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  1. Me and my sonshine http://i.imgur.com/xJVHHAI.jpg

    1. Duality


      You're expression says "I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY! :D"

    2. Akatora


      The expression isn't lying :)

  2. If your two options are practicing karate, or work out by yourself. Karate is definitely the best choice. Sure, you can learn a lot of theory by reading books, see the instructional videos and more. But when it comes to grappling / striking against an opponent, you will not learn enough. Far from it. Practicing karate, learn striking. Then you could try to get someone to train grappling with (Techniques and sparring). It does not matter if you are both beginners, as long as you train. I apologize if my spelling and grammar is not correct, English is my second language .. But I hope you under
  3. Todays friday fun at the office - Gumball ! http://i.imgur.com/K5JUKvp.jpg

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