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  1. Thanks for your replies and encouragements! @Hazard I wrote to starsapart already, thanks! Pull ups and everything that implied those muscles have always been a torture for me! I am pretty bad at push-ups (but I know that when I get back to it after some time I become better at it. The bar seems a very good idea to train those muscles home as well. Thanks for your advice again!
  2. Dear Community, 2 years ago I came accross the article on Maya who performed aerial silks. I got very intrigued and I decided this week to take my 20 sec of courage and do a class. It was a disaster, I was unfit, I could lift myself and it was a horrible experience. I quit the training after the 2nd session, but I don't call it quit. I am really out of shape, and I would like advice on what I should train to be able to actually take a beginner class. If someone has any tips that could help me, I would really appreciate! Thanks !
  3. Hello again! After 3 years and a half of on and off presence in the forums, I am back because I remember how supportive has this community been for me and how much I grew and learnt by being around and reading the articles! Today, in 2017 I am : - still living in Belgium - self-employed and looking for a full-time job (while keeping my self-employed projects) - married (very recently to a man I adore) Fitnesswise, it's as if I was totally new to this world (after having practiced crossfit intensively for 2 years). My eating is chaotic. So
  4. Hi there, I know this is a old challenge and I never came back to thank you guys for the support. Over the past year many things happened : - I got married - I decided to look for a full-time job - I put on weight, I lost weight and I put it back again (I haven't seen the weight I am at right now for like 7 years ) My life has been pretty strange, my relationship is really amazing, my social life is really satisfying, I am struggling with health and fitness and with my professional situation. I am going to do the next challeng
  5. Hi Lou! How are you? I just checked DArebee's site and what a brilliant ressource! Has your weight moved ?
  6. How has been journaling for you this week? MAX GLUTEUS! Thanks for checking up on me! Here is my update for this week : - Bikes (mine and hubby's) got stolen this wesnesday. I went into a rage and since my bike is the equivalent of a car for me, it is very annoying not to have her anymore. - Nutrition : poor. My willpower is being used in being productive and progressing in my business (life coaching and consulting) that I feel it is hard to successfully accomplish both. - Fitness : OK. I had 2 sessions of BW training 1 session with my trainer and since I am bikeless I walk. -
  7. I am ok! I exercised on Thursday and Friday and this weekend is scheduled rest day! What about you? You mentioned sleep as being part of the next challenge, where are you now regarding this?
  8. Hello! I am sick But I am still positive! Everything ok fitness, drink, sleepwise. My nutrition has also been an issue today. I am confident that tomorrow, I'll be back in the game ! I am glad I found the time to catch up on the forums ! I hope fitnessgurl you managed to be back on board and Charlie, you are still doing great! I wish you a great friday while mine is already almost finished! x
  9. You are already rocking it I see! Well done for the badassery!
  10. Hello (terrible, everytime I write this I am thinking of Adele's song) How are you? I feel good and excited (I would have earned happiness and positivity points here!) Have a good day 2!
  11. Yes I am! Day 2 has started, I began the day by going to the gym yay me! For the rest, everything alright. I may not be updating this daily (I work a lot on my business!) I hope you guys were doing just fine!
  12. Nice to meet you fitness girl! Alright! Saw the changes! I was also interested in the old format! Maybe for a next challenge? In anycase, it's an awesome job you spreadsheet master! It's close to 8 am in Belgium, so my challenge has officially started!
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