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  1. So humid today when running that it actually started raining, like, two drops a mile.

  2. 93% humidity? Suck it, weather, I'm running anyways.

    1. Strickland5
    2. Barfly
    3. Jett



      Fixed that for you.

  3. That is the spirit. Way to put yourself out there, that is going to take you far in the world of fitness. Improving yourself is so much easier and rewarding when you are in the company of others who are also trying to better themselves. Well done, sir.
  4. Ed! My man! I'm an office dweller too, and sometimes I find it hard to work in the gym. Which is when I pull out my sheet of these bad boys. http://greatist.com/fitness/deskercise-33-ways-exercise-work Some of them are easier to do than others while multitasking, but anything you can do on the job is better than doing nothing. A philosophy you seem to have already embraced, which is magnificent.
  5. You're right, it's a terrible place to be at. A couple of years ago, I was 5'6" and 257. What I am going to advise you to do is figure out a couple of concrete goals to achieve, as opposed to "losing weight" or "looking slim." For me, I wanted to do a full, real push-up and I wanted to be able to run a full mile without stopping. That was hard as anything when I was more out of shape. (Not that I am super in shape now, but am more in shape.) Working towards a goal that you can see progress will give you the motivation to stick to something for longer than a week.
  6. Eric! Welcome to the Rebellion! Sorry to hear about the divorce, but I am overjoyed to hear that you're taking care of yourself! That mentality is the hardest thing to achieve, really. At least it was for me. I'll back Tanktimus up on the workouts, but my biggest advice would be incremental change. I used to eat a crapton of fast food, processed foods, weird disgusting combinations of sugary and fatty foods, all of the most delicious things. My first month, I literally just cut out cereal from my diet. And lost 12 pounds. Cut something out of your diet that you can afford to lose, but not something so overwhelming that it frustrates you. And then do it again when you've got that first thing down. Good luck! Let me know if you need any motivation!
  7. Shakeel_R: I am the nosiest person alive. We could be fast friends. Thanks for the encouragement! Tanktimus the Encourager: What an apt username! Thank you so much! I agree with the intermediate goals, tonight after work I am going to try to write myself up a step by step program. For binge-eating in particular, I think a positive and tangible goal to work towards for me is 1) not eat food after 8:30 PM and/or 2) not eat food watching television. Nighttime and TV seem to be pretty bad triggers for me sitting on the couch and eating everything I own.
  8. Al! Just joined the forums from the safety of lurking, also looking for accountability. Are you from the South? I hail from Virginia! How has everything been going since your first post? -Kat
  9. My respawn blog is elephanticorn.tumblr.com. Follow the journey!

  10. Hey guys, I am respawning, and introducing myself at the same time because I am coming out of lurker status and onto the forums. I think I need to, for accountability reasons. My name is Kat, I'm 24 years old, female, living in Richmond, Virgnia. For the past couple of years, I have done awesome in my weight loss. I lost a total of 85 pounds with a trainer, was significantly under 200 pounds for the first time in my life. I even ran a couple of half marathons. Then I got injured, got depressed, went into a downwards spiral. I regained 25 of my 85 pounds. I am at 199 today and I need to make my change. I'm starting a blog at elephanticorn.tumblr.com. I'll be on the forums, too, but I am hoping for an accountability buddy to get me back to where I want to be. I want to run another half-marathon in October. I want to get my binge-eating under control. And I want to do a pull-up. Hope everyone is having a brilliant day.
  11. My goal for the 6 week challenge is continue along my weight loss journey and complete a 5k without walking. I have already signed up for The Color Run on September 14th, but come September 8th I am going to do a practice run and see if I can make it. Along the way, I plan on doing the following: Collecting Mushrooms- C25K. Interval training and bursts of speed to boost my overall performance? Perfect. And it will allow me to track without thinking, have a planned workout without stressing, and will get me to that finish line. 3 gradually increased workouts a week. I started my 3rd week today, so I will be towards the end by the end of this 6 week challenge. Avoid Fake Item Box- Clean Eating. If this isn’t the best metaphor for avoiding processed foods, I don’t know what is. But more concretely, I am going to try to eat vegetables in two of my meals a day. Because in terms of food, that is where I am slipping. Victory Dance- 3x a week, for at least 30 minutes (or a total of 90 minutes a week), I am going to practice the Melbourne Shuffle and other shuffle related dancing. Because it will be awesome, because it is intense exercise, and because super strong legs. My motivation for doing this is that I am going back to school and meeting a lot of new people, and I don't want to meet them looking how I do today. Over the past year, I have lost 42 pounds. I am now 213 pounds, and I want to be below 200 by the time I go back to school at the end of August. I'll let you know how things go.
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