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  1. God, I hear that. My best recommendation on the heat is a kotatsu - heat the people, not the space.
  2. I have not only made food and made ahead a batch of rapid food, but I also washed most of the dishes. (Okay, the food does not fit my macros, but not wildly. I will take this imperfection today. I needed food.) I have done part of another stupid chore. I've decided to forego stupid chores for the rest of the night, in favor of a restful brain-requiring project.
  3. I did a thing. One whole thing. I am the greatest, no one has ever accomplished anything this hard. Now I will attempt to feed myself. I think an effort this herculean calls for Christmas jazz.
  4. If you're drinking it non-alcoholic, it might benefit from a little vanilla extract, maybe even a small hint of almond extract. Just something to make the flavor a little more complex. But that's something to experiment with.
  5. I am very cranky, because I'm not getting a satisfying amount of work done. This is likely partly sleep deficit. Also I'm hungry, probably. And hate everything? I think I hate everything. That's a problem, because I means I don't want to start anything, because I hate it. But I hate everything because it's not done.
  6. Half and half. I drink it in cocktail sizes, and tend to not eat enough, so I don't mind not dietifying it. But I'd cut it with half milk if it were for guests. What I'd do is take a liter of almond milk (almonds being very Christmassy, otherwise you could use milk of choice) and 4-6 eggs (or 4-6 eggs' worth of pasteurised egg from a carton, if this is a sticking point), and whack that into a blender with some cinnamon and nutmeg, and sweeten to taste. Hardly worth buying eggnog, IMO.
  7. Week 1 Day 2 table { --palette-red: #7b0a0a; --palette-cream: #e5d5bb; --palette-tan: #b2a288; --palette-lgreen: #668c6f; --palette-dgreen: #213c18;} table.plan { border: 2px var(--palette-dgreen); Border-top: 50px; Border-bottpm: 50px; background-color: var(--palette-lgreen); Width: 100%; Color: var(--palette-dgreen); } .plan tr:nth-child(even) { Background-color: var(--palette-cream); } .plan tr:nth-child(8n+1) { background: var(--palette-dgreen); color: var(--palette-cream); font-weight: bold; text-align: center; } .plan td:nth-child(4n+1) { Background-color: var(--palette-dgreen); color: var(--palette-cream); font-weight: bold; text-align: right; } .plan td:nth-child(4n-0) { font-weight: bold; text-align: center;background:var(--palette-dgreen); } table.tally { border: 1px solid var(--palette-red); Background-color: var(--palette-tan); Width: 100%; Color: var(--palette-dgreen); } .tally tr:nth-child(even) { Background-color: var(--palette-cream); } .tally tr:nth-child(9n+0) { background: var(--palette-red); color: var(--palette-cream); font-weight: bold; text-align: center; } .tally tr:nth-child(9n+1) { background: var(--palette-red); color: var(--palette-cream); font-weight: bold; text-align: center; } .tally td { } .tally td:nth-child(4n+1) { Background-color: var(--palette-red); color: var(--palette-lgreen); font-weight: bold; text-align: right; } .tally td:nth-child(4n-0) { font-weight: bold; text-align: center;background:#7b0a0a; } Plans Hogswatch Cheer M5 Done Done T6 Plan time scarcity week Fix upstairs Christmas lights Start yule logs Xmas movie W7 Seasonal baking Th8 F9 Finish project A S10 Get out Hogswatch lights Swap winter clothes Shop my closet for new outfits Su11 Seasonal baking Naughty Nice M5 No workout An off plan meal Meditate Bonus zendo attendance Took a needed nap Holiday chocolate (planned) Got back on the food plan T6 Didn't quite hit the mark on sleep Not a productive day Made eggnog Got back on the tracking horse Yule log Had a needed nap Christmas music W7 Th8 F9 S10 Su11
  8. One quart of eggnog was produced. Less than that has been drunk. Also, the leftover soup I had for lunch was much better than I remembered it. Very rich stock. I have another bag of stock ingredients in the freezer, and it's pretty full, so I'd probably better get back on the soup treadmill. I can't quite consider that a seasonal activity, though.
  9. Now that sounds remarkably civilised. I suppose an electric kettle is nearly as good.
  10. See, I knew it was witchy! My confusion was that there's a later book that mentions how Verence is not stupid enough to crack down on illegal stills in the woods run by witches. Which, uh... might just be a different hobby of Nanny Ogg's...
