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  1. Concur, fluid trainers are the way to go for normal trainers. Road feel is much better.
  2. Late response - this forum doesn't exactly move fast, and I haven't signed in for a while, but - I'm on Zwift pretty often; it's my thing-to-do in winter. Absolutely love it. You will not regret. I went from just barely being able to stay on the trainer for an hour, providing I had a good training video to ride to - 45 minutes was the absolute limit if just watching a TV show or something - to now an hour on the trainer flies by, and feels like I actually went for a ride. Plus there's more hills in Zwift than there are outdoors here in Manitoba (doesn't tak
  3. I did take that course this last weekend. Fell off five times (was ok, the water was warmer than the air). Loved it! It's pretty easy until you start the more advanced turns etc. Thinking now about getting an inflatable board. Tower seems to make a good one and it costs about as much as a stitch-and-glue kit for a wooden board which I was also considering.
  4. Nuts, fruit, jerky. Think though you'll soon find you're forgetting to eat them.
  5. I just bought a canoe this year so I won't be getting one right away, but I'd love to. Looks like a lot of fun and a good workout. I might end up building one. There's an intro seminar put on by a local outdoor shop coming up in a month or so that I think I will take in just to see how it is.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'm concluding I'm probably best off waiting till I can move somewhere more civilized. Plenty of other stuff to do in the meantime.
  7. I use rollers sometimes. (To be honest I absolutely hate exercising indoors so I usually X-C ski instead. But every now and then I hit the rollers.) They're not nearly as tricky as they look, and riding on them is far more like actual cycling than one of those horrid wind trainers. Just start in a doorway so that you can instantly steady yourself if you need to. After a few goes you won't need it. A post or something beside it is good though, helps with getting situated and underway. You can't really sprint on them or stand up and pedal. The roller frame doesn't move so if you try that you
  8. Some good stuff here too: http://www.fatburningman.com/category/recipes/ They also just released an iOS recipe book app which I got, and there's some really good stuff in there, lots that doesn't look hard to make, and some good snackables
  9. Should be fine. It'll handle a bit sluggishly though. If you can test it first that'd be best. paddling.net forums are full of helpful people. See you on the water
  10. Haven't tried a blender yet. I'll have a go.
  11. I don't know what witchcraft you people are using but I absolutely cannot get these things to hang together, just get banana scrambled eggs every time
  12. I've yet to do this myself because I only two days ago got the app (Paprika) I want to use, but some recipe organizing software will generate shopping lists based on what you want to make. Then you can just figure out what you want to eat that week and have the program do the rest.
  13. With a bowl of the 9% Greek yogurt, topped with a few blueberries and cashews, I'm barely even hungry by noon. Lower fat yogurt not as effective.
  14. Walking in the woods is good for the body and soul in equal proportions. Last summer I was out to Vancouver Island and did a tiny bit of the Marine Trail along the coast, Juan de Fuca Park. Now hiking that whole trail is something I must do someday.
  15. My solution has mainly been cross country skiing.
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