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  1. HI! So, the absolutely crazy, ridiculous work and holiday season is pretty much over. Who all is doing the next challenge? I am totally up in the air about it, but I'd like to.
  2. <3 you ladies are so awesome. Been so busy lately but still trying to follow along!
  3. I would very much like to stay in touch with folks but am not able to commit to the next challenge.
  4. Good morning everyone! So sorry for not getting the votes tallied and everything until now - I'm still dealing with some family stuff but emergency status has passed. I am very happy to announce that SHOTGUNSALLY is our victor! Everyone did an amazing job dealing with some pretty serious stressors through this challenge. I am endlessly impressed and very grateful to have participated with all of you. Ms. Shotgun, I'll get ahold of you as soon as I'm back in my hometown and will reward you handsomely for your magnificent efforts!
  5. AniKing

    Fai: This is War

    Did your measurements change?
  6. AniKing

    Fai: This is War

    Grrrl, you did a great job on this challenge health wise - I'd absolutely disagree with the F overall and for certain with anything denoting you as a failure. <3 I've had to toss my scale over time. Be nice to you!
  7. Yeah - I drank FAR too much this weekend. I also have to head up north for a family emergency so I won't probably tally votes and whatnot until the end of the week. EVERYONE STILL NEEDS TO VOTE. PLEASE.
  8. I bombed out, points wise thanks to an untimely injury in the middle of the challenge but I did gain some strength, complete the first draft of a novel, start two more, spend more time with my kids, and overall enjoy myself. I am going to sit the next challenge out I think. While I like the idea of it I spent so much time worrying about tracking and everyone else tracking that I didn't feel terribly present a lot of the time.
  9. Hi everyone! How was the last bit of the challenge for you? I'm going to try and get my summary up today. I would really like to have all final votes in from you guys by Tuesday night so I can reward our victor!
  10. First. GOOD MORNING! LAST DAY OMG! I know a lot of us had some real challenges meeting our goals, due to work, time, travel, school, injury. I'm still impressed with what was accomplished and I hope you all are too. I'd like to see all votes in by Tuesday night at the latest so I can reward our victor! <3
  11. AniKing

    Fai: This is War

    totally happy to help But I'm certain it was all you who landed the job.
  12. GOOD MORNING YOU GUYS! It's Thursday! How are you? Is everyone pushing through the last week like crazy? <3 Looking forward to updates and votes!
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