  11. It is exceedingly civilised. Nice fresh herbal infusion and cups of tea would only make it more so. (The days I make a cup of coffee or cocktail specifically for the task of making dinner or taking a shower are far more civilised days. I just so rarely remember that's my thing.) Personally, my idea of civilised also includes rinse water that isn't soapy, but that's just me. I cannot speak directly to the civilising qualities of a valet, as I haven't been in a position to employ one, but I'd imagine it has to help. Cups of tea and pitchers of water have to come from somewhere. Ah, there we go. Now the turtle is complete. What a lovely elephant.
  12. Lactofermentation doesn't produce alcohol, it produces sourness, and due to the process, there's a bit of saltiness. (It's the traditional sauerkraut process, the flavor that modern vinegar preserved sauerkraut is trying to mimic. It's also the same bacteria that eats the lactose in yogurt and makes it tart.) So you should get a sweet-salty-sour apple chutney sort of result. Personally, I probably wouldn't put that in a pie, but it might be nice in a savory cheese pie as sort of a Branston pickle sort of layer. The baking would kill off the probiotic benefits, but that's not a deal breaker for many people. I am going to do secondary fermentation on some wine and try to get sparkling wine, though. That had an alcohol limit of about 14% before the wine yeast dies, so still not quite scumble territory. To get scumble levels of alcohol, I think you either need to distill it (which I suspect is what what witches do in at least one book) or possibly let it freeze over in a very cold winter and remove the ice layer to concentrate down the rest (which the witches should do, but only if that's a thing that works, because it feels very witchlike, but I'd imagine Pratchett would insist on scientific accuracy). I recommend onions, too. Sautée up some cabbage and onions and apples. That would be perfect. I would jar so much and never eat it in time. I take issue with you not having space, though. You definitely do. These things don't have to hang around as long as mine, you could have sauerkraut as soon as it's ready. You live in the cheese state, you really need something to eat with cheese.
  13. People do lactoferment apples occasionally. I've put pickling spices in lactofermented pickles before, and I've put ginger and garlic into the sauerkraut before (recommend), and I've put apple in the sauerkraut before. (I'm a fan of apples and cabbage with pork.) That's all fine. And I made a cranberry chutney for Thanksgiving this year that was really good on some brie, and full of cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. I'm thinking some cinnamon and cloves and cardamom and allspice, and some nice chunky slices I can pull out to eat with cheddar cheese. I can imagine that being like a combination of having a fresh apple and a chutney with your slice of cheddar, and that sounds like such a levelling up that I must try it.
  14. ...fermented spiced apples. All the taste of spiced apple chutney, but lower in sugar. I have missed slices of apple with cheese. I'm gonna need to hustle on emptying the pickle jars.
  15. For supper, I had kielbasa, homemade sauerkraut, and some jarlsberg cheese, and it was splendid. I'm not even very fond of any of those individually, and it was still a really good meal, and exactly what I wanted. Also, this meal is Ankh-Morpork approved, as it contains pork (in the highly favored sausage form) and cabbage, which is both food groups. My last batch of sauerkraut, which I made sometime in August, was two 48oz jars, and I accidentally did an experiment where one went into the fridge after a week or two of fermenting and the other has been sitting out for, uh, months. (We don't eat tons of sauerkraut, so they hung around a while, but we broke into them last month when the veg supply ran low.) And you know, actually both good. The one in the fridge stayed very crisp, while the one that was out kept fermenting and got more sour and soft like cooked sauerkraut. I prefer the crunchy one, but they're both decent sauerkraut. So it's good to know that fermented sauerkraut is essentially shelf-stable for at least a timescale on the order of a year. I wouldn't push it, because it is still live cultures, and I'd bet it just gets tired after a while, but it means fridge space is not the bottleneck to preserving some veggies for later use. So far as my research goes, mold is the only health risk, and that'd be pretty obvious. I might pickle some onions this month, when the next jar frees up. The good thing with pickled veg is that they turn a piece of cheese into a meal pretty quickly, and it takes very little work to make them, provided you're okay with some jars sitting on the counter. I like ways of avoiding cooking every meal.
  16. They're both following the same reference book, though the first one has the benefit of a civilised cup of tea, and the second one has the benefit of some nice fresh rosemary and a handsome valet.
  17. Yeah, I've been really impaired by sleep this week, so it was good planning skills, considering. And a wise choice, because I very, very quickly tired of that stuff, and would have been stuck with a bunch of food that didn't make me feel good and wasn't great for me. I suspect it was largely lack of sleep and undereating nudging me to crave fast carby energy, because it's pretty rare for me. One meal and a teensy bit of extra chocolate hanging around, whatever, it's basically done. These days I'm sort of into celebrating imperfection as a win, because it's arguably a better teaching tool than perfection. Also, the rewards of perfection are obvious - it's incentivizing good recoveries rather than punishing them the same as total failures that's more of a skill. (That's a very meditation mindset, come to think of it. The failures are there to help you train recovering from failures.)
