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  1. Not really a failure, but last time I made mayo I couldn't figure out why it was this white frothy liquid. Then after about 2 minutes, I noticed the egg laying on the other cutting board. It ended up making the thickest mayo ever once I added the egg to the very frothy oil/lemon juice/mustard/salt mix.
  2. It means they subscribed. The follow button in the upper right. You can sort forum posts by ones you've participated in or ones you've subscribed to.
  3. We got an Aria for Christmas too, but haven't tried to hook it up yet.
  4. Change is possible. A lot of my palate changes didn't come until I was in my late 20s though. As a kid I liked corn and peas (neither is a true vegetable), broccoli with cheese and raw celery. I hate hate hated carrots. Mushrooms were disgusting. Salads were limited to Caesar salads. Slowly my tastes changed. I think I started with things like bbq chicken salads from CPK - lots of random veggies in that but covered in so much dressing. Now I eat pretty much every single vegetable besides raw tomatoes (pico de gallo will always be disgusting) and super smelly greens like mustard greens. Roasting does help a lot. Combining things like broccoli with starchy veggies is good. Then you can get a piece of each on your fork. Spices help a lot. Cauliflower is another veggie you couldn't pay me to eat before and now I can devour an entire head if it's roasted or in a puree. Curries are another way to learn to love veggies. I'm totally rambling now.
  5. You can use palm shortening/oil for coconut oil. Just please make sure it's a responsible brand and doesn't murder adorable orangutans. For sugar you could use maple sugar or honey. For flour you should find recipes that were already tested with almond/tapioca/arrowroot etc. I wouldn't mess with replacements.
  6. Replace all bathroom/beauty stuff with coconut oil and you get rid of 6,000 items.
  7. The green was the first thing I tried. It was not successful on me.
  8. Ooh I bought that Tarte set I think. It had like 3 eyeliners and two big smudge pencils. I love the smudge pencils.
  9. I ended up funding this and I started their 30 day challenge a few days ago. The 12 minute core yoga workout today was painful for my powerlifting butt.
  10. Last Christmas I made cashew butter and turned them into cashew butter cookies with big delicious salt flakes on top. I don't make almond butter because the Trader Joe's one is pretty comparable to buying nuts. I think it's $6 or $7? I don't make other delicious hybrid varieties because then I will just want to eat them. My nut/nut butter consumption lately is purely in recipes.
  11. I love sunbutter. But there's only like one brand that has no added sugar and it's annoying to find.
  12. It's not really about its benefits. It's just that peanuts are a legume (forbidden on paleo) and almonds aren't. Both are incredibly easy to overeat and delicious!
  13. Honestly a cruise might be the easiest place to start. People making omelettes for you. Salad bars with all the veggies already cut. Tons of meat and seafood. I've been on a gazillion cruises and the only time I indulge is at a port (something local and different) or at night. I don't really drink a lot because those drink prices add up very fast and I'd rather spend money on activities. To be honest and a little snobby a lot of the food during breakfast and lunch is average at best. But that's to be expected when they are making mass quantities. The dinners are usually the best part by far.
  14. Hard to tell the content for sure since they don't need to label them. Wine is fermented so the sugar is eaten up in that process much like kombucha. The dry reds do have a lower calorie count (according to the internet), which should mean a lower sugar count. Red wine is around 500-600 calories a bottle from what I've read. I only drink dry reds. The calories are mostly alcohol calories which are 7 calories per gram I believe. So, I think your trainer is wrong.
  15. Are you a vegetarian? If so, dried beans and lentils are incredibly cheap. If not you could always invest in a bulk package of ground beef and make enough chili (bulked up with beans or lentils or both).
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