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  1. By now, everyone else has posted their results and started their new challenge. Nothing incredibly terrible has befallen me—my boss just suddenly gave me stuff to do. A lot of stuff! I will be travelling for the next 2 months 3-4 days a week. My partner’s schedule changed as well, and we had several family events. So nothing really happened, except life. Well…I should have failed in the challenge, right? Wrong! I dropped 5 pounds or so in 6 weeks and got to within .2% of my goal body fat percentage. So…I succeeded but didn’t have time to post. I’m going to skip the next ch
  2. Just stopped by to see how you are doing. Congrats on losing the 4 pounds and great job not letting business at work derail you. Keep it up!
  3. OK, I don’t know how I missed this but 8/19/2013 was the 5 year anniversary of quitting smoking! That’s huge! Looking back, on that day in 2008, I was 8.5 pounds heavier than I am today and had only been running for one month. My data for that month showed that I was running at a pace 4 minutes slower than I run today and my longest run for the entire month was 3 miles. Now I run 3 miles or more DAILY, with a minimum long run distance of 6-8 miles. Since then I have completed a marathon and 93 different races! This was a good reality check for when I feel like I haven’t made any
  4. OMG, this challenge has been rough for the last two weeks. On Aug. 6th, I suffered a minor overtraining injury to my chest from too many upper body injuries. Since then, I took a week off from strength training and now am starting up again. On Aug. 11th, I ran the Twilight Trot 10k, a hilly race, and suffered more from the overtraining. I actually ran the race 5 minutes slower than I had on a relaxed training run the week before. I spent the 12th through the 16th, recuperating. My job got hectic and I wasn’t able to get any time in on the forum. This past Friday, I finally thought Iâ€
  5. Hi all, Sorry for the lack of info--I haven't dropped off the forum. Things got crazy with work and I will post my results tonight. Hope everyone is doing fantastic! K
  6. Sleep and food issues with babies can be a nightmare. I hope your second child was easier. How is your challenge going? Thanks for lurking!
  7. LadyJustice: I had no idea that Kai was Welsh or anything else. My name is Kelly so I was just trying to come up with a variation. I'm excited to hear its such a meaningful moniker. Today was good. I am not strength training anything but my abs until next week. My AM run was good too. Now if I can just get those pesky food choices under control, I'd be great. Darn emotional eating. How are you doing?
  8. I see that you have a home gym. Do you feel my envy? LOL Anyway, I consider myself a runner first and am training for a half-marathon. Upper body and core strength translates to faster run times and more power in hills, sprints, etc. Physically, I am more predisposed to be a warrior class...extra large bones for my height and explosive power in my legs, however, after accumulating too many injuries from contact sports, I moved to endurance work. Keep up the good work!
  9. I missed your picture the 1st time I read it through. That's awesome! Nerd families need to be nutured! My partner and I geek out to documentaries and museums. Her 1st degree is Anthropology and mine is History, so we are a nerd family too. Love it!
  10. Puppywalking definitely counts as physical activity. I know last week was rough...how is this week going?
  11. Kind of Paleo is better than almost no Paleo. I really struggle with it and really have to wre4stle with myself to add veggies/fresh meat to my diet. Its so much easier to eat a piece of bread and wash it down with a beer. Keep up the good work and take care of yourself.
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