  18. Seconding washing with a cloth and basin of kettle-warmed water, like a Victorian. (If your sink plug is good, you can probably use that. I'd be tempted to do half a kettle at a time for a water refresh, cuz even washing dishes, I like a second batch of clean water. Or two basins, a wash basin and a rinse basin.) Lovely figures. What app do you use? I am confused by the turtle, though. Where are the elephants?
  19. Week 0 Day 7 pt. 3 I have redone my grocery order. It now contains only one seasonal thing that does not fit my macros, although I admit it does contain some macro-fitting ingredients that I will likely use for a single macro-noncompliant meal. This is better, though. This is officially Making Good Choices. One modest and mindfully-chosen off-plan meal is not a bad choice. And there will be lots of veggies. The next action list: Make a snack Make a meal plan list Weekly review and prep session Make a new work and play schedule Make a December task master list
  20. Week 0 Day 7 pt. 2 My sleep deficit is reaching red alert levels. This is a combination of bad sleep choices, being too tired to make good sleep choices, not eating enough, poor hydration, and possibly a work schedule problem, though that might also be being too tired. I have also not done a workout or meditation all week. Amnestying tracking for however many days, to focus on setting up next week. I shall focus on just a few things. One last present wrapping pass One digital job A couple of small jobs Fix hydration Redo grocery order The one good thing about this is that I was considering a couple of days of non-macro-compliant meals, and I think I'm talking myself out of that. I am in hibernation, I need a supply of healthy vitamins and minerals and so on, to support my cocoon of regeneration. I will go redo my grocery order.
  21. Week 0 Day 7 The corridors of the Patrician's palace were chilly this time of year, particularly the ones with windows to the outside. Vetinari was, unusually in the history of rulers of Ankh-Morpork, actually keen on civic fiscal responsibility, and not in the sense that some of his predecessors were, which largely involved hauling merchants and community leaders into the palace and shaking them upside-down till the coins fell out of their pockets. While he was known to enjoy a good tax now and then, he generally took the Hogswatch morning approach to them, and enjoyed the surprise of opening his coffers the morning after tax day to discover what was inside. (While, at the same time, being capable of writing a very convincing note of demand to the city hogfathers about their seasonal giving duties, and expressing his ability to become very naughty indeed if the city stocking was not filled.) This approach would, for most city rulers, present a certain challenge in the area of paying for things (at least, for those few rulers in the habit of actually paying for things), but, most unusually, Vetinari was known to practice a degree of budgeting hitherto unknown in the palace, which is to say that he knew how much money he had, how much he spent, and precisely where and how it was spent. Or, more accurately, he employed people to do these things for him. He was even known to practice a certain amount of economy, and, indeed, personal abstemiousness. This was widely regarded as so perverse in a patrician that it might as well be a vice. Thus the coal was rationed, and a palace that leaned towards chilly at best became "see your own breath" cold in December. The inkwells in the Oblong Office were known to develop a skin of ice overnight. The clerks' offices, fortunately, were somewhat better supplied, and outfitted with heavy iron stoves that radiated the heat better than the traditional fireplaces. These could, with care, be kept fed on the weekly coal ration such that the clerks only rarely required overcoats and might be satisfied with fingerless gloves outside of severe cold snaps. It was due to the cold that Sara was rushing back from the documents office, and looking at her hands as she blew warm air and rubbed them together, rather than watching where she was going. And thus it was due to the cold that she collided with Rufus Drumknott, personal secretary to the patrician, and, as they both bent down to pick up their papers, heard the Patrician say, "Ah, Miss Kingdom, in rather a hurry, I see. How fortunate that this is, how do they put it these days, 'zero week'. Can you imagine if it were not?" She could, and, for just a moment, did, before her subconscious screeched to a halt and did a u-turn. Vetinari smiled gently. "Indeed," he said. "Now, do not let me detain you." She did not.
  22. Hogfather in particular (and appropriately) is sort of a rich mince pie of a book that you don't want to binge on, but there is a certain mince pie quality to his writing in general. He has some that are a bit sharper and more acidic, and maybe a bit less heavy-handed on the Christmassy spices, a few traditional meat pies, but they're all sort of well-aged, finely diced, and carefully spiced, um, pies. You are both enablers. Pratchett is an excellent bedtime read in general, and Hogfather in particular has excellent bedtime story qualities, due to the nature of the story. Especially this time of year.
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