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  1. So, it's week 3 and I'm not doing so hot. overall for the past two weeks I would give myself a D+. Week 1: Did pretty much nothing. Sure, there was water drinking, some stretching but that was about it. Week 2: Been slowly upping my water intake and am now at my goal of 48oz a day. Stretching has now become something I do more than once a day. Beauty routine is still a little off. Been brushing my teeth and washing my face but cant for the life of me put on lotion. It's just such a daunting task. And that brings us to the main goal; Working out 4 times a week. Nope. Not going to give any
  2. Worked out for the second time this week. Monday I over did it on BW squats and my legs have been killing me. Today I just pushed through the pain. What I did 10 squats 10 wall push up 10 lunges each leg 10 assisted half pull ups Plank for 20 sec 20 mountain climbers 2xs I was focusing on my posture and making sure I was doing it them right. After the first set I was sweating and nearly gasping for air. So, I took a 10 minute break to drink some water and do some stretching before doing the set again. This time when I finished it was like my muscles turned to jelly. This is the first time
  3. Like obsessedfan I too saw the title and couldn't help myself. It's like the fates are telling me it's time to do this! No lie, I am watching Buffy right now. S5E1. And! And I'm interested in the assassin guild. But seriously, the fates must be watching over me at this moment what with this group and I just flipped a coin 5 times to determine if I should work out tonight (yes I am that lazy) and every time it said yes. I even switched the outcome for the sides a few times! Anywho! Hello there!
  4. Hello there and thanks! I get what you are saying about the force. It's like I want to do and say stuff but something is just holding me down or making me bite my tongue. Good new is that I've started taking anti-depressants and I've already noticed a big change. It's never too late to start your journey across the world! Even if it's just short little vacations. It's still getting out there. I have a friend who spends a weekend walking 50+ miles with just a backpack. He never tells anyone though and we end up freaking out, worried something happened. I do want to achieve my goals, it's
  5. My Motivation I am vain, lazy, depressed and terrified of stepping out of my comfort zone. A zone the size of my house. I am 20 years old, have had only one job which I quit after 4 months, still live with my parents, have stopped seeing my friends and only say around 100 words a day. That has to change. I plan to one day hit the road and see the world. Just me, a few bags, and a car. I'll meet people and do things that most people only dream of doing. First I need to get prepared. Main Quest Prepare for the life I want There is a long list of physical activities I plan to do over the y
  6. Measurements Height: 5'5"Weight: 127.8 LBSBust: 38"Waist: 29.5"Stomach: 36"Hips: 36.5" Diet Drink at least 32 ounces of water every dayEat at least two meals a dayEat at least one healthy snack a dayFitness Walk up and down stairs every other day*Stretch everyday**Do body weight workout 3 times a week*Will time myself and every day try to go at least a minute longer than the previous day **Yoga videos are acceptable Lifestyle Cut down to 5 cigarettes a dayTake pills everydayUpdate this at least once a weekI admit it; I don't want to get a job or stop smoking. So I wont. It's my life and I a
  7. Hello there, I'm Cera. Just recently found NF and have been spending the past few days reading and lurking around here on the forums and blog. I guess I am here to hopefully get some motivation (and maybe have someone yell at me when I slack off.) In terms of being a "nerd" I am very much a t.v and movie nerd. Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Psych, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Eureka, Firefly, ect, ect. The list goes on and on. That's pretty much how I spend my life; watching movies and entire series one right after another. I get up, grab a soda, turn on a movie/show, have a smoke
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