference in your squat vs. DL weights? Mine are much closer, though I don't have a clue what the norm is.
  6. Yup. Our nutrition experience lasted maaaaybe 2 hours. Physicians who haven't educated themselves on nutrition don't know much, other than diagnosing vitamin deficiencies. My view is that replacing a crazy high carbohydrate intake with protein intake is not a bad thing. Eating 2g/lb could be dangerous IF you have chronic kidney disease, and a few other problems. Otherwise, give the body a little credit! The RDAs for macronutrients are crazy and outdated. CDC says men 19-70+ (so over 19??) should get 56g protein/day. It shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all approach.
  7. Fri 5.2 Push Press 2x5, 1x10 @135 10/8/6/4/2 pull-ups and dips Squat 2x5, 1x8 @265 Metcon - 8x250m row, rest 30s between - 250-300 watt range Thurs 5.8 Bench Press 2x5, 1x6 @197.5 Barbell curl 3x8 @65 Decline bench 3x10 @40 (each hand) Squat 2x5, 1x9 @270 Metcon - 8x250m row, rest 30s between - 250-300 watt range Still working on getting my back to feel right. It's a strange feeling, not so much sore as it is a tweak when I load up at the bottom of my squat. It's getting there though. I'll DL tomorrow light and see how I feel. Got started on the big sprint until my board exam in late June.
  8. I love seeing all these PRs all over the place. Keep it up! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. What day is it now? Been a busy couple weeks--big exam, final clinical exam, final cumulative exam Friday, and helping the cleanup efforts after these tornadoes have kinda taken up a bit of my time. Still pretty on track though: Wed 4.23 Bench Press 2x5, 1x5 @192.5 Barbell curl 2x10 @60 Decline bench 1x10, 2x8 @40 (each hand) Squat 2x5, 1x8 @255 (deload) Metcon - Row, 30s on, 30s off, at a split of about 1200/600 cal/hr, 7 min Sun 4.27 Push Press 2x5, 1x15 @115, singles @135, 155, 175, 185 Power Clean 5x3 @135 EMOM Squat 2x5, 1x6 @260 Metcon - Pull ups and dips, 10/8/6/4/2,
  10. This is something I definitely do from time to time. Thank you for putting it so articulately. Gotta see things big picture!!
  11. Thanks! I'm really enjoying the program and incorporating the oly lifts. Sooo I took a week off to focus on a test and a bunch of life stuff. Back on program now. And oh, what a workout day it was. Sat 4.19 Push Press 2x5, 1x13 @110 Snatch 5 singles @135 Dips 1x10 (forgot to come back and do more) Deadlift 7@325, singles @365, 385 Metcon DUs, 30s on, 30s off, 5 minRow, 30s on, 30s off, at a split of about 1200/600 cal/hr So I haven't 1RM'd deadlift in a long, long time. I put my working set into a calculator, and it spit out 390, so I loaded up! I might have been able to grit through
  12. I'd like to echo a few people above. You can't physically put on weight if you're eating a caloric deficit, which at your current weight of 276 lbs (yeah I googled) would be less than around 2300 (judicious guesswork on age and height here) just for your BMR, and maybe more like 3000 with your activity level. I'm sure at some point in your dieting you probably experimented with numbers less than this. However, with as many things as you've tried, how much time did you give each different diet attempt? You listed 8 or 10 different diet alterations and said they happened over a few months. I d
  13. Agreed. And I've figured out that eating things I love makes it much easier to eat well and hit my goals, rather than going overboard with restrictions.
  14. That's definitely a positive! I'm happy with my progress so far. I don't think I've had any major gains, but I have noticed that I'm gaining a lot more definition, which is great. I've in the past two weeks finally worked back up to doing some more intense conditioning after lifting, and I think I'll start seeing some progress in dropping that belly measurement. And I'm getting stronger, which makes me very happy!
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