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  1. Good luck with the sleep. Valerian is also fairly good, depending on the type of sleep disturbance. Sleep is amazing. There is never enough sleep.
  2. CAVE-MASHA. Cave-Masha is my hero. I so want saber-tooth fangs of my own.
  3. I read an article recently on how the studies may not actually support the "sitting is killing us" hypothesis, in the sense that it's not really any worse than standing without moving much, so the sitting job may not be the end of the world, even if there's going to be a change in where your calorie burn happens. (Less on the job, clearly.) The one thing I do believe, though, is that sitting affects flexibility quite a bit. It makes a lot of your body very used to being held in a reduced range of motion. So adding some short flexibility work might help.
  4. Sokka therapy is pretty great. I could go for some musicals and cactus juice right now.
  5. Thanks, guys, I really do appreciate it. I might take you up on it.
  6. Oh, Ron. Not my favorite of them, but brings the adorkable like few others can.
  7. Which reminds me, I've been looking for a place to use this:
  8. Do! I've got something else they did on my list of challenge-related jazz, really good stuff. (In fact, I should probably dump the whole list here, now that it's the end of the challenge.) The walk isn't terrible, I guess, just boring, even with podcasts. And maybe I am downplaying it, though I'm sort of thinking of measurable things, like, "how is my focus or procrastination after I exercise", which is still a fairly open question, since a couple of data points is not a trend. The one thing I will give hiking lots of props for is that a hike in barefoot shoes is amazing for foot and ankle mobility/stability. Fairly gentle, and lots of work on irregular angles, unsteady positions, and strange footing conditions.
  9. Monks, I'm having kind of a high-stress period and not reacting too well to it. (There are tears. It's not pretty.) Could I get a small gif-bombing or chat or something on my thread? I could use a little monkish socializing today.
  10. I would get up for weapons practice, too. Damn, I want weapons practice now. So far, the walk in the morning is not doing a lot for my work day. It's nice in and of itself, but it's not really pushing a better mental start on things. I don't know whether the answer is "stick with it, a couple of days is not a good test" or "try something more intense".
  11. Session #26: Black Orpheus Jam The Sanjuro revolved slowly out of the Hyperion gate. I yawned and watched the stars slip out of view. I'd been out here a long time following this bounty, long enough to start having thoughts of settling down on Titan or Ganymede, on a nice little farm where I'd grow something on cheap soil and repair agri-droids for the rest of my life. The screen flared with bright colors and the sounds of Big Shot's theme tune. "Well, howdy!" said the blonde. "Yahoo!" said the man, raising his pistol in the air. "Reckon y'all could use another bounty," said the blonde with a wink. I stood up and shut off the screen. No, what I could use is a good night's sleep and a long walk to stretch my legs. I've been in space too long. So, yeah, I've been around but not posting updates. I'm not sure whether that was a good or bad thing. I've been sort of getting by on the challenge, but feeling a lot of stress in general, so I dropped posting. Maybe that was one less thing to do, or maybe that was not being fully accountable on the things I was doing to reduce stress. My morning routine is sort of not working out till the evening routine is in place. Both at once, a slightly unstable plan. My bedtime has been slipping a little the past couple of weeks. (I slept really badly last week, and ended up getting up at 4am after no sleep more than once. All things considered, I bounced back from that slightly better than usual, but not perfectly.) On the plus side, my evening routine has been calmer, for the most part. Lots of rest, if not always lots of sleep. So a slight improvement, but I need to pull back on the bedtime this week. I've been doing really badly at getting my brain focused in the morning lately, so I'm going to bring back the hiking and try to get a nice long walk in before work. Lower expenditure of brainpower than a morning routine to get out there with some podcasts, and hopefully enough to kickstart my head. (This is technically over this challenge's workout time limit, but I'm excusing it on the grounds that it's walking, and it's only a few days, and, hell, the end of a challenge is time to start trying things for the next challenge.) Last Night Did I do some relaxing movement? No. Did I meditate? Yes. Was I in bed on time? Not quite. If not, how late was I? An hour... and a half. This morning Did I meditate: Yes. I tried something new this morning. Did I hydrate: Yes. All the mango tea. Did I do my aikido warmup: No. Did I exercise: Yes, later in the day. Checklist Is the music picked: Yes Is the comedy picked: Yes Is the additional social activity picked: Yes. Black Orpheus by Kunihiko Sugano (AKA, life goals.)
  12. I'm around. And okay. About to drop an update here.
  13. I have been known to buy clothes based on how well they'd suit a spaceship or cyberpunk future. Not, alas, to that degree. But it is a factor.
  14. Your job change sounds really exciting, and your backup plan is sound. It can be scary to leave a job that way, but it wasn't going where you wanted and you've taken good steps to make it safe. Training and Ubering are a good Plan B, if Plan A is slow off the mark.
  15. I saw a reference to it here (it looks store-bought in the picture) and found a pic here, but this is the only recipe I found.
  16. I seem to be hitting the "waaah, so bored of boring exercise but I want more exercise" phase of things, especially with the thing about skirting the edge of being sick, so this week I'm going to shake it up with something fun. This is game week. I've started teaching myself hacky-sack, which seems like it's pretty decent on heart-rate and balance and leg flexibility and movement. I'm really fucking bad at it, but that will change at least a little. I'm even gonna pretend it's monkish: See 7m45s:
  17. I miss aikido. That is all.
  18. I seem to still be skating by without coming down with things - but requiring massive amounts of sleep to do it. I think last night was eleven or twelve hours.
  19. Look at it as the brain finally processing the change. The dreaming brain just processes things in a strange and id-driven way. This is your brain realizing that you're not a sugar person anymore.
  20. Never too late for a challenge. Get your thread up and get going.
  21. I think... maybe I dd not escape the plague. Dammit, it's not a good plague, either. Time to make a giant batch of oral rehydration salts drink.
  22. Mostly good. Reasonable on the evening routine. A little less good on the morning routine, but the evening one is the first one to put in place. Sleep good on average. Technically passing the exercise. Have not succumbed to the plague yet, which makes me the only one in the house. Anxiety levels have been... delicate. Managed, but delicate. Passing, but just, basically.